24 February 2008

Czech Newspaper does KingCast with International, persecuted First Amendment Artist Milan Kohout.

I can't read this link, but I'm sure they are bloody pissed off and used the KingCast courtroom pic and put a link to this page as well. Here's the back story about the Boston Pee Dee doing their finest to set the course of First Amendment Freedoms back by 50 years.

Český umělec vyvolal v Bostonu "mediální smršť"
Milan Kohout
Posílám zprávu ze čtvrté části mé performance „Oprátky na prodej“, která byla součástí festivalu „Tremor“ dne 9.listopadu 2007 a při které jsem reagoval na krizi bankovního systému, způsobenou neuvěřitelnou chamtivostí bankovních zlodějů a zbohatlíků a za kterou jsem byl v Americe postaven před soud, píše Milan Kohout.
K tomu: Lekce tržní ekonomiky ZDE.

A americký právník Chris King otevřel blog věnující se tomuto případu, ve kterém navrhuje, aby se do případu vložil federální soud.....

Go on Mr. Prosecutor, roll the dice. I dare you. I'll have a meeting of the U.N. at your front door before you can say "what the hell happened here?"

Related post: Covering First Amendment oppression of artists like Mr. Kohout and Robert Mapplethorp since undergrad, twenty (20) years ago at the Cincinnati Contemporary Art Center.

KingCast: Civil Rights with a vengeance.


Christopher King said...

Here comes the phone call:

"Hello..... This is Christopher King from KingCast.net..... I was a friend of Dennis Barrie's back in the day.... May I speak with Curator Raphaela Platow.....

"Hi Ms. Platow..... listen, I covered the Mapplethorpe fiasco back in the 80's when Sheriff Simon Leis tries to shut you guys down..... well let me tell you, Sister, about a certain situation up here in Boston....."

As the Dead Kennedys would say.... 'We've got a bigger problem now' In studio.

And Live.... America... is under Martial Law....Last call for alcohol... last call for free speech..... Happy trails, to you....


Platow, BTW was Curator at the Brandeis University Rose Art Museum in Waltham, Massachusetts.


BTW I like to write Brandeis Briefs against State-sanctioned abuse, as in the Franconia shooting tragedy. Here it is,, noting that KingCast was taking cameras into the courthouse, and here is the YouTube audio from that, the video and a court decision to follow soon.

Christopher King said...


Contact has been made.

dave drake said...

Christopher, try one of the many free translation sites out there where all you have to do is input the url and select "language" TO English translation. Babelfish is one that I have found works well. Hope this helps.

Christopher King said...


I forgot about Babelfish -- it's probably even better than it was when I used it years ago.

Thanks my brother.

Keep in touch.


Christopher King said...

Babel won't do it, and other sites are not too user friendly so I'll have Milan translate it for me next time I see him.


dave drake said...

That's too bad Babel didn't work. I just used it to translate the last entry on this post of mine:


because the story was about the film "Deep Throat". Babel worked fine for that - of all things! heh!

I'd forgotten about Babelfish too and hadn't used it in ages, then when I found the story I gave it a shot again and it worked.

Oh well.....

Christopher King said...

Dave, mostly it's just a matter of time, of which I have only enough to get at the numerous acts of litigation in which I am involved, many of which I do not discuss online, as promised.

I'm sure I could LEGALLY discuss these matters publicly, but that doesn't mean it would be prudent.

Iron fist, velvet glove.


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