28 February 2008

KingCast blast from the past: A prior RSA 91-A/FOIA victory against Ransmeier & Spellman and First Amendment firm Orr & Reno!

Okay. Hillsborough Superior South Judge Groff is about to hear the KingCast/Jesseman Action on 10 March, 2008, 08-E-093. That's His Honor at the Bench as I shake hands with Senior AAG Connie Stratton. I won that case going away; it was easy pickings after Connie and Kelly tried to run an ex post facto game on me. On a related matter Franconia counsel Dan Mullen's business partner Charlie Bauer tried to keep Deposition testimony from being published here in this blawg. He lost:

It turns out his client, now fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn -- who has entanglements with NH AG Kelly Ayotte on another bogus case (that of Jaffrey officer Aaron Deboisbriand) -- had laughed on the record about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison.

Here is the blawg post about Judge Lynn slamming Attorneys Bauer and Orr & Reno's Maria Proulx in which his honor correctly ruled in allowing my media team that
"It's no different than WMUR coming in here...."

It's just another day with NH LE and their lawyers like Orr & Reno who talk a big game then either suck air (Bill Chapman in Franconia) or actively argue in open court (also caught on KingCast video) that Deposition transcript testimony should not be posted online. They don't go for the Real because they're not about the Real. Have they no shame?

So anyway, here's Lawyerman, where I open the mail in real time a few hours after Kelly and her henchmen tried to revoke my bail and put me in prison. They failed both times before former NH AG John Arnold, himself no KingCast fan, you got that right. Watch him in this short film Oreo, asking "who's funding this?" Oh, yah, I forget about that every few days then it all comes back. The look on my face reading Attorney Bauer's fun-pak in Lawyerman is priceless, so too is the look on my face in Oreo when Prosecutor Albrecht asks the Court to shut down this blawg.

Bauer hid material evidence with equal grace as a murderer who slips a fresh magazine into a dead man's pistol after shooting him in the head. Sad to say, as time wears on it is increasingly apparent that there's too much decency and shame missing from their game too often.

And for her part, Orr & Reno's lawyer Maria Proulx -- looking like Cousin It and seen avoiding my handshake in both photos -- actually stood up in Court and tried to get me sanctioned and said "He needs to learn a lesson."

With all due respect, no thanks, Counselor. I give the lessons to people like you.

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Christopher King said...

Here's what Orr & Reno said in winning access to courtrooms, even though through Maria Proulx they tried to argue against me having the same rights.

"Bassett said the court should help foster "expansive and open government and making information available to the greatest number of people possible, without impinging on other rights."

"It’s a basic element of democracy that people have access to the information presented at trial," said Bassett.

"What’s the matter with establishing a standard and having the presumption of access?" Justice Dalianis asked.

Significantly, it was NH AG Kelly Ayotte who took the whupping in that case.

Take a look at In re Petition of WMUR, 148 N.H. 644; 813 A.2d 455; 2002 N.H. LEXIS 191; 31 Media L. Rep. 1746

Once you're educated they can hate you all they want, and threaten to "teach you a lesson" but hatred is a negative emotion and it doesn't get you anywhere except to an earlier grave with a frown on your face.