29 January 2008

Franconia investigator Trooper Cooper agrees with KingCast: The condition of Liko Kenney's gun is of paramount importance; said so to Gregory W. Floyd

You know when you're on to something good, see.... and Trooper Cooper sure knows the nitty-gritty:

Cooper: Did you clear that or anything?
Floyd: I tried.

F: But uh, I didn't get it cleared and it should have cleared

C: OK and i, and I guess the reason I ask that is um, later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons
F: Yah

C: And I guess what, my question is, is what state is it gonna be in now and how did it get in that state?

Whereupon Floyd goes on to state that he couldn't get it unjammed and that he pulled the magazine out, which of course is NOT what you see in the photo. As you see, the gun is locked and loaded, and the materials set forth by the State to date do not explain it, so obviously then Trooper Cooper would support KingCast inquiry into what the hell happened, natch. Not to mention that live round from Liko's gun in Floyd's pocket.

Which begat this here Interrogatory and RFP Request in which I took extreme satisfaction in mailing today at 4:58 p.m.

You know what? Listen to Floyd at exactly 7:00 into part three of the 28 Dec. hearing before Judge Vaughn in which he claims that Jean Boisvert had a gun on the day in question. Vaughn didn't buy it and instead slapped him with a Permanent Restraining Order. I think he's lying about Boisvert's gun and I think he lied about Liko's gun, too: Liko didn't have [expletive deleted] going on with his gun when Floyd murdered him, in my opinion, just as surely as Ms. Boisvert didn't have a gun at the ready, either. Floyd popped that clip up in there to make it look as if Liko was a viable threat.

NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte should bow her head in shame.


Christopher King said...

From the email tip jar, as opened at 4:30 a.m. You had better get up early in the morning, you want to beat KingCast.

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 01:46:39 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Re: if that vid shows direct out of SOP cruelty it could STILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE TOMORROW
To: [nunya bitness]
CC: kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com

Hey Man,

Great to hear from you. Yeah those pigs timed the
release of this video entirely, and I'm putting your
comments to me up on the blog and forwarding them these entries on the OC Spray and Trooper Cooper's discussion with Floyd so that folks can see we're not just some anti-LE yahoos, but asking some principled, important questions.

OC Spray:


Cooper & Floyd and the guns:


We shall see what our government does, and I look
forward to meeting you as I head out west to film the movie about Brian Noakes and Dave Cox, which of course happened on 5/11 as well.

Did you get a chance to listen to Trent's samples?


What a righteous guitarist. Glad to have him on board.

And Wilbon should be fine. Had a blockage. We have heart problems on both sides of the family, will likely be how I check out but not until I'm good and finished with this case =^.)



From: [nunya' bitness]
To: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: if that vid shows direct out of SOP cruelty it could STILL MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE TOMORROW
Date: Tue, 29 Jan 2008 21:39:50 -0800

Hi Chris:
If the vid those prix sent you shows anything close to being out of SOP or cruelty, and if the subject does not come off as dangerous or threatening, that vid could still make a huge difference before the debate tomorrow!! but "of course!!!, like duhh" you are saying to yourself...

just had to write ya tho; those bastids timed it perfectly and it pisses me off BIGTIME but it could still backfire on 'em...

the link power emailed to congress would be seen early in the morning by many legislators, even ONE OR TWO key ones who could testify about it in the debate could make a huge difference tomorrow, even tho they purposely timed it to frustrate this very effort...which is beyond filthy, as we all know...
you must surely be aware of this...i am writing this 9:30 pst so i do hope you get this but you must already be very aware of this....hoping it goes up and out tonite; could still make a big difference...here's hoping everything goes decently with that vote tomorrow...would totally denigrate mcCLOD and put the whole b.s. 'investigation' in the light, finally...in a hugely official context; there are people in that body who would not be afraid or intimated at all by ayotte's b.s.. all it takes is one like sorg etc, to stand up and talk of it.

hope this finds you well with peace in your heart...i know there's righteous fire in your belly.
take good care, (and i hope your friend in that thread gets well and isn't very ill... sigh...he does have a nice glow and vibe you can sorta feel in that pic).

Christopher King said...

Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2008 02:04:31 -0800 (PST)
From: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com
Subject: Bruce McKay's OC Spray history and HB 1428
To: "Christopher King" kingjurisdoctor@yahoo.com> terie.norelli@leg.state.nh.us, gene.chandler@leg.state.nh.us, maryjane.wallner@leg.state.nh.us, michael.whalley@leg.state.nh.us, eatonsstore@juno.com
CC: ccccwhite@aol.com, jocloutier@comcast.net, campbelldavidb@comcacst.net, acadian@roadrunner.com

Dear State Representatives.

By now you have read Troy Watt's Complaint about the video of Bruce McKay OC Spraying Sarah and his take on McKay's ethical breach in the Courtroom, something no one accused the other celebrated officers of here in New Hampshire, Charron, Lord, Phillips, Briggs -- even though Ironically Bruce was involved policing their killings, which might at first blush guarantee his coronation.

But dig deeper and ask yourself why the State is not providing that video to me until today, too late to make it public before your discussions, even though I've been asking for it for six months and 3 days. The first one they sent me did not function, strangely.

Please read these two posts, one about the OC Spray and one about the serious issues of Gregory Floyd true role in the Franconia tragedy as even noted by Trooper Cooper.


Cooper on Liko's gun: "And I guess what, my question is, is what state is it gonna be in now and how did it get in that state?"

And the OC Spray video update:


Thank you for your time and attention in this matter.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.

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