29 February 2008

KingCast endorses Clinton for President, One Nation Under a Groove!

Yah, I was at this fundraiser event for Clinton's candidacy (just joking it was not a fundraiser it was one hell of a party though!) a few years ago in NYC and I can safely say that this would be the Clinton to get my vote, with Bootsy for Veep!

Funk away...... One Nation Under a Groove movie and One Nation Under a Groove song.

R-U-B-B-E-R....F-A-N-S.... and Funkateers......

Related artist and song for those who know: The Spinners, "Rubber Band Man...."... "got the rubber band.... down around his toes.... and the he wiggle it up.... up around his nose!"

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Anonymous said...

groovin...I like it...calypso facto