08 January 2008

New website MBF Leasing Sucks will prove KingCast is correct about NH AG Kelly Ayotte being a big-business dupe and a hater.

I've been noticing a lot of search inquiries for MBF leasing in my back management lately, and now I know why. It's because of this brilliant go-to-hell site.

So then, here are my posts (scroll down) on MBF Leasing and its evil alter ego Vericomm. Despite the fact that other Attorneys General are going after them, and despite the fact that there are Fraud cases pending and settled, Kelly refused to investigate when I forwarded the issue to her several months ago. Now I'm going to all the people I tried to help to tell them to reopen their claims.

ABC News Story.

She and her crew are derelict liars in the Franconia shooting tragedy too; there's the KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al. hearing in Grafton County, NH tomorrow. Read this, too so you can see what they tell us about Bruce McKay's personnel file. He abused Liko Kenney and scared the hell out of him -- as he did to others -- and Liko shot him as he did indeed reasonably fear for his life.

And whom you gonna' trust, Kelly or me? Her lawyers even lied about what documents I filed in court. Mayor Bernie Streeter -- 30 year veteran of the Governor/Executive Council -- voted for KingCast loud and clear with a Mayoral Commendation.


Christopher King said...

Kelly takes a look-see:

Jan 08 2008
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Anonymous said...

I will be there in spirit tomorrow. Count on my presence to keep you calm, succinct, quick and poised. You are doing a great thing and know in your heart you will overcome for all of us Chris.
It is not only you in there, but many of us in spirit to guide and assist you, especially those who have left this earth. You will be stellar. Heartfelt

Anonymous said...

The new site is:


This site has a lot of information about the credit card point of sale equipment leasing company known as MBF Leasing. The site was previously known as www.mbfleasing.org.

DolldRForever said...

I closed my bank account to keep MBF Leasing out of the account. Opened new account somehow they got my new account and is withdrawing money from new account. I have filed fraud charges

Garry Ault said...

Sent NY AG copies of all transactions
my Bank Account regarding MFB and
Northern Leasing. Response was I
should try BBB New York or get a
Lawyer. My thoughts are: Just what
is the NY STate AG doing to justify
State paying for inaction.
G. Ault Boise, Id.

Christopher King said...

Thanks for that note. You know the banksters and corrupt pols are in this together because these bogus contracts are bundled up and traded and sold 24/7 just like the bogus REMICs with the notes that never got there and shit.