24 February 2008

Grafton Superior Judge Vaughn may issue a ruling soon on KingCast v. NH AG Ayotte/Franconia/Montminy in Franconia shooting tragedy coverup FOIA case.

In this picture-only post I noted that Judge Vaughn has been busy as all get-out. In addition to him being busy in general, in specific there have been ongoing legal battles with Defendant Ayotte actually arguing that KingCast is not entitled to fingerprint evidence pertaining to whose prints are on the magazine of Liko Kenney's gun, as noted in this post, and in Piper v. United States DOJ, 294 F. Supp. 2d 16 (2003).
Exemption 7(C), 5 U.S.C.S. § 552(b)(7)(C), did not shield from disclosure a photograph of a smudged fingerprint that had been enhanced by the FBI and a related memorandum.....Whether this contradiction is blunder or subterfuge, the Court will not inquire at this time. The Court orders the FBI to release document 206.

And Defendant Ayotte certainly can't get away from the FACT that Gregory W. Floyd started shooting at Liko's car immediately, as our cameras have carefully noted the presence of the windshield bullet hole that her official sham report discusses dismisses in one quick sentence. He then, by his own admission, executed Liko "within four seconds," so any notion that Defendant Ayotte claims Floyd spoke with Liko prior to shooting is an absolute lie. Let me say it again:

NH AG Kelly Ayotte is responsible for positing a material lie in the investigation of the Franconia shooting tragedy between Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and Gregory W. Floyd.

That having been said, His Honor did recently issue a Decision denying Dartmouth College's Motion to Dismiss against a lawsuit filed by the alumni association, a case I watched for a while before ours on 10 Jan, 2008, so in the rotation of things I'm sure he's working on it.

All of us are on pins and needles right now, you got that right because whatever his rulings are, its going to be a remarkable case both now and in the appeals that are likely to follow from any or all Parties.

And with that, I'm back to preparing for an 8 a.m. filing tomorrow for the Jesseman/KingCast v. Union Leader lawsuit, and preparing for the first organizational meeting on the Robert Taylor's Law legislation with Senator Tarr, State Rep Verga and Gloucester Mayor Kirk. Its going to be a fascinating week.

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All prayers, Peace, Aloha, Namaste.


Christopher King said...

You need to read this post in conjunction with this one in which KingCast broke the conversation between Trooper Coooper and Gregory W. Floyd:

C: OK and i, and I guess the reason I ask that is um, later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons
F: Yah

C: And I guess what, my question is, is what state is it gonna be in now and how did it get in that state?

.....Because Floyd said Liko's gun was jammed when he shot him, twice. But then the gun in the government's own picture is locked and loaded, and Floyd has one of Liko's live rounds in his pocket. Now I know a bit about guns, no expert mind you but I know enough to know that the only plausible explanation for that is that Floyd cleared Liko's gun then stuck the second magazine in it.

Something's just not quite right about that, and it would echo all of the concerns noted by retired Easton Police Chief Robert Every in his Affidavit about this freak being unduly fascinated with guns and gunplay, as noted in documents I saw but still have to retrieve from State Attorney Marta Modigliani.

I'll obtain them before the movie production, you bet.

Anonymous said...

Here we have on the one hand Chris King trying with all his might to get at the truth, the information, the facts, and on the other hand we have the state/town trying with all their might to hide, obscure, obfuscate the truth, withold information, distort the facts. Why is the state/town not forthcoming, on the level? Complicity in murder?

Anonymous said...

Kelly is a busy lady:

AG to mediate troopers union's lawsuit

New Hampshire Sunday News
10 hours, 23 minutes ago

Attorney General Kelly Ayotte has agreed to mediate the lawsuit the New Hampshire Troopers Association filed against the New Hampshire Highway Patrol Association.

Ayotte said she could think of no other case in which an attorney general in New Hampshire mediated a private civil lawsuit, but added that the confidential nature of mediation makes it possible such an instance could have occurred without her knowledge.


Christopher King said...


In my opinion, yes, cover up after-the-fact is of course tantamount to being an accessory to the actual murder in many jurisdictions.

And 7:56 here's that Union Leader linky.

John Barthelmes' name -- as some of you may recall, surfaced in the Dow Murders case, which was replete with government cover up and malfeasance as noted in this post.

Here's a letter from Karen Saffian to Richard Flynn:

As identified in my 9/27/96 letter to you, John Barthelmes, as the Director of our state law enforcement force, issued an official directive to Detective – Sergeant Benjamin Mozrall which forbid Detective Mozrall from having any more contact with a specific resident/citizen/witness, myself."

Here's a follow up to then Senior NH AG Mark Zuckerman, who as current U.S. AAG, vowed to me that he was going to take Gregory Floyd's information to the ATF for investigation on his ongoing violations of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

December 20, 1996

Mark Zuckerman
Senior Assistant Attorney General
Criminal Justice Department
New Hampshire Department of Justice
Concord, New Hampshire 03301

Dear Senior Assistant Attorney General Zuckerman,

This is a complaint brought against:

1. Sergeant John Pickering

2. Captain Nicholas Halias

3. Lieutenant David Eastman

4. Colonel John Barthelmes

5. Commissioner Richard Flynn, and;

6. Any other individual who has participated in the following official actions contained herein.

Interesting, that's for certain. Also certain is the fact that if Attorney Zuckerman does not approach the ATF in the next week or so, I will.

Peace, Aloha, Namaste.

Christopher King said...

1:16 a.m.

The KingCast/Jesseman lawsuit is ready and will be filed in exactly 7 hours.