04 February 2008

A KingCast gentle reminder: The Cleveland Browns -- not the Patriots -- were the best team ever.

I told you so, back on 3 Jan. To the Championship every year 1950-1955 and won it three times. And Pats get some cheerleaders with some curves, willya?

LOL, from the Kleveland Kid: Been watching my teams snatch defeat from the jaws of victory even before I sat on the 20 yard line during the 1987 drive with horse-tooth Johnny Elway and the "prevent-you-from-winning" Defense. Wilbon, you know I'm right so don't bust a gut laughing right now. There's a line from my favorite movie "Palmetto" when Elisabeth Shue tells Woody Harrelson "Just checkin' my facts....."


Christopher King said...

BTW I dig Tom Petty ever since he broke with I need to know back in '78 with the Cars, Elvis Costello and Warren Zevon and all of THAT but of course he showed up and did all the Big Hits, of course. Boring snoring.

Trivia: TP grew up with a bunch of brothers in the hood, sorta. His father owned the community store in the colored neighborhood and in a recent interview TP was 'splainin' how odd it was to go home to lilly-white suburbia after his days in the hood with his other friends.


Christopher King said...

And by the way I say this not to spite Tom Brady and the Pats. They are an excellent team, brilliant even.

Just keepin' it real.

Anonymous said...

You have a mental illness. I'm assuming many people have a restraining order against you!

I've never seen anyone respond to their own comments in the Telegraph and then link to themselves. We all suspect the "people" saying you're great are actually you.

You must be one lonely dude! At least pathetic.

Christopher King said...

Hi there!

I put up the responses to the Telegraph because it's a mirror site and a great Google Bomb and makes things easier for folks to follow.

No, I'm not lonely, and frankly Scarlet I don't give a damn if you think I'm pathetic :)

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah, nobody has a restraining order against me.

NAACP President Gloria Timmons tried, and got smoked by me, pro se.

American Tower Corporation tried and had to pay me a lot more than Police Chief Basinas got when he sued.

Mental illness?

If taking the time to respond to a tool like you is any indication, yeah I may have a problem =^.)