01 January 2008

Glouster Mass Lorraine fire victim Robert Taylor's remains have likely been located.

Officials have been wrong once before and are cautious to affirmatively identify the remains as being those of Mr. Taylor, but this breaking news story from the Glouster Times 30 minutes ago indicates that remains have been found. KingCast prayed for Mr. Taylor's soul and physical remains on 29 December 2007 as it had been two (2) full weeks without location.

Who is Robert Taylor?

Why do I care so much? Well my friend lived above Robert Taylor at the Lorraine, and this is a picture of my former bedroom window (another view) about 3 weeks weeks after I moved, same green house where John Kerry filmed the "No blood for oil" TV spot. So there you go.

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Devon said...

An interesting fire in Boston as noted in the 2 Jan 2008 BostonNOW.