04 January 2008

KingCast welcomes Senator Obama back to New Hampshire: Good Luck, Sir, and please pay attention to Police Abuse in New Hampshire.

Dear Senator Obama: Congratulations on your victory in Iowa; it is truly a pleasure to see that race becomes less of an issue than facts and substantive issues. It is terrific to see you as a candidate for change, standing in the same room where I stood last year as a proponent of change. In my instance it involved an unlawful, viewpoint-based First Amendment/Right-to-Know speech and complaint policy at the School Board. It was stricken after Alderman Fred Teeboom and I threatened a lawsuit and town Attorney Stephen Bennett prevailed upon the board and the Nashua Telegraph editorial agreed.

As a former Civil Rights lawyer, please review and have your staff monitor the following case as it proceeds through this court and any various Courts of Appeal. New Hampshire that is the scene of a Right-to--know lawsuit on 10 January 2008 after years of benign neglect has led to massive distrust of our government by the youth as well as older, responsible, disaffected citizens who have successfully raised families. This is an area where Franconia law enforcement and a Republican AG (Kelly Ayotte) has misrepresented what complaints were filed with their offices about Corporal Bruce McKay, who died when a scared youth by the name of Liko Kenney shot him after McKay violated OC Spray and vehicular use-of-force policies, ramming Liko with a Tahoe for 40 feet and OC Spraying him without a command or directive. I am filing this Motion for Sanctions regarding the state's ongoing failure to provide other police reports involving McKay's use of OC Spray.

The same law enforcement personnel lost a Right-to-Know case Murray v. State Police, 913 A. 2d 737 (2006) brought by Fred Murray, the father of missing person Maura Murray, in the same courthouse a year ago so there is an ongoing pattern here in the Live Free or Die State, and that is why the Mayor of Nashua, as a 30-year Governor/Executive Council member, awarded KingCast this First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation. The Major media in this state are steadfastly ignoring this case.

Here is a summary post.
Here is a short video "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts," in which the town matriarch notes that Bruce McKay was in fact, "A bully."


Christopher King said...

Dear Senator:

I have successfully sued and represented police officers because Civil Rights and Law enforcement is my passion. These officers were found to have made a black man a victim of violent crime after 5 years of litigation.

See V1996 61481.


Fixing Franconia is Gary Harwood's passion and he is a member of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee. Here is what he wrote the local press, i.e. the Union Leader's Tom Fahey:

I am disappointed that thepublic face of the law enforcement community appears to continue to condone and support the actions of Officer McKay in this tragedy.

It still appears the Attorney General and her colleagues, in their haste to provide a save haven for someone who reportedly killed a cop killer, left a dangerous residue, that will undoubtedly erupt again at some time in the future. I am attaching a copy of some paperwork that was available online that refers to Gregory Floyd’s past conviction in Georgia for PCP. I have also provided an information sheet from the National Institute of Drug Abuse that summarizes the dangers to a user of this drug. It is well known that PCP is often sprinkled on marijuana and then smoked.

On information and belief, Mr. Harwood also wrote this email to Union Leader State reporter Tom Fahey, as well as this follow up, where you can read the lawsuit and see that the local papers closest to this case have afforded coverage to the pending lawsuit.


I just got a copy of an e-mail from Chris King that he sent to you. I am pretty sure he picked up my messages to the AG’s office that were less than complimentary re their investigation. However I have been following his blog since May and it seems he is the only one in the print and electronic media , with any brass to go after the real story."


As a former editor of a statewide weekly (Ohio Call & Post), and reporter at a large metropolitan daily (Indy Star) I am wondering when Kevin Landrigan from the Nashua Telegraph or Tom Fahey from the Union Leader or the Concord Monitor are going to cover the pending Right-to-Know lawsuit of KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al, Grafton County 07-E-268.

Christopher King said...

I might add that Republican NH AG Kelly Ayotte materially misrepresented to U.S. Congressional Candidate and Civil Rights lawyer Harold Burbank (CT-5) when she told him "The witness statements (in the shootings) were all consistent in describing Mr. Floyd's actions (including the passenger in Mr. Kenney's car."

Attorney Burbank followed this blawg and sent me the email.

I know Attorney Ayotte is not telling the Truth after reading the police files, particularly after reviewing the windshield bullet that she fails to explain in her official report, which I address in this post asking why Bruce McKay's GPS Communicator was off.

lucidiocy said...


Do you know who "anonymous" is? Or what his/her angle is? Why won't this person post his/her name? Also, don't get ruffled. That's exactly what he/she wants. You have more class and dignity in your little toe than that coward has in his entire family tree.

You can do this. Your determination is an inspiration to us all. If you get weary or hardpressed, remember what men before you endured and look at what they accomplished! God saw fit to give you the same gift and it would be an honor for me to stand with you.

"The ultimate tragedy is not the oppression and cruelty by the bad people but the silence over that by the good people."

~Martin Luther King, Jr.