20 February 2008

BostonNOW covers artist Milan Kohout's pending criminal case as being potentially Unconstitutional under the First Amendment.

I don't think its potentially Unconstitutional, I think it's blatantly Unconstitutional. Well sports fans, it's good to know that SOMEBODY out there is paying attention to the Constitutional things that matter, as I noted in this post. One day the guy's peacefully assembled and petitioning his government (and big business) for redress, and the next day he's facing criminal charges. Nice.

I blogged about it here and at Boston Now yesterday, and now today here's The BostonNOW story, with ACLU audio interview.


Christopher King said...

I've been called a "media hound."

Fine. Guilty as charged.

But media of, for and by the people -- which is what our government is supposed to be.

But alas, as it too often is not, we have to resort to the Fourth Estate to keep an eye on the other Three.


Anonymous said...

I applaud your drive to keep the language in the blogosphere clean and respectable.

Then I read your words on the Franconia site and I was appalled (hahahaa!). terms or art like Sack o' sh*t, douchebag, references to your tea bag and your offering to tea bag a female poster, the list goes on.

And I can't help but applaud that as well. Do as I say, not as I do. A trick well learned from these officials.

I'd like to recommend the use of "salad tossing" if the opportunity presents itself.

You rule. God bless this mess. Hahahaha!

I hope Jimmy O'Brien is catching this for the bio. Gonna make a great chapter.

Christopher King said...


Dude, the history of the Franconia postings started with them calling me a "punk assed bitch," so I feel like a nice person by offering to join them for a spot of tea.

As noted, I drink Yerba Mate, usually not in a tea bag, but in a gourd but lately I've been using the tea bags instead.

And DTRT is indeed a douchebag. I'll never call anyone anything my supporters haven't called me.

You've seen the Douchebag to Darling post, right?

Anonymous said...


wicked funny

anyone heard of space-docking?

Christopher King said...


As this is an art-related post I figured I would let you see how Beatnik Jesus watched over me from the wall as I made these scallops over at Martha's place a few years ago.

With dinner we had tossed salad, it was yummy =^.)

PS: Actually all of my posts are art-related.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya CK. No need to tie one hand behind your back. And at times there is no substitute for the use of dirty words in the proper context. Its the only way to express the idea, be it to show contempt or affirmation.

Hence, the first amendment. let er fly!

Anonymous said...

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