01 January 2008

Were Maura Murray and Brianna Maitland's disappearances linked, and why did NH AG Kelly Ayotte unlawfully withhold information from Fred Murray?

Oh you better believe I've been doing a lot of thinking about these two young ladies and the suspicious nature of their disappearances. I think there's a connection there. After all, they went missing 90 miles from each other, and that is a hop-skip in the North Country. And did I mention that the dates of their disappearances are:

Maura, from Woodsville NH: 9 Feb 2004
Maura Murray website.
Brianna, from Montgomery VT: 19 March 2004
Brianna Maitland website.

Non sequitur (maybe maybe not): Why did the Woodstock officer kill herself?

On 10 Jan. 2007 KingCast will engage in a videotaped court hearing in a FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know Action in the same courthouse where the exact same lawyers who defended NH AG Kelly Ayotte and eventually got spanked in the Supreme Court.

Something disgusting is going on in North Country, and everyone up there knows it but they're too scared of LE to call them on it directly. Me, I don't give a damn I'll say it right here: LE is in complicity either aforethought or afterward, and the mass media is in further complicity with LE to cover all of it up. For example, what happened to the continued coverage of the Dion shooting in Newbury?

Good thing none of them are in complicity with our people, or with the International film festival where we are headed with regard to Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and LE scumbag who in my opinion killed his wife and adoptive son, Richard Dow.


Christopher King said...

BTW I'm not having any of that "what do you care about North Country" bullshit. I haven't been 'boarding since winter of '05-06 but look closely at that old ski pass. It's from Cannon '04, where my buddy Jenny and I went religiously.

Christopher King said...

On the Dion Killing, from 19 Dec. is the latest you will find.

Here's the link to the Concord Monitor story, which has not once reported on the pending KingCast litigation.

"The police said the Dions were quarreling Sunday afternoon before the shooting. According to a press release, Gary Dion was clearing their driveway when he was approached by Karen Dion, who was carrying a shotgun. The police said that Karen Dion shot at her husband but did not hit him. Gary Dion returned to the house, picked up his own gun, and when he was confronted again by his armed wife, shot and killed her in the driveway of their 76 Mountain Road home, the police said.

[KingCast interjects: What, like he couldn't have disarmed her when he came inside the first time, or was he just so pissed-off he had to bust a cap? Inquiring minds want to know....]

Gary Dion then called the police. His wife was dead by the time an ambulance arrived.

Dion was held by the police for several hours Sunday. He has since been released.

Strelzin said he could not comment on the substance of the argument, on the number of shots fired by husband or wife, or on when his office would determine whether to press charges.

"We'll know when we complete the investigation," he said.


You mean the same half-assed investigation they did in the Liko Kenney/Bruce McKay matter, where they refused to discuss the windshield bullet that totally negates Kelly's version of the facts?

Yeah, Lady Justice is breathing real easy with that I'm sure. I guess NH LE think she's blind AND stupid.


Anonymous said...

The State of NH has become a bleeding heart crying out for someone, anyone to stop refusing to be blind to these atrocities! The Dion case is absolutely disgusting! Yeah, it sounds real likely that someone would turn their back on a person that supposedly just shot at them. The article leaves one to believe that the wife was still in the front yard, so this guy had to have turned his back to get his gun from the house. If the wife was crazed enough to shoot at him it doesn't make sense that she just stood there waiting for him to return with a weapon.

Your average Joe would still be behind bars today but this guy is walking around????

"OK Lieutenant, you are free to go!!"

Anonymous said...

At the very least Maura and Brianna are linked by LE corruption in regards to cover-ups.

Christopher King said...

In the words of the quite mortal Bruce McKay....

"Oh, yeah..."

Anonymous said...

I guess the $16,000 question is which one of Floyd's sons "dated" Maura Murray? And why are Maura's and Brianna's disapearances so similiar? Is the state of NH's position that Maura ran away to be with Mr. Floyd? I need a drink.

Christopher King said...

Yeah I'm not at liberty to discuss any of that right now but I need a shovel.

To pump away at all of the B.S. the State is spewing at us.

Anonymous said...

It's never been the state's position that the Floyds had anything to do with Maura Murray. There has been no evidence to support those statements.

In fact, the only real link shown here has been between Liko and Maura.

Christopher King said...

I know what the State's position is but I know a few things to the contrary from a source I have very little reason to doubt.

Anonymous said...

Paid Private Investigators Say So. They Said it, We hear it. Its true. Did you want to ask the P.I. himself? Got him on speed dial. If you got the bux, we've got your report. seriously I wish it weren't true. talk about a nightmare, like someone holding two guns and saying I'm quicker than you. Wake up folks, its not as bad as you think, its worse.