01 January 2008

Happy New Year part deux: Why is Bruce McKay's GPS Communicator off and what were Revere Officer Talbot and Sergeant Franklin's BAC levels?

I posted these queries to BostonNOW, where James O'Brien -- who has finished the first manuscript of my biography -- is senior writer. The video capture of us below was from the early going, well before the Mayoral First Amendment/Right-to-Know commendation, which is now part of the prologue. James is not writing a Franconia book, but this Franconia native is, and you better believe s/he is all keyed into the fact that the windshield bullet to Liko's car destroys Defendant Ayotte's version of the "facts," which is why there is absolutely no substantive analysis of it in her "official report."

The first New Year post was all about Jill Scott and love music, which is always good.... but now it's time to get on back to work less pleasurable in anticipation of the Franconia shooting tragedy RSA 91-A/FOIA hearing on 10 Jan 2008. For details read here.

Excerpt from the BostonNow entry:

McKay: Caused someone to reasonably fear for his life.
Talbot: Trash talked someone, but to what it appears, did not directly cause anyone to fear for his life.


Christopher King said...

Well on the first New Year's post, about the love music, work still continued unabated last evening.

Scene at beer store:

KingCast: "Happy New Year."
Young Lady: "Yeah, you, too."

KingCast: "I fearlessly predict you will be arrested for carrying a deadly weapon tonight."
Young Lady (confused, looks around.....)
"What's the weapon?"

KingCast: "Oh, it's behind you."
Young Lady: "Oh, you're funny. I work at....[blankety blank.....]"

Anonymous said...

Question, please:
Why is someone writing your biography at this time in your life?

Christopher King said...

With 83 responses to this post, here's part of your answer.

I've been around and seen and done a whole lot of things, including being one of the first lawyers or bloggers to videotape court proceedings and put them on line.

As a matter of fact, I can't find anyone else doing that, and I feel certain to say that I will be the first to video a Right-to-Know court hearing against an AG and put it online.

There's not much the government can do to stop that because There's no privacy in a public courtroom.

In fact, Kelly should know that because she lost this case, In re Petition of WMUR, in the very courtroom we'll be shooting video in next week.

"We conclude that media access to judicial proceedings includes the technological advances applicable to the media profession. In the twenty-five years since we adopted Superior Court Rule 78, the common law has advanced to treat technology such as cameras as important in the reporting of public courtroom proceedings. To the extent that Superior Court Rule 78 conflicts with this reality, it is no longer valid.

A trial judge should permit the media to photograph, record and broadcast all courtroom proceedings that are open to the public."

And of course KingCast has been bringing cameras into courtrooms since 1996; you can even see some back to '97 and '99 in the short film "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now," in which Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn agrees on the open nature of the forum.

PS: You might want to check the video capture and story of former NH AG John Arnold, where I stood strong against NH LE as they tried to imprison me as former NAACP Legal Chair for Southern NH.

Christopher King said...


Forgot the fact that based on information and belief, I am the first lawyer to get two police officers found liable for making my client a victim of violent crime in Ohio.

V1996-61481 took 127 docket entries.

Christopher King said...

And oh yeah I gotta' believe I'm the only blogger to receive a Mayoral Commendation for First Amendment Right-to-Know because of a blog/blawg.

Just trying to be true to lawyers like my boss Terry Gilbert, his mentor Bill Kunstler, and Oliver Hill