21 January 2008

KingCast says on Franconia shooting coverup: Don't use OC Spray when suspect may feel "trapped," and don't lie about a jammed gun.

I dunno, perhaps with a maniac like McKay with OC Spray to your immediate left and a 5,500 lb Tahoe in front of you, and a loader like this one to the immediate right, you might feel a tad "trapped." Franconia policies specifically warn against using pepper spray on someone who feels trapped because the person may react with violence toward others or kill himself." This is what State Rep. Sorg is screaming about when he says that McKay contributed to his own death, because he did.

Turning to Teflon Don Gregory Floyd and his unlawful intervention IMHO, as you can see Liko's gun was locked and loaded as it lay on the ground right after the shootings. How did it get that way? At pdf 894, 895 and 903 Floyd claims that he never got Liko's gun cleared and "took the magazine out" which is false as you can see from the picture and in the first post to Selectman Ashton because forensics said, and I quote:

"Both were test fired and found to function normally."

He got it cleared and he put the jammed bullet into his pocket as previously noted (pdf. 564) then he loaded Liko's second clip to make it appear that Liko had done so after he finished murdering him, IMHO. See, Liko, now blinded by OC Spray and with a clip out of his gun and one jammed in the chamber was no threat to Floyd so to make him a threat -- post hoc -- Floyd cleared it and stuck the second clip in and presto! Instant threat.

PS: Why is Liko's gun so clean? Judging from the interior of Liko's car there should have been some blood on that gun. Perhaps Mr. Floyd did a little wipe-down when he put that second magazine in.

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Anonymous said...

Chris, I thank you for the job you are doing. Keep it up! I have a question for you. Do you have any close up pictures of all men investigating at the scene?

Christopher King said...

Well that depends... are you farmer or vegetable....

Email me at kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Yes this is some wild stuff, and those comments from Floyd about Liko's gun are very troubling, as is Liko's perspective as trapped.

You got the loader, the Tahoe, Officer Pepper and a guy in a pickup whom Caleb had asked to witness (but who did not respond to them).

That's terrifying, honestly.

I'll get those gun comments JPEG's later today.


Christopher King said...

Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008 08:33:16 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Gregory Floyd lied about Liko's gun.
To: USANH.Webmail@usdoj.gov, wchristie@shaheengordon.com, wshaheen@shaheengordon.com, Kelly.Ayotte@doj.nh.gov, Jeffery.Strelzin@doj.nh.gov, Nancy.Smith@doj.nh.gov, James.Kennedy@doj.nh.gov, bud.fitch@dohj.nh.gov, dmullen@ranspell.com, wchapman@orr-reno.com, jlavely@salmonpress.com, police@franconianh.org,

Dear Attorneys Davis and Zuckerman:

Every picture tells a story, and the one of Liko's gun is a Picasso making Shakespeare.

Not to mention the bullet in his pocket that proves he lied about not getting Liko's gun unjammed. Liko was sitting in his car, blinded, like a fish in a barrel with a jammed bullet and no clip.

Floyd shot him, ejected the bullet and loaded the new clip.

You need to search his home now pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.


21 January 2008

KingCast says on Franconia shooting coverup: Don't use OC Spray when suspect may feel "trapped," and don't lie about a jammed gun.

Anonymous said...

To this day the photo of those tire tracks is startling to me and how close he pushed the car to that tractor.

Christopher King said...

Certainly is a perspective nobody else presented.

There's this endless procession of pictures on the disc and you have to stop and look at each one, but I did and found that one.

It's terrifying.