11 February 2008

KingCast Franconia epiphany of the Day: Bruce McKay violated Sarah's Civil Rights when he arrested her.

Just talking things over with Brian Jesseman 5 minutes ago and we realized that just as McKay and other Franconia LE violated Civil Rights in Fox Hill Park (as adjudicated by Judge Cyr, thank you) McKay violated Sarah's Civil Rights for the same reason: He arrested without probable cause. Note that he never moved to administer any field sobriety tests before he told her she was under arrest. Watch it again.

Whoops. Troy Watts should have sued the piss out of him. Note this is not a knock on Attorney Watts as much as it is a reflection of how hard it is up there to challenge the system in any way. It's that way throughout most of New Hampshire.

As Bruce's vanity license plate says "GOTCHA!"

As my vanity license plate read, "CIVL RTS."

Good wins over evil.


Christopher King said...

The Internet and Lexis:

The Great Equalizer for Little(ton) People.

Christopher King said...

Yah, shoor one could argue that he could arrest her for the license suspension question but even then he does NOT make it clear to her that's why he's arresting her.

Then he falsely insinuates that he told her several times she was under arrest, when he did NOT.

McKay was a tool.

Anonymous said...

I personally never understood why he was arresting her.

Where I live I would most likely under those circumstances have been given a ticket for speeding and driving with a suspended license (two separate tickets). I would also be given a certain amount of time to correct the problem which put me in the situation and mail copies in to the courts to prove it had been taken care of.

I assume that Sarah's license was suspended because it had been over a certain amount of time before her license was renewed which she states she was unaware of.

Pretty disgusting the way he picked on and abused that young woman.

loser McKay - "gotcha baby..."

Anonymous said...

In NH they arrest for driving under a suspended license. An expired license is a different charge.

I spoke to McKay only once and was not being ticketed. He was clearing a wedding reception and we were waiting while someone else got the car. Still, he seemed to handle every situation in the same manner. He didn't raise his voice but did not listen or respond to normal dialog. As his lack of response created frustration he threatened arrest. I heard the same scenario from a woman who's car had broken down on the side of the road. What is the psychological mindset behind his kind of behavior?

Christopher King said...

And the key is, just as Ms. B said so clearly, the man had communication problems that "could cause a problem for him and for Franconia."

Note that he never specifically told Sarah why she was being arrested, not that the law makes that an absolute requirement, but scheez.

There was a pattern of irresponsiblity going on here.

Anonymous said...

While I applaud your efforts to dig up the truth and punish those responsible for covering it up, I have been wondering one thing.

How does any of this change or prevent situations like this from occuring in the future?

I mean, the chief of police MUST have known the McKay was a rogue. The other police officers on the force MUST have known about his behavior. Why aren't they being held at least partially responsible? why hasn't the chief been fired? Why haven't the people in town demanded their resignations / firings?

The townspeople quietly allowing these cops to remain in their positions gives them AND their behavior their tacit approval. If incidents like this occur in the future, the entire town will be to blame.

Christopher King said...

Well you know this is just a start. Run a word search for "Corvallis" in this blawg to see that other communities and... ahem... news media are taking a stand more vigorously than in the past.

And we have people like Mr. Jesseman running for office in Franconia.

It's a start but if we don't start we sure as hell will never get anywhere, might as just fall on a sword, soldier.

Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Troy Watts should have sued the piss out of him.

Right. And he should have sued to protect Liko, but he didn't. Did someone say Troy Watts is a ski instructor? or a lawyer?

Anonymous said...

Certain seizures are permissible under Fourth Amendment if there is an articulable suspicion, not probable cause, that a person had committed or is about to commit a crime. U.S.C.A. Const. Amend. 4. In State v. Brodeur, 493 A.2d 1134 (N.H.1985) the Court held that “an investigatory stop is also permitted under the New Hampshire Constitution, part I article 19. See State v. Riley 490 A.2d 1362, 1366 (N.H. 1985)”. The United States Supreme Court has stated that “in justifying the particular intrusion [a stop] the police officer must be able to point to specific and articulable facts which, taken together with rational inferences from those facts, reasonably warrant that intrusion.” Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. at 21, 88 S.Ct. at 1880.

Anonymous said...


His behavior is grounded in domination, power and control. The non-response is as if the other person is nothing - has no meaning, power and significance. In return the person he does this to feels threatened or diminished as a human being and feels if they don't make themselves heard they will be trampled on. Unfortunately, because of McKay's position of power it left the person more vulnerable when doing this and McKay used this as his moment to gain ultimate control over the "subject".

I heard about that reception. What was his reason for breaking it up? What did he feel people were doing wrong? Wasn't it held at a local motel about 4 years ago?

My sister works with someone McKay pulled over a few years back. Professional in business attire on his way to work. He had forgotten to renew his license. McKay was so wound up that he couldn't understand what was being said to him. He asked McKay to please repeat himself because he couldn't understand him. McKay was so mad and had his hand on his pepper spray. The guy said to himself, "Holy shit, this cop is going to mace me and I have no idea why he even pulled me over". Thankfully he got it and McKay settled down but the guy was clearly shaken by the incident.

Anonymous said...

12:39 posted:

"His behavior is grounded in domination, power and control. The non-response is as if the other person is nothing - has no meaning, power and significance. In return the person he does this to feels threatened or diminished as a human being and feels if they don't make themselves heard they will be trampled on. Unfortunately, because of McKay's position of power it left the person more vulnerable when doing this and McKay used this as his moment to gain ultimate control over the "subject".

Thank you for this analysis.
Mckay did not have 'communication problems' per se, the above M.O. was a guaranteed way for him to pick targets at will and to boost his 'authority.'

This is completely sick and cruel. Mckay murdered the spirit of the law and the tone of the town. Local LE professionals need to step up and show some balls frankly. That hideous, rancid, cowardly vicious son of a bitch died in the most horrific way, but left a legacy of hate, fear and many traumatized behind him.

There are some major incidents of sexually charged violence and ugliness with that rat that are being witheld. Probably never to surface. I think much of the truly culpable evidence has been destroyed. I hope Judge Vaughn makes his ruling soon. It's been a considerable amount of time since the case was brought to him, and the pot is boiling and the situation is getting hotter. Franconia officials need to be impeached and prosecuted, as does Ayotte for evidence tampering and destruction. This slow troll to nowhere is going to boil over. Floyd is already on permanent boil.

It's past due time for the citizens en masse to take back their town. Hiding the evidence isn't going to placate the populace. Montminny is still the chief. Unbelievable.
Some kind of brief pamphlet should be drawn up and and copied thousands of times and given to every tourist at a number of amenities.
When the business' feel that pinch, something will be done. It's a tourist industry kind of place so no one wants to do anything that will hurt their incomes. Understandable but ultimately cowardly.
Franconia is a very dirty and dangerous place with Montminny, Belz, Mcleod and his wife, state rep. Martha Mcleod in charge. They are accessories to murder and they are in Charge.
Ayotte's legacy will be destroying peace in this State. Mckay was a total bastard. His memorial should be a rats asshole mounted on a stake.
Actually, it already is.
The officials have made sure that this legacy is a permanent one now. The officals have blown it bigtime with their selfishness and criminal negligence. I honestly believe they are direct accessories to assault and murder.

Christopher King said...

1:09 PM

Absolutely. This whole thing has gotten ugly past the point of know return.

The failed HB 1428.
The fake Brian Jesseman statement.
The redacted McKay Personnel file.
The lack of fingerprint analysis.
The windshielf bullet.
The Floyd rap sheet longer than a Florida (Georgia?) Crocodile.
The Floyd Permanent Restraining Order.

Vote Jesseman for Franconia Selectman.

Anonymous said...

It's a small town, as are the surrounding towns.
The time when locals can self-righteously point to the officals and deny their own culpability is soon to be over.
The reputation of the area and it's residents (and business') will soon be like the 'good Germans,' during WW2, who let it all go down, and denied responsibility in the midst of genocide.
There is no reconciliation without truth and light of free information. The 'reconcilation committee' had called for no such thing. It's all bullshit. It's a slow troll to put people to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I believe that most on the Recovery team did have good intentions but they believed Martha did too and as the months went on this has broken down for many of them. They are taking the reigns and attempting to follow through on the original process of dealing with the truth to bring about healing. I have come to realize they are quite a good group of people that were trapped under Martha's suffocating presence in their attempt to do good. That is no longer the case - they are standing pretty strong.

People do need to step forward as many already have. It has been hard after so many years of being ignored or experiencing retaliation. It has been many months but I am deeply encouraged by the people that are starting speak out in the open instead of whispers about the horror behind closed curtains and doors.

Change is coming......change is coming...............

Anonymous said...

I would not throw the Franconia Area Recovery and reconciliation Committee under the bus just yet.

As the post above indicates they've become unencumbered from McLeod and good things are afoot.

Anonymous said...

It's nine months later and they still haven't figured out to call for open access to all informations regarding this?
Martha has showed her true colors a long time ago and what the hell were they doing under her thumb in the first place?
Anyway, she's been totally disgraced and outed as a shill (which they could have figured out in the beginning since other people surely did, and like, uhhh, her husband is on the Franconia Selectboard.)
This did not take genius. Not even one statement calling for open information? What are they trying to reconcile?
What are they trying to protect in their own lives?
These people knew the score before the incident and didn't say anything then, and haven't said anything of solid worth since.
They have failed. Perhaps with good intentions, (which pave the way to Mckays new residence) or perhaps in hopes of true healing; they have made themselves completely irrelevant. They have not even called for open access to information.

Anonymous said...

I'm not throwing them under the bus. There is no 'them' and there is no longer any 'bus.'

They have thrown the effort under the bus, intentionally or not.
1. They have not publicized the answers to the 'comments' form THEY wrote and distributed, and all of them have seen those results.!!!!!!!!!!!
That is huge. That speaks volumes. NOt one of them has spoken out.

2. They have not independently supported freedom of relevant informatino that is still being witheld and will ultimately be destroyed.!!

3. They have not supported other efforts by a number of citizens to call for freedom of information;

nor have they ever made a statement on record coming to the conclusion that there can be no healing or reconcilation without the facts. They might as well disband, or be on Belz's team.

They are protecting their own interests and not the interests of the town is the only conclusion I can come to at this point.

They have had access to the press and to the public and have witheld the information THEY SOLICITED and have never EVER called for freedom of the relevant information. They have healed nothing, they have excerbated the stress, and furthermore, they have disgraced the good citizens, 150 of whom, cooperated and wrote down their observations and knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Another bullshit committee doing nothing, saying nothing, healing nothing; ruining the chance they had, (Past Tense) to show anything. Let's form another committee on the committee that is supposed to be looking into the other committee and then have a task force for another committee. And then, of course, a committe on the task force.
That's the game folks.
Meanwhile, the kid's in the ground since last May, and the situation is getting uglier and uglier.

Christopher King said...

I will say this:

Not everyone is BS on that Committee, but everyone who is not, now is the time to start commenting openly, whether it be right here, or in editorials or what have you.

Now... is... the.... time.

Anonymous said...

They had a cop on the committee. Big mistake

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of the leaks that could endanger citizens, or the fear that prevented others from writing the committee. That group has provided zero healing. We Didn't get it. They didn't give it. Just ask Caleb what they've done for him. Notta. Zip. all the while having a cop hearing everything.... They were a 'clearing' house. might as well give them a delete button. We were there Martha, we will not forget.

Anonymous said...

Committee is a zero. That cop was a part time Franconia cop wanting a full time job kissing ass and gathering info.

That cop was kiss kiss buddies with Mckay. That committee is a total washout and part of the problem. You can't have a smokesreen without smoke. That's the reconcialtion committee. Smokey and a wanna be new cop. he has his fulltime job now.
Screw him. The committee is over. The time for healing was wasted by inaction and cowardice. They will never have credibility. There was a window of time when something meaningful could have been done, and nothing came of it but smoke.

A buffer zone of smoke and mirrors for the press and and they have certainly lost any credibility at all with the residents, of any age.

Intentional or not matters not. Rancid dust and irrelevance. Lame and limp and totally silent.

They shouldn't have stepped up and publicized themselves if they were going to do nothing other than gather information and keep it hidden. How does that make them different from the Franconia selectboard?

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris, do me a favor and pull up the RSA document and its unfortunate fate because it wasn't followed. Call it a history lesson for a government which failed to protect its citizens.

Anonymous said...

Fowler was mckays buddy boy, and butt boy...
and inserted his ass on that now thoroughly worthless and totally useless committee.
Fowler now his full time job on franconia police force. boy they just keep on picking winners don't they? reconcile that.
citizens filled out those forms in good faith. and it went straight to fpd, reconcile that.
the committee is smoke and knows all this from the start. reconcile that.

Anonymous said...

Anyone smell a lawsuit?

(enter any name here) vs. The State of New Hampshire

Hey Fowler! I met your brother! I think he was a cop.

Anonymous said...

I like 2:09s take: get another committee to study the committee so we can create a committee ad infinatum--. No, lets get closer too the matter and investigate the investigators, the fox guarding the chicken coop. Meanwhile we (or the new committee) should put Fowler, the new Franc. cop, on Floyd 24/7, earn his pay! Why doesn't Easton have a cop? Maybe it has somethin to do with the whole diabolic operation (murder)

Christopher King said...


I guess that is the bottom line, regardless of SOME of the Committee's well-intentioned members.


Which docs do you need?


Anonymous said...

No wonder people in Franconia alter reality on a regular basis.

Anonymous said...


What does this mean?

Anonymous said...

In several news articles dating back to last summer it was said that the FRRC suggested to the Franconia Select Board a citizens review board to review hiring, training and police procedures, as well as serving as citizens police complaint board. It was not the FRRC that dropped the ball but the Franconia Select Board.

The FRRC was hoping that the people responding to the survey would ask for total disclosure in the 5/11 events. No one did. The FRRC hoped that people would relay particular accounts of their experiences with McKay. No one, did. Emotional opinion is only
emotional opinion.

Believe me the businesses in town openly complained to the SB about McKay for years. Unfortunately in a small town complaints are often no more than a verbal complaint and leave no paper trail.

Anonymous said...

5:56: Considering your first paragraph, would it not then be appropriate for that committee to provide a clear press release with those contentions, informing the press and the communities that the Franconia Select Board was being uncooperative, unresponsive and ignoring them?

Where were those suggestions published? Are they in the open minutes of said selectboard meeting? Was a press release introduced to keep the community informed?
Was a public statement ever made? If so, would you kindly reproduce it?

I also feel that opinions and feelings were directly, and clearly being sought in the first place. Upon receipt why trash the mass of responses as 'emotional opinions,' and therefore worthless; that is to say, not worthy of communicating those responses? I think this disingenous at best.

Where did that committee stand on releasing the hidden materials, since your response indicate that all of the 150 responses were designated as 'emotional opinions,' and were therefore somehow irrelevant?
If the questions and FEELINGS that were solicted were deemed useless, and no proactive moves toward releasing the hidden complaints, records and materials were made, then why didn't they publish a progress, or lack of progress report, and why does this committee exist?

More muddy water instead of clarity is the result, and so the smokescreen charges, intentional or not on the part of the good citizens involved, seem to bear some ultimate weight.

Anonymous said...

Could you please point to those "several news articles dating back to last summer," that report on the committee's findings please? It would be very helpful if you could please point to the specific articles and whatever Committee press release(s) informed them. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Recommendation 1: Police Services

Anonymous said...

9:52-9:55 The Caledonian, Courier and Union Leader wrote articles on the FRRC suggestions to the Franconia SB. I can not give you dates. But you can do a search. There was an article in the Caledonian last week.

I provided a link to the FRRC July report -- http://www.scribd.com/doc/2034203/Franconia-Area-Recovery-and-Reconciliation-Committee-Report

The link can found on Fran. selectman candidate Jeffery Jesseman's my space

'emotional opinion,' are my words and I don't think anyone thinks it irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding, 11:20. Please understand this response is not personally directed at you, and I do thank you for your response and links.

The committee immediately calls it an "isolated incident," giving thorough cover to the fact that Mckay had a long continual history of complaints and abuses, including a huge one in 2003.
I remember reading this at the time and it seemed like a lot of toothless double-talk.

The document also promises release of the responses!, which never happened. smoke.

The link to the document seemed to come down to their three concluding "points.":
1. They want the Franconia Selectboard to investigate themselves, with public input.

(They want the foxes to investigate THEMSELVES on matters of the chicken coop?)

The entity that hid information and allowed Mckay to run rampant, and is directly responsible for the intentional cover-up is expected to investigate THEMSELVES? Not a mention of the Kenney/Mckay incident but forward looking toward an amorphous future self investigation.
It tip toes and tap dances but there is no 'there' there.

not all that helpful imo.

2. They want to the Selectboard to form another committee about 'youth values'

this was covered in several post above re: committees forming committees to perhaps investigate task forces on the committees ad infintum.
I think 'youth values' are the same as 'adult values' in the context of not wanting to get maced and beaten, terrorized, lied about and broken by a an unprofessional psycho sanctioned by the life-time appointed Chief and hollow, destructive, complict official.
OK, "youth values"
sure. that helped.

3. They want "the community and police dept. to have a clear understanding of expectations of each other"
total smoke. kumbaya.
how about a community that expects that a serial batterer, with a proven (and purposely hidden) record, not be given a badge, carte blanche and official cover.

Their 'conclusion':
"The FULL TEXT of responses to our community survey will be made available as soon as it can be transcribed"
um, it could have been transribed in a couple of days, and here it is 7 months later and NADA.

they "hope this will serve as a starting point, leading to further dialog (??) and subsequent reports."

Here's some further dialog from one citizen posting right here right now:
no follow up, no subsequent reports and this one, though verbose, pretty much says and does says nothing, and has effected pretty much nothing, other than to exacerbate a sense of hopelessness because they put themselves forwards and came up with smoke.
Are they transcribing the survey responses, one per month? Somewhere about 150 months into the future perhaps we'll see those responses. Well 16 years from now, we'll all be very grateful for the effort one supposes.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, Floyds on the loose, continuing to threaten people with death by gunfire, and the officals continue to try to ram memorials for Mckay into the community in a cowardly and snaky effort to protect themselves.

Meanwhile, it takes a citizen activist from Nashua to file the RSA lawsuit and appear in front of the judge, garnering the Sarah video, and hopefully the law will be served when the Judge rules on matters of law. The 'reconcilation' committee could have minimally followed through on their own stated promise to release the surveys, and haven't even done that.

Do they think the public and the youth are so stupid as to trust them again, or get behind opening up in front of the very forces that can arbitrarily target and destroy them?
sigh double sigh.

Christopher King said...

Truly a remarkable set of circumstances.

And hardly an isolated incident.

Anonymous said...

Vote Jesseman for Cell Block D Selectman. Arrest the collective... Free Franconia.

Christopher King said...

Citizens' arrest on Montminy and Hellz Belz.

Christopher King said...


Notice I said that Watts should have sued the piss out of them, only to discover that he indeed DID threaten to sue the piss out of them and they covered it up!

Read the pending Ethics Grievance against Town Counsel Mullen.


Oh, yah.