20 January 2008

KingCast gives big ups to Second Wind BMW's Nicole White, a certified BMW Master Mechanic.

Second Wind BMW is one of the coolest bike shops around; they are just a mile down the road from our Japanimation shop at Best Cycles (Honda/Suzuki) and they sell Triumph as well.

They also have Nicole White, the second woman in the country to earn the Master Mechanic Certification, and she's a badass, as noted in Paul Landau's Nashua Telegraph feature.
Last month, White became the youngest mechanic – and just the second female in the country – to become a master certified technician, when she graduated from BMW's advanced certification program.

Rock on Nicole. Never let anybody tell you that you can't do what you want to in this World, let the naysayers say whatever they like, just keep on keepin' on.


Anonymous said...

Having a passion for all that is BMW, I'd read about their training programs across the country, and select opportunities for qualified students.
Congrats! to Nicole White...you're amongst the elite, have accomplished a great deal, and most probably have secured your future.
Very best!

Christopher King said...

To the newbies, Lynne and her husband are members of the Franconia Collective, they have owned a BMW 535i (E28 code) and gave me this brilliant double exposure of Mark Donohue (RIP) with his wife and the infamous Javelin.