15 January 2008

KingCast oldie of the day for Franconia and NH State leaders on HB 1428: The Staple Sisters, "I'll take you there."

I have direct knowledge that every NH statesman/woman has received emails from the Franconia Collective and others, including a retired JAG attorney decrying HB 1428. I have direct knowledge that I can sue to discover who opened the emails as well, so for those of you who don't pay attention I'll be able to discover that. I believe that I'm entitled to that information, but of course it's not entirely clear because NH AG Kelly Ayotte and her designee to the RSA 91-A Commission failed to ensure that a 2006 report issued (in violation of the law; it did not appear with Mr. Snuffleupagus) and the 2007 report (thanks for the advance copy, Alderman Teeboom) failed to substantively address the issues pertaining to electronic data and evidence but it did mention the likelihood of litigation.

You don't want to mess with KingCast or the Franconia Collective on the First Amendment and Right-to-Know.

BTW the Staples family is proud that Soulive is now leading STAX Records. Here is the STAX history. Missed them in New Year's Eve in Boston, too busy and too broke but that's quite all right. I was there in spirit, totally.

Here's the YouTube audio.

Related YouTube audio: "Let's do it again."

Mercy, Mercy..... I'll take you there..... Oh, oh, oh.... I'll take you there.... Snap your fingers to the rhythm, no sellouts allowed, keep on keepin' on. Growing up with Mother Ann, it was all about groups like the Staple Singers, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Al Green, Good God Lord-have-Mercy it was Golden. I don't like getting old but better that than to have missed that era of music. Too much electronica and perfection now. John Legend (and yes, R Kelly) is a badass though, totally. Kanye brings it right. And folks like Jill Scott and others as noted in the New Year's post.

Mother Ann did not know Liko Kenney or the Franconia area, probably never even heard of either one. But her first husband was a lawyer waaaaay before black folks had that privilege too often, and she did know right from wrong, and what was going on in Franconia with Law Enforcement Bruce McKay style was nothin' but wrong. And I'm gonna' keep on tellin' it until the story is told. I know she and Liko Kenney would have it no other way.

Note to Casey Sherman: As you write your book, know that I made it clearer for you.


Christopher King said...

You know, life a trip. Now that I have time to decompress from the last 6 months of activity, I have more time to think about mortality and what makes your life.

Some people ask me how I handle being in legally and financially difficult situations, and honestly I must say it's a pain in the ass at times. But overall I'm happier now than I was when I had more money and material things. Those things don't define you as a person.

And I've known for some time that there was a force much larger than me dictating what this phase of my life would be about, and with that I am fully comfortable regardless of temporary hardship.

Said epiphany coming strangely enough through a brother I never met, and the community of people around him, locally and globally.

It's All Good.


Christopher King said...

As if on cue, in the email tip jar:

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.......boundless energy (I wish I had it)

Ah, f*ck that.

I'm tired as hell.

But not too tired for this one:




Anonymous said...

Hi you look like your mom chris.

Read that nice story chris. It is not a lie there are some sale outs how could some be a sale out in live with what they done that was wrong to do ?

When will some learn, to show the love of the right postive performance of Equal love, Equal rights ?

Anonymous said...

The knowledge i get from the wise answer who am i ? Am i a Postive Person ? or am i Not ? The answer is i am a Postive person, i am about what is right.

I research becouse i wont to learn the truth and history about Equal Rights.

Plain for the future. Study learn the facts.

I read the holy bible some times i read the holy bible i have learn some more knowledge in learning from the holy bible.

The facts on what is going on so i am a postive person, i wonted to research what is going on with the truth.

I wonted to learn more facts about what had happen in the century it has been a time when i knew i had to do whats was right with me and i would never live in a illusion or a confusion again.

I have love for the truth and what is right, postive.