15 February 2008

KingCast asks Barack Obama to consider handgun legislation and enforcement, vis a vis Steven P. Kazmierczak and Gregory W. Floyd.

Dear Senator Obama: As you take this time to address the grieving citizens of your home State in the wake of the NIU shooting tragedy (CNN International), please be certain to compare and contrast it with the Franconia New Hampshire shooting tragedy of 5/11 2007.

"We need to strengthen our registration laws," you said. I concur, and that statement is crucial as noted later in this post.

When Steven P. Mr. Kazmiercza killed 5 people and himself his medication was off but he was a brilliant and kind, compassionate man otherwise, a student of social justice.

When Gregory W. Floyd shot and killed Liko Kenney, then lied about whether he spoke to Liko before he started shooting and lied about his military career and his actions with Liko's gun and magazine he was on a lot of medications. Heavy drugs. He even told Caleb Macaulay he couldn't be convicted if he shot him because he was on so many drugs.

And unlike Mr. Kazmierczak, Gregory Floyd was no brilliant man, nor is he kind or compassionate. Look at his multi-state rap sheet and then ask yourself exactly how he could still hold a gun anywhere in his home, pursuant to U.S. v. Ruckman. The U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman specifically told me he was going to approach the ATF but game me no timeframe. I believe the time has come -- and stayed -- ten (10) years running when they knew he had guns in New Hampshire.

Now he's facing another criminal threats case after the Court awarded his neighbor a Permanent Restraining Order, but here's the kicker: Republican NH AG Kelly Ayotte -- who once tried to help imprison me when I was local NAACP legal chair -- refuses to give the public any fingerprint analysis about Gregory Floyd and Liko's gun. Read the Motions in the Right-to-Know case (Grafton 07-E-268) right here.

Here are the audio transcripts from the Floyd Restraining Order and KingCast Right-to-Know hearings before the same Judge, Grafton Superior Timothy Vaughn.

This is how his upcoming criminal threats case (he pled Guilty on the same charge already) should transpire.


In the end it is singularly important to enforce the existing laws, an important consideration for you and any other Statesman who is attempting to navigate an ancient yet valuable Civil Rights vessel -- the Second Amendment -- through the shark-infested waters of a nation increasingly subject to abusive police (Watch Bruce McKay here and that abusive Baltimore Cop here) and a devil's salad of psychotropic drugs, as noted in this post I sent to Kelly Ayotte on 5/11 2007.

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Christopher King said...

Now here's something ridiculous I heard in an NPR All Things Considered story with Emmanuel Cleaver, a Louisiana Clinton delegate who is going to stay with her instead of going to Senator Obama.

Says Cleaver:

"Would you give up a seat on your train to someone who just comes in because he's black or do you hold it for the friend you promised before...."

Which is absurd. You give it to the best candidate, and as a delegate you need to vote the way your constituency votes unless you are personally aware of character flaws of the (now) majority candidate. That should be your ethical maxim.

If you think Senator Clinton is a stronger candidate than Senator Obama, then say so, but don't insult my intelligence by assuming that people -- or other Delegates -- are voting for him because he's black and not because they want him to lead us into the future as opposed to Senator Clinton, and it wouldn't matter if he were Japanese for Pete's sake.

Most people would vote for Barack if he were white. It's the colour of his World -- and not so much the colour of his skin -- that is drawing support.

You just marginalized a qualified candidate.


Anonymous said...

Cleaver's premise is ridiculous and destructive.
Although my vote for Obama would not be predicated on his being black, I am glad he is.
In this imperfect world and at a critical time, Obama gets my vote for being Obama. Positive change.

Christopher King said...


Indeed. My family knows someone in the upper echelon of the Obama camp and I'm going to be sure that s/he reads this.