04 January 2008

KingCast, Rep McLeod & NH AG Kelly Ayotte present: Three Blind Mice - what the public gets to know on Bruce McKay's on-the-job performance evaluation.

Sure you can wear a badge and carry a gun and ram your Tahoe into Liko Kenney's car for 40 feet and OC Spray him without any verbal command in blatant violation of town policies. Just use our tax dollars for it and don't give us any view into your on-the-job credentials. And Bruce's lawyer and the AAG on the case can then lie about what Memoranda I file.

It's cool.

In fact, it's so cool that State Rep Martha McLeod, who is married to Franconia Defendant Rich McLeod, is a sponsor of HB 1428 to name a highway after our knife-near-labia wielding hero, but we can't get any play for any sort of Police Civilian Review Boards like HB 58 as proposed by State Rep Tim Robertson.

Martha McLeod appears to be a complete and utter tool.

Here's my open letter to NH State Rep McLeod, after she said I was up to no good in Franconia. And here she is all up in bed with Defendant Ayotte, coddling 3-time felon and Teflon Don Gregory W. Floyd.


Anonymous said...

What are those blacked out papers supposed to prove to the concerned citizens of the U.S.A.? Is this just more nonsense from the State of NH? These fools in power need a good dressing down.

Anonymous said...

Vivre libres ou mourir!

Christopher King said...


I was rappin' with some Francophones today at a certain political event in Nashua so perhaps they are giving a shout.

Can't believe how easy it was to lapse into French despite not using it, like, ever. Not pretty French mind you but I was taught well (our French teacher I discovered taught the Peugeot children en France) so for an American I do okay.


Anyway, these government clowns are complete tools. So glad no every government official is like this, but the ones who are, are poison.


The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the collective souls of NH AG Kelly Ayotte, the Franconia selectmen and any other LE who practice benevolent despotism.

They couldn't care less, actually, instead putting up highway signs when they should have been putting up demerits on McKay's dossier.

Then they think I will just go away or something, but in point of fact they bought this case for life, so no matter where they go, or what they do, I'll always be there.

Sing it Stevie:

I just called..... to say..... I love you.....

Christopher King said...

Comment from someone to whom I passed a flier today:

"Oh, I remember that case.... yeah, that cop was a rogue cop and a bully and he died as a result of his excesses.... of course the major press is going to ignore that because he arrested someone who shot another cop."

Officer Jeremy Charron I believe is the previously-slain officer.

Anonymous said...

What can one do to stop HB 1428 from passing?

Christopher King said...

Well I would go and testify against it on the hearing date but of course I'm kinda' busy that day in Grafton Superior.

Someone should print out a copy of the lawsuit and send it the committee overnight.

Anonymous said...

Check out this page:
"Montminy and Taylor didn't mince words in responding to a letter from a woman complaining McKay had been left out of an award ceremony honoring other officers involved in the Perry and Paul arrests.

"If Officer McKay is not satisfied with the recognition he received, then maybe this department is not to his satisfaction," Montminy wrote, noting McKay already had received other commendations.

"To be upset about not getting medals and awards for catching the bad guys is crazy ... If officer McKay joined the police force to collect medals and awards he is in the wrong line of work and should most likely seek another line of employment. Maybe the Olympics," Taylor wrote."

Christopher King said...

Yeah I have that letter.

Interestingly what I do NOT have is the copy of any correspondence that indicates McKay was suspended for his actions at Hillwinds Motor Inn/Fox Hill Park.

Montminy told someone McKay was suspended and this individual filed an Affidavit with me for the Court about it.

Then it all disappeared.


Anonymous said...

8:25 -
Montminy and Taylor look GOOD here...REALLY Doing the Right Thing. What happened to Montminy(assuming Taylor is still on course)? Nothing good, huh?

Christopher King said...

It sure is a puzzle.

Riddle-mystery-enigma; Churchilll and KingCast rock Franconia.