19 February 2008

KingCast and the Minutemen load 11 Honda CRF 450's at lunch: "This ain't no picnic!!!"

Loading 11 CRF 250/450Rs was not exactly my idea of lunchtime fun. But of course I'm the only licensed fork lift driver in sales today. The driver Chet says that's called "The New York Stack."

I've got a Minuteman video (with Ronald Reagan, no less) to accompany the moment: This ain't no picnic!!!.

Non sequitur: virtualbubblerap.com Now get back to work.


Christopher King said...

Working on the edge
losing my self-respect
for a man who presides over me
the principles of his creed
punch in punch out
8 hours 5 days a week
sweat pain and agony
on Friday I'll get paid


Hey mister don't look down on me
(for what I believe in-
I got my bills and the rent)
I should go pitch a tent
but our land is not free
so I'll work my youth away
in the place of a machine

i refuse to be a slave


Christopher King said...

From the movie, "We Jam Econo."

"The whole idea of the Minutemen was to make our life....into art." "The Minutemen's music seemed to have no real precedent.... and it was radical."

Christopher King said...

It was fun selling an '07 Hayabusa today, a red one.

I like them more than the '08's actually except the 08's dashboard is nicer and more refined. The '07 is a tighter-looking bike, cleaner-looking. Less bling.

Related post: I sold Nashua's first '08 'Busa. but Martha McLeod is afraid to do 150.

Anonymous said...

i hate to mention this, but hunter and i used to listen to 'til shiloh all the time. which is so ironic you put that song up. we loved the reggae rythym. thats jesse hunter from rumney NH. we loved buju. i still do. the problem is Hunter's dead. i hate to butt into your work again. i know you are so busy. but, if anyone stands against injustice, Mr King, its you. just as franconia, we want many questions answered in campton. why is this state incapable of prosecuting people who are guilty? yet we have many more police officers per capita than many states with much higher crime rates!? if they are so bored, you would figure they can prosecute a simple murder case. two suspects! its one or the other! as opposed to winning a frivolous traffic violation in court(their specialty). if i was part of the NHSP i would have trouble looking at my children and telling them, I AM A NEW HAMPSHIRE STATE TROOPER. i pulled someone over for doing 68 in a 65. issued them a ticket, and went to sleep. as far as i am concerned the entire state is sleeping. NHSP detective tom marshall especially. what great work! keep detecting. its your calling. he could'nt catch a fat chick at baskin robbins. PLEASE HELP US CHRIS! we have faith in you! ty joe schmo

Christopher King said...

Oh, my gosh.

I just do what I can, when I can, with what I have....

Jam Econo.