23 January 2008

KingCast breaking news: NH U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman vows to approach ATF on Liko Kenney's killer, Gregory W. Floyd on 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Yes he did, at exactly 2:55 p.m. today U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman said they had KingCast information and will be proceeding to the ATF concerning Gregory W. Floyd, who just received a Permanent Restraining Order from Grafton Superior Judge Timothy Vaughn. Read this post for the back story. He did not offer a specific timeframe, but I certainly hope it's sooner than later because we all know that Gregory Floyd again threatened violence right in front of Judge Vaughn in 28 December, 2008 and said he had killed before.


Curiously, he told NH AG Kelly Ayotte's people he had killed before as well -- 43 times in fact -- but when KingCast asked Defendant Ayotte (07-E-268) to produce any documents where they had looked into that matter they had none.


Of course he also said Caleb's window was open "yah" when he shot through it to kill Liko with the jammed gun in his hand, when we all know THAT was a lie, so maybe he's just kidding. And then of course maybe he's not. He's funny like that. He's Gregory W. Floyd, a three-time felon, Kelly Ayotte's hero.


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Liko's Hi Point .45 (catalog image) unjammed, locked and loaded per Kelly's Report.
Couldn't unjam gun one.
Couldn't unjam gun two.
Bullet in pocket one.
Bullet in pocket two.


Christopher King said...

I mean, with a wall of evidentiary issues like that how could you NOT go to ATF?

That's a Good Question.

Perhaps Attorney Ayotte would agree that now is the time, as she declined to agree when I wrote her before, back on 24 Oct. 2007.

While there, be sure to read the Homeland Security Post. That office told NH Lobbyist Oliver Ruff to approach the U.S. Attorneys office, so here we are.

Homeland Security. Heh, if the Native Americans had it we wouldn't have had Gregory Floyd.


Anonymous said...

HB1428 Update: Sharon Davis-McKay is making a statewide appeal.

January 17th The NH Public Works & Highways Committee moved to table HB1428 for 'interim study' for one year. Martha McLeod (Franconia Rep and HB 1428 sponsor) is suggesting that the Bill be argued on the House Floor, January 30th or February 6th.

If you have not done so, please write NH Public Works and Highways Committee http://www.gencourt.state.nh.us/ns/b...xtcommcode=H20

I also suggest that you write The Franconia Recovery & Reconciliation Committee
P.O. Box 354
Franconia, NH 03580
The FRRC can compile input and submit an appeal to the PW&H Committee to vote for a community based intern study and recommendation.

While a member of The Franconia Recovery & Reconciliation Committee McLeod introduce HB1428 independent of FRRC -- and without their knowledge.

...Then there’s MacKay’s funeral expense, $10,000 of it paid for by the Franconia taxpayers.

Christopher King said...

She has certifiably lost her mind.

I'll be forwarding my fun pak to the Committee you bet.

And all of the emails that came through this blawg as well.



"....And this news just in: Oppressive military forces sustained heavy fire last weekend as insurgent troops led by KingCast on the Southern Perimeter and the Franconia Collective to the North converged in a westward advance upon the Capitol city fortresses of outgoing leaders Ayotte and McLeod.....

.....The ultimate toll from the primary incursion is not yet known, however there will be repurcussions for many years, and outright fighting is expected to continue daily until the forces of oppression have surrendered their ill-gotten riches of war and deceit....

.....The new government is expected to restore some semblance of order, respect, integrity and temperance to the public trust that was ruthlessly taken when the Prince of bad blood aristocracy Bruce McKay, and his Official Jester Gregory Floyd rose to power during a previous Junta.

......Back to you Jim in the newsroom, but stay tuned for more news at 11...."

Anonymous said...

I feel compelled to write in answer to the letter in the Leader from the father of Corp. Bruce McKay on January 21st in the Opinion column YOUR TURN, NH.

The introduction of Bill 1428 by Martha McLeod has gone against the purpose of the Reconciliation Committee that was supposed to promote healing in the town of Franconia. It has had just the opposite effect. McLeod was a member of this committee.

To take it in order, when a person is terrorized over a period of time by an individual, that person becomes insane with fear. If McKay had had one ounce of empathy or compassion for another human being, he never would have acted the way he did when he stopped Liko for a minor traffic stop. He let his own personal feelings about Liko get in the way of proper Police procedure. I understand that police training now uses The McKay tape to illustrate how NOT to do things.

In a small town like Franconia, we do not need heavy handed police coming down on the citizens, McKay’s usual operating procedure. Hopefully, some of his victims will write to the Reconciliation Committee in the next week anonymously, if need be. (PO Box 354, Franconia, NH 03580)
I am aware that there are many who are afraid of the current police if they say what they feel about this situation or their experiences with McKay.

This negative feeling just perpetuates more ill will. It continues to fester within the community and thus, many do not favor having signs in our faces to fuel the anger that is there with many local citizens.

We can distinguish the difference between right and wrong and should be free from a constant reminder of a horrible and needless death of two people.

As far as the sign in the Franconia Notch Parkway goes, that location belongs to the Old Man of the Mountain Memorial. Please do not ask me to compare Corp, McKay to that State icon. The Notch should not be cluttered up with signs of local nature when it is a national Park enjoyed by the American public. Do we want to be known as a “police state”?

Why should Bruce McKay have special treatment when all of us who live up here love the same things that he loved about the area? I was under the impression that signs and tributes in general
are given or bestowed on people worthy of the honor. I have never heard of people asking for the honor for themselves or family.

I do hope that the Legislature can empathize with the many Franconia citizens who still feel the wound caused by this unfortunate incident. Let us heal by not reminding us of 5/11 forever. Do not make us further victims in order to aid in the McKay Family endeavor.

A.M. de Rham
Sugar Hill resident

Christopher King said...


An appropriate time to post as Miss Martha is lost in the 404.

I concur entirely and note that at no time has anyone else had a problem with any reasonable coronation for a fallen officer.

That speaks volumes about his character.


Anonymous said...

Then there’s MacKay’s funeral expense, $10,000 of it paid for by the Franconia taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

The matter of the $10,000 funeral expenses paid by Franconia is outrageous! One would think that an on the job officer murdered in cold blood by a repeat criminal, a felon who had previously threatened him, would probably merit more of a funeral.

Shame on anyone who says that officers killed on the job don't deserve a funderal from their department/town.

Christopher King said...


Get your facts straight:

The only felon involved here is 3 time felon Gregory W. Floyd, and McKay violated use of force policies designed to protect himself and the public.

Take a read.

And as noted, nobody has a problem with officers being honored, but McKay was a different animal.

That's why the Littleton Courier wrote an editorial saying no, no no to McKay Highway.

And if McKay was such a good officer, why would Martha McLeod try to sneak HB 1428 through without notifying the public, her peers or the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee of it?

Oh, yeah.

Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Wrie all the anonymous letters to the board as you feel free to, but anonymous letter get filed where they belong circular file. unlike anonymous post to blogs, the public needs names to take the complaint serious.

Christopher King said...

I don't write anonymous letters to anyone. On 20 August 2007 I wrote a very nice, respectful open letter and sent directly to State Rep McLeod and she in turn ignored it and went straight to the AG's office and spoke ill of me.

Just the facts.

So don't come up in my blawg with that whack game 'cos I'll give you a WWF smackdown.