20 January 2008

KingCast open letter to Easton Selectman Nicole Ashton supporting her request to reopen a REAL Franconia 5/11 investigation: Did Floyd murder Liko?

First read today's Union Leader stories about how Gregory Floyd continues to threaten and to intimidate everything in his path.

Now, from Defendant NH AG Kelly Ayotte's Official Report p.27:
Bullets and shell casings: Five spent Winchester .45 caliber shell casings were found on the ground near the front of the police cruiser (Liko). Two spent Winchester .45 caliber shall casings were found between the hood and windshield of Liko Kenney’s car (Liko). Six spent Federal .45 caliber shell casings were found on the grass near Kenney’s car (Floyd/McKay)

Liko Kenney’s Firearm: Liko Kenney’s firearm was a .45 caliber Hi-Point semi-automatic pistol. It had one live Winchester round in it and a magazine with three live Winchester rounds.

Cpl. McKay’s Firearm
: Cpl. McKay’s firearm was a .45 caliber Sig Sauer semi- automatic pistol. It had one live Federal round in the chamber and a magazine with one live Federal round.


First of all, McKay never got any shots off so that means Floyd fired six shots. Six shots at what? Why? The first one was at Liko's windshield (much as Kelly hates to admit it), then two to his head and neck according to reports. Then there were what, three more to terrorized Caleb as he sat on the ground indian style? Read the comments on that.

Second, Liko spent 7, unloaded his clip. (Fn1) You can see and hear that much in the video. The problem, then is trying to figure out how he's driving a stickshift Supra across the street while allegedly reloading his gun BEFORE Gregory Floyd started shooting at him, as his son noted and as the magic windshield bullet proves. And since his son said Liko did not run over McKay until AFTER his father started shooting and did not run into McKay until such time, all you have is an execution with Floyd initiating the shooting at Liko's windshield. Even if you believe Floyd that Liko then tried to reload that's all nonsense because Liko was blinded by OC Spray by then and still seatbelted. He died blinded and with his seatbelt on.
It doesn't make sense how majestically there's one in the chamber and the second clip has 3 in it. That's likely because Gregory Floyd stuck the second clip with 4 or 5 in there and loaded it after he murdered Liko Kenney. Liko's gun was not jammed, or if it was, Floyd pocketed the jammed bullet and inserted the second clip/magazine -- Anyway the forensic report indicated that the gun functioned just fine -- because Floyd murdered Liko then cleared his gun, more on this next paragraph (Fn2). And remember how he later told Caleb to pick up the gun? Would have been easy for him to murder Caleb too, but Caleb luckily was smart enough not to do it.

The coup de gras? The 45 winchester pg 564 of investigative files that Floyd had in his damn pocket. Why? How? I'll bet he got that when he was inserting Liko's second clip.

Gregory Floyd is a dangerous instrumentality and the Feds need to go get him and his guns right NOW pursuant to 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) before he hurts or kills someone else. See the updates on KingCast discourse with NH U.S. Attorney Colunuano's office.

But to Kelly Ayotte, all of this was clear enough that she gave Floyd a pass in 24 hours, a decision that may well end her political career when all the cards hit the table. So she and Martha McLeod will be two peas in a pod, like Rodney King and Gregory Floyd.

Related post: KingCast asked for a REAL investigation in this post, back on 16 May 2007.

Fn1, 2 p. 28:
Forensic Testing:

The State Police Forensic lab examined the two pistols recovered from the scene.
Both were test fired and found to function normally.

The two magazines associated with Liko Kenney’s pistol had a maximum capacity of nine cartridges.


Christopher King said...

Caleb: He was trying to work the 45 but he was having issues with it

Troop F: In other words if the magazine is empty

C: empty

F: of any rounds

C: then it like

F: the gun kind of, the, the, the slide on the top of the gun kinda locks in the rear most position

C: yah, and then you see like the barrel

F: yup

C: like stick out

F: do you remember

C: i'm pretty sure

F: if the

C: it was like, i'm pretty sure that was what happened but like I said I'm not positive like i, so-, sorta thought I saw the barrel but I, Ii it was all blurs, like I said I had mace and pepper spray in my face and I was really scared by this guy, I wasn't even trying to look him in the eyes cause the more I like looked at him or even try to talk to him, the more he got agitated and violent towards me, I stayed on the ground, I just cried and I just waited for people to come and that was the end of it.


KingCast synopsis: Liko's gun was spent when Floyd retrieved it. He took the .45 Winchester bullet -- a live round -- with him in his pocket because that can happen when you're in a hurry to load a gun. He popped the clip in with 5 in it, chambered one in a hurry, popped it out then popped the slide and finished loading it, leaving the 3 in clip/magazine and 1 in the chamber.

I shot guns when I was a younger and still occasionally do. Just took a while to sit down and actually think about the nonsense the State is spitting at us and it does not add up.

Christopher King said...

See, the foregoing is an entirely plausible explanation of what REALLY went down on 5/11, and it explains why Defendant Ayotte is so unwilling to host the investigative files online.

In fact, it's so plausible that there's no way in hell that Kelly should have given Floyd a pass at all, much less in 24 hours.

Sure would be interesting to find out if the State interviewed any and all witnesses. I'm going to look into that with another round of North Country interviews.

Do I miss not being able to argue this directly against Floyd as a practicing Attorney?


Do I enjoy being able to put this analysis out there for others to use?


And can't nobody stop me from doing it, because this is America, the land of the free.

Live Free or Die.


Anonymous said...

This leaves me literally speechless. Speechless. :( what a nightmare. Floyd needs to be locked up.

Anonymous said...

6:59 - It is FLOYD who invokes fear in the North Country. He feels protected (by the police - why?) and dares to threaten again. Dangerous situation.

Christopher King said...

Meanwhile, got some questions about Bruce McKay as well, chiefly why did he ignore a fairly flagrant speeder to go after Liko, who was NOT speeding?

From Topix:

"Please explain to us how it could be more important to stop a person for non-registration than a speeder clocked on McKay's radar going 15 over the limit. I know the person that was in front of Liko so don't try and say I am going on rumor or speculation. It is a fact and is quite haunting for the person to know that McKay ignored the speeding and immediately thereafter went after Liko."


Cpl. McKay’s Police Cruiser: A search of Cpl. McKay’s cruiser yielded the cruiser video and a radar readout which was locked with a target speed of 54 miles per hour and a patrol speed on 39 miles per hour.

Diane said...

When is someone going to get a clue about Floyd? The truth is there for all to see, yet many still choose to remain blind.

And what's with the extra security for Floyd's court appearance in March (as reported by WMUR this morning)?

It all just makes me shake my head in disbelief.

Christopher King said...

Diane, there is a Supplemental letter coming in about 5 minutes that really nails it down, including Sgt. West.


Anonymous said...

Minor issue on "Liko's Last Stand". Maybe McKay got off one shot (windshield bullet hole) as Liko bore down on him with his car? A grim irony for it was moments before McKay bore down on Liko with his SUV. It was like McKay goes, take this, and Liko goes, oh ya? take this! Sounds like Floyd got out of his truck loaded for bear: Caleb says somethin to that effect.
A "gunfight" for the history books!

Christopher King said...

Nah, McKay never got a shot off.

Here's the Supplemental Letter to Selectman Ashton.

Sure would have been nice if the State had actually done ballistics on that bullet, eh?

But Nooooooo.....

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