31 January 2008

KingCast reviews the 19 March 2006 excessive force OC Spray issue of Bruce McKay vs. Sarah, live on video.

First thing is that Defendants should be sanctioned for not providing this to me when it was only 18 months old, but they came up with that 2003 video of McKay and Liko at a moment's notice. Attorney Troy Watts didn't lie.

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Second, there's no real need for McKay to spray her. She's not fully cooperative but she's not threatening him, either and didn't appear to resist his physical touch when he body slammed her on the cruiser. More on this momentarily but keep in mind this is McKay's behavior to someone he didn't already dislike. If he disliked you, well then......things got bad for you quick, fast and in a hurry as noted by a certain denizen of Franconia in the short film, "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts." As you wait for the upload of the new video you can listen to the RSA 91-A/FOIA hearing video about Troy Watts' complaint filed with the town in this Courtroom clip beginning at 2:35.

And McKay's GPS Communicator.... is on... unlike with Liko 2007, when he probably didn't want too many people to know exactly where he was. For those of you who always wondered what the Lat/Longs are for downtown Franconia at Kelly's/Mac's:
LA N 44 13.663
LO W 71 44.896
Or wait: I know.... with Liko he forgot to turn it on, just as he forgot to prepare use of force reports, yeah that's the ticket.

Anyway, you don't see the spray shot itself very well but the video is interesting for what you do hear and see, vis a vis McKay's police report as filed.
20:08 Bruce McKay: "Secure your vehicle you're in custody....how many times do I have to tell you."
20:08 Sarah: "You only said it once so far.
20:09 Sarah: "Just for the record you never said that."

20:11:35 Bruce McKay: "You can leave the shin guards in the car."
20:11:35 Sarah: "I can't I'm training slalom on Tuesday.... please don't touch me...."

20:13:00 Bruce McKay: "Put your hands behind your back....you're under arrest."

Whereupon all hell breaks loose. Sarah begins pacing with clothing in her hands, never moves toward or in any way threatens McKay, but he pops her up on the hood of the cruiser and it does not appear that she is struggling against him in any measurable manner. Her right arm and hand you can see are on the hood of McKay's car and her hand is open, never a clenched fist. She's not thrashing about whatsoever yet he flips her around pretty hard and OC Sprays her. Through 20:17:40 she's wailing in pain. As Troy Watt's Complaint reads, McKay would be unable to diffuse a spent match stick.

20:18:50 Bruce McKay: "I called an ambulance for you. I don't have a wet paper towel just try to relax i know it hurts like a bastard."
[KingCast says: Wait a minute: The officer is supposed to have those items on hand, duh. In fact in McKay's police report he says "As soon as she was secured and responsive to direction I recovered the deactivating facial wash for her face and being to decontaminate the effects of the spray."

But whatever he was doing wasn't too effective because the police report of Littleton Officer Michelle M. Soares reads "Shortly after my arrival the Franconia Life Squad arrived on scene. Sarah was decontaminated by the EMT's"]

20:20:20 Bruce McKay: "You want some more spray?"
[KingCast says say WHAT?? She's totally subdued by then, and the request to me comes across as to something of a sexual nature, kind of like, "you want s'more baby"]

As his own associates noted, Bruce McKay was a dink.

KingCast says Martha McLeod is going out just as the transcript from HB 1428 is coming in; we also have the Bruce McKay OC spray of Sarah on the way.

First of all I predicted Martha McLeod's political career was toast some time ago. Check out this comment and my response to the final HB 1428 Post. And you can read my Open Letter to her in favor of Civilian Police Review Boards in this post that gives the newbie and all of a good snapshot of the real Bruce McKay. Perhaps now we can take that bounce from her defeat and channel the energy toward those Civilian Review Boards. We'll call it the Bruce McKay bill, and number it 116.

It is not customary for the House to transcribe sessions. Upon request of a house member to do so, the House votes on it and guess what? That happened yesterday. We can see it in two weeks on the legislative site - all of it and word is that Martha insisted that McKay was a wonderful officer loved by the citizens of Franconia!!!! She lied in front of the entire House. She basically showed everyone what a lying deceitful, manipulative self-serving woman she is. I can't wait to see the transcript. Bye bye Martha. [KingCast notes: For the KingCast RSA 91-A/FOIA hearing and the Floyd Criminal Threats hearing click here, which is where we will host the HB 1428 transcript).

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Oh, I've said she was toast from the get-go. Let's hope she's not the only BSA (Bad State Actor) to get the hook. [Read her Defendant/Hubby's stupid hater statements about KingCast and the Franconia Collective right here, i.e. "King's got no support...."]

Lynch should sack Ayotte as well, but he's made his position clear; wouldn't even come with KingCast on a fact finding tour and his churlilsh press secretary Colin Manning even hung up on me, whereupon I warned them they have not seen nor heard the last of this.

KingCast, the Franconia Collective and many many other citizens of New Hampshire have brought the fact-finding tour to them, and that's some seismic activity they will feel for the rest of their lives, sent straight from the Spirit of Liko, and that of Michele and Davey in Hawaii.

Namaste, Aloha, Peace, Love and Truth.
Lastly, the McKay OC Spray video was promised to FINALLY reached KingCast HQ today, and I will set about getting it posted with the quickness.

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And you oldies may remember I busted on Kelly a long time ago for putting forth bogus and false hearsay evidence when she made a run at me when I was NAACP Legal Chair. I called it "Tape Gate." So this is just business as usual. HB 1428's defeat, however, shows that the usual business is changing. People have had enough of the lies and deceit and they want honesty and transparency in government. I look forward to Judge Vaughn's ruling in Grafton 07-E-268.

30 January 2008

KingCast says thank goodness HB 1428 McKay Highway went to interim study, by House vote 250-90.

My film maker knows this is how the road signs should read up in North Country. My comment on today's victory was:

"Rock the Vote."

Here's a scathing Concord Monitor guest editorial in response to a submission allegedly written by Bruce McKay's father.

Here's the Union Leader story noting Kelly was "disappointed" with the vote and Sharon Davis McKay (whom I guess has been living with him for 3 years in an exclusive manner to adopt Common Law Status) said "It's not over." Damn right it's not over, and KingCast and the Franconia Collective will be there every step of the way until it is "over." I'll be busy blogging this one tonight, after I review the McKay OC Spray of Sarah, this second copy had damn well better function.

We'll turn this whole thing back around on them; can't wait to see what they do and don't tell me about the ballistics and print/palm evidence. Look what Bruce McKay's old associate had to say.

I knew this was a worthwhile cause from the first post on it.

KingCast applauds former Bruce McKay associate for his Concord Monitor letter against HB 1428 Bruce McKay Highway.

Here it is.
"I lived in Bethlehem for years. I knew most members of the Franconia Police Department, including Bruce McKay and his chief, Mark Montminy. I also knew many members of the extended Kenney family (though I never met Liko). Everyone pretty much knows everybody else in the small communities in the Franconia and Easton valleys, and Officer McKay was a locally notorious abuser of the public trust, a classic bully hiding behind his badge...."[snip]

29 January 2008

Franconia investigator Trooper Cooper agrees with KingCast: The condition of Liko Kenney's gun is of paramount importance; said so to Gregory W. Floyd

You know when you're on to something good, see.... and Trooper Cooper sure knows the nitty-gritty:

Cooper: Did you clear that or anything?
Floyd: I tried.

F: But uh, I didn't get it cleared and it should have cleared

C: OK and i, and I guess the reason I ask that is um, later our crime scene people are going to be taking those weapons
F: Yah

C: And I guess what, my question is, is what state is it gonna be in now and how did it get in that state?

Whereupon Floyd goes on to state that he couldn't get it unjammed and that he pulled the magazine out, which of course is NOT what you see in the photo. As you see, the gun is locked and loaded, and the materials set forth by the State to date do not explain it, so obviously then Trooper Cooper would support KingCast inquiry into what the hell happened, natch. Not to mention that live round from Liko's gun in Floyd's pocket.

Which begat this here Interrogatory and RFP Request in which I took extreme satisfaction in mailing today at 4:58 p.m.

You know what? Listen to Floyd at exactly 7:00 into part three of the 28 Dec. hearing before Judge Vaughn in which he claims that Jean Boisvert had a gun on the day in question. Vaughn didn't buy it and instead slapped him with a Permanent Restraining Order. I think he's lying about Boisvert's gun and I think he lied about Liko's gun, too: Liko didn't have [expletive deleted] going on with his gun when Floyd murdered him, in my opinion, just as surely as Ms. Boisvert didn't have a gun at the ready, either. Floyd popped that clip up in there to make it look as if Liko was a viable threat.

NH Attorney General Kelly Ayotte should bow her head in shame.

KingCast gives all prayers to Michael Wilbon.

Hey Cousin, you better hang in there man. Everybody's pulling for you. And besides, if you didn't want me to roost on you on the tennis court there are easier ways to get out of it! Photo of Mike doing what he does best, smiling and laughing.

Love you man.

KingCast presents "What a coincidence: Franconia delivers functioning DVD of Bruce McKay OC Spraying Sarah on the day of House hearing on HB 1428."

I could believe it was a coincidence if I had not been asking for it for the past six months straight, and if they had not sent me a bum copy of it a coupla' weeks ago. I'll have it up on YouTube shortly.

For now, however watch the after effects on this tough military guy and ask yourself just how Liko allegedly knew where he was driving or constituted a threat to Gregory W. Floyd after his 10-15 seconds lapsed from being tagged by that monstrous plume of it from Bruce McKay.

PS: You know what else is BS? Sugar Hill's Phillip Blanchard - (with whom I recently spoke and to whom Shooter Floyd threatened with "I'm quickr'n'you, son" - said Liko's face was all orange, whereas the stoolie coroner's report side "slight." The picture tells the story, though don't it? Don't believe me? Let's review:

Page 455 Brand new Patrolman Phillip Blanchard proves the autopsy is biased: Autopsy reads "faint, oily residue on right side of face," but Blanchard says "he had a brown complexion all over (emphasis added) his face and part of his neck."

Law enforcement jerk misappropriates Franconia town logo to "honor" 3-time felon and habitual 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) violator Greogry W. Floyd.

Take a look at this nonsense from Tyeband will you? This is a new RSA 91-A request regarding use of a licensed town trademark/copyright.

Unbelievable. Here's the YouTube audio from the 28 Dec. 2007 hearing in which Grafton Superior Judge Timothy Vaughn granted a Permanent Restraining Order against that thug for threatening his neighbor with gun play. Here's a post indicating why I believe he murdered Liko Kenney, then tried to cover it up, and some related Interrogatories and RFP dealing with how Liko's gun went from "jammed" to locked and loaded in Mr. Floyd's possession.

In the comments section read Citizen Jeff Jesseman's letter to Franconia town officials. Floyd allegedly bragged about having friends in Law Enforcement to his victim last month. We believe Liko Kenney shot one of those friends, but apparently this is one time Floyd's not lying.

PS: I still have not heard back from Franconia Town Counsel Dan Mullen's office on the McKay OC Spraying Sarah that KingCast requested pursuant to RSA 91-A/FOIA back on 27 July, 2007 -- six (6) months ago.

28 January 2008

KingCast open letter to NH State House on Martha McLeod's HB 1428 for Bruce McKay highway, which was tabled 15-0 after vehement outrage from citizens.

Dear Concerned State Legislators:

The fact that Ms. McLeod is asking you to grant state imprimatur to the continued negative conduct of Bruce McKay when her husband refuses to even allow the public to see McKay's personnel file is ludicrous. There are matters about Bruce McKay's tenure before Grafton Superior Judge Timothy Vaughn currently pending in the Right-to-Know/FOIA action of KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte/Town of Franconia 07-E-268. Judge Vaughn, coincidentally just granted a Permanent Restraining Order against Liko Kenney's killer Gregory W. Floyd for gun threats to a neighbor. Listen to all of these hearings on YouTube right here.

Some of the things you need to be concerned about include, but are not limited to the facts that:

Bruce McKay was commonly known as a bully even by those who had no tickets issued against them by him. Watch the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."

Here is today's Caledonian Record story on HB 1428.

Other LE from Lisbon even demanded that Chief Montminy remove their frequencies from Bruce McKay's radio and that he stop speeding through town and stop trolling for tickets in his personal car. I have a copy of that letter and can JPEG it for you if you need it but it was widely reported.

Attorney Troy Watts complained of Bruce McKay's unethical behavior in OC Spraying his client and then lying about a plea agreement in Open Court; the town of Franconia has taken six months, from 27 July 2007 to the day of the 07-E-268 hearing on 10 January 2008 to admit that they have it, and then they sent me a non-functioning copy so that I couldn't get it online before the hearing.

Bruce McKay violated town policy on Use-of-Force for the Tahoe when he bashed Liko Kenney's car back, and seconds later, in his last act of official largesse, OC Sprayed Liko Kenney and Caleb Macaulay in violation of town policy as well. Read about it here.

Bruce McKay did not keep or maintain required Use of Force reports for Liko Kenney's 2003 arrest in Fox Hill Park, when such arrest was likely Unconstitutional according to Judge Cyr because the persons were seized without probable Cause. Judge Cyr issued such an order in several cases and the underlying charge in Liko Kenney's case was nol-prossed, hence the false notion that McKay asked for leniency for Liko Kenney after his arrest.
State v. Nathan Wright 03-CR-109
State v. William Miller 03-CR-012, 013, 029
State v. Kenney 03-CR-197
The case Memoranda and decisions are all JPEG'd here.

Bruce McKay overreacted in a situation between Fox Hill Park and Hillwinds Motor Inn and was allegedly suspended for that, as an Affidavit I filed in 07-E-268 shows that Chief Montminy told the Affiant that, yet the paperwork has not been provided by the town nor has the town even mentioned the incident in the records it produced.

Bruce McKay "terrorized" a woman with a non-police spec "penis shaped" knife near her labia for no lawful reason. This woman, "Ms.B" was even married to a police officer, and she holds a Criminal Justice Degree and a teaching certificate. She flat out told the town in a 13-page complaint (which went unanswered I might add)
"I recommended he be sent to a certified psychologist for cognitive testing for communication and control issues... this could cause serious problems for officer McKay or Franconia."
I have a copy of that complaint and can JPEG it for you as well. NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied to me about the presence of this complaint.

State Rep Gionet wrote me against HB 1428 as noted in this replication of his email.

I have many many other anecdotals from people who did not file complaints because they correctly figured the town would not address their concerns.

And to add insult to injury, Martha McLeod brought this legislation to bear without even contacting the members of the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee, when the primary purpose of this committee is to help the town heal, using a pragmatic approach to the entire situation. The fact that she tried to slip it past them speaks volumes about her integrity as does her insouciant remark in this email "Apparently I should be shot," and "Apparently there's a 'firestorm of activity" over the issue. And her email about me "I am not responding to his emails so he is getting more persistent" was none to friendly after I wrote her this nice letter asking for Civilian Review Boards as previously sought by

Will all due respect I was an AG in the employment section for 3 years and never saw a police officer with these sort of allegations against him. The only proper vote on this bill, in any iteration, is "NO." Let the law enforcement officers who still respect Bruce McKay erect a memorial on Law Enforcement property, which is still subsidized by the public.

For a similar story about an officer who --like McKay-- did a few Good Things, made a lot of money on traffic tickets and turned into a rogue and made his career-ended mistake on 5/11, ____ miles away when he harassed one Brian Noakes. Read this blawg post and the Corvallis Gazette-Times editorial "Candor better policy than silence."

In a few months you can watch a movie about Bruce McKay and Dave Cox, because I'm friends with Brian Noakes' family. Your vote, whichever vote you take, will be a part of that movie as well. Please vote wisely, and not out of blind faith respect for a badge, because Bruce McKay too often failed to show that badge enough respect when he wore it.

Very truly yours,

Christopher King, J.D.
Oh behalf of KingCast.net
On behalf of the Franconia Collective.

Hey KingCast, is your friend -- that bad-assed guitarist Trent Berry still down with the Franconia Collective?

Oh, yes he is and he and his people will be working with my people and we're going to light this thing up like a Christmas tree. Details for the public are on a need to know basis, and y'all don't need to know anything more than I'm telling right now. Meanwhile you can listen to some killer guitar samples, (I like #2, 6, 10, 12) and dig on the sounds of one of his many bands, Daylight Assassin -- just like Gregory Floyd. Here's some newer material with Secret Mod Club, and he also has done some work with Fans of Jimmy Century. Trent is Mister High Gain, and few do it any better. Now odd thing is, I had not seen trent in 11 years, since he left law school to keep on playing guitar. He has taught at Berklee and stuff, but he and I were hanging out on 11 May when it all went down; he was in Boston on business. Things happen for a reason, as long as you're present to it.

27 January 2008

KingCast congratulates Phil Blanchard on not being shot by Gregory W. Floyd: "Careful son, he's quicker'n'you......"

Yeah, to the newbies that's exactly what Floyd told this young man when he appeared on the scene. Now exactly what Floyd had finished doing with Liko's gun -- which he claimed he never got unjammed but which is seen here clearly unjammed, locked and loaded remains to be seen. This post also serves as Actual Notice to Defendant Ayotte that she need not provide the last known addresses of the persons noted in Petitioner's pending RSA 91-A and Discovery and RFP requests. Here is the new RFP request.

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What did Easton Police Chief Every have to say? I dunno. Read his Affidavit:
"All of us have made mistakes in our lives; in Mr. Floyd's case the behavior extends beyond a mistake; there is a pattern, a pattern of past violence, paranoid behavior and excessive anger. While no one can predict the future, I feel Mr. Floyd is capable of showing up at Lafayette Elementary School or at a neighbor's house with an automatic weapon..."

Oh, yah: I had a walk and talk with Officer Blanchard and explained the windshield bullet to him, as no one had ever yet told him about it, even though he was first LE on scene. The bystander was amazed to discover that Blanchard didn't know, and as I told Blanchard he shook my hand on it. You know, the windshield bullet shot by Gregory W. Floyd through Liko Kenney's windshield that proves he never spoke to Liko before shooting. It also proves -- in contrast to Defendant Ayotte's statement at p. 42 of her Official Report -- that Floyd was not unarmed when Liko Kenney ran into McKay. In fact, it is Floyd who may have caused Liko to rush toward whatever was shooting at him, as he was by then blinded by the OC Spray that McKay had issued in violation of town policy.

26 January 2008

KingCast is talkin' 'bout Freedom; NH AG James W. Kennedy says "slap my hand you black soul man!"

Well that's not exactly what he said. Read the comments to find out what he said in a recent email exchange going to the witnesess statement of Rebecca Bell and the forensics/ballistic fingerprint documentation in the 5/11 tragedy between Liko Kenney, Bruce McKay and 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd.
KingCast Revised Interrogatory.

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Kelly Ayotte is one Jive Turkey.

Here's the audio of the Floyd and KingCast hearings before Judge Vaughn.

KingCast black history moment with NH AG Kelly Ayotte: "You're going to give me the ballistics and fingerprint information on the Franconia Pistols."

Dear Attorneys Ayotte, Kennedy and Smith:

Please provide, within five (5) days, two things:

One: Any and all ballistics reports and fingerprint reports, documentation, memoranda and notes regarding the guns of 5/11, i.e. those of Bruce McKay and Liko Kenney, along with the analysis of all clips/magazines on the scene.

Two: Documents, emails, notes and any and all memoranda showing the names and last known addresses of any persons of whom you are aware that witnessed the 5/11 shootings, including any and all notes, emails, and memoranda the contain the name, or in any way refer to one Rebecca Bell.

Black history isn't just black history. It's our history. In New Hampshire, Kelly's friends and KingCast have been working on it for quite some time; in fact listen to the Oral Argument in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte and town of Franconia right here (post) and here (YouTube links)

Below are some of my role models:

The audio transcript of KingCast.net v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte and the Town of Franconia/Chief Montminy, Grafton County Superior 07-E-268.

Well folks, the KingCast video is in the mix, but for now here is the audio (download/YouTube links). Interesting is Franconia counsel's attempts to explain away the fact that they had not provided a copy of Bruce McKay OC Spraying Sarah for the six month period that I had been requesting it. I still don't have it, but it is supposed to be here on Tuesday. Also interesting is the explanation of how the missing audio transcripts of Stanley Sherburn, Charles Herbert and Sam Stephenson had not been produced, even though the State knew full well that they existed. Those audio transcripts are less than favorable to the State and/or Gregory W. Floyd, you better believe it. In Sam's alone you can hear that Floyd lied about conducting tours of Vietnam.

Related link: The Gregory Floyd Permanent Restraining Order hearing before the same Judge, Timothy Vaughn.

Funny, in Lawrence, Massachusetts you get a criminal investigation for that -- just ask that dirtbag Jim Stokes who cheesed his way onto the school board, although he has since forcibly resigned. But here in New Hampshire Defendant Ayotte gives you a Hero's Welcome, which ironically no Vietnam Veterans actually ever received to my knowledge. Listen to Paul Hardcastle describe that in his smash 1985 hit linked in this Pinocchio post, which also references the fact that Gregory Floyd lied under an investigation, which according to former NH AG Peter Heed is a violation of RSA 641:3, Unsworn Falsification.

Funny, Defendant Ayotte didn't care and moreover, even gave Floyd a pass for murdering Liko Kenney in 24 hours.

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Funny, Gregory Floyd told his Ms. Boisvert that he had friends in NH LE. Funny, the arrival of the Floyds to Easton Valley coincides with that of one Norman Bruce McKay.

Here is the first post about the hearing, in which we also discussed the Unconstitutional Fox Hill Park arrests from winter 2002, the 150 Responses to the Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee, the heavily-redacted McKay Personnel file, Attorney Troy Watts' unanswered complaint against Bruce McKay, Ms. B's unanswered complaint against McKay for the penish-shaped knife near labia stunt, State Rep. Gionet's Opposition to Bruce McKay Highway bill HB 1428 and you can hear the Court address Cameron Dexter's request for static photographs for her thesis project.


25 January 2008

Defendant Ayotte tries to dodge public information request; KingCast asks whose fingerprints were on the clips of Bruce McKay's and Liko Kenney's guns

Liko's Hi Point .45 (catalog image) unjammed, locked and loaded per Kelly's Report.
Couldn't unjam gun one.
Couldn't unjam gun two.
Bullet in pocket one.
Bullet in pocket two.

You need to read this post where I begin to realize how Floyd lied about what he did with Liko's gun and whether he got it unjammed, because as you can clearly see in the photo, Liko's gun is not jammed. I can tell you that Liko didn't get it locked and loaded because Gregory W. Floyd, now under a Permanent Restraining Order for threatening his neighbor with a gun -- and who has already been convicted of "criminal threats" -- said Liko's gun was jammed and that he "killed him in four seconds."

It's getting deep. Read the comments to see how Defendant Ayotte is trying to skirt her responsibilities under RSA 91-A/FOIA, and read the KingCast revised Interrogatory & Document Request right here at Scribd.com. Heh-heh funny thing is I was thinking about adding the fingerprint request earlier today on the existing requests, then by them fighting me I got to add it in anyway. That's exactly what was supposed to happen, I guess.


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KingCast and Franconia Collective present: The Gregory Floyd Permanent Restraining Order hearing before Grafton Judge Timothy Vaughn, 28 Dec. 2007.

He threatened to push her right off the road! Well folks here it is download (and also at YouTube) and it dovetails with this blawg entry featuring the Union Leader coverage.

It is about 1/2 hr long, but does not have his post-hearing rantings on it although he asks if he can sick his dogs on her if she trespasses and Gregory P. Floyd does admit to a gun in the household.

Naturally, I will forward this to U.S. Attorney Mark Zuckerman who vowed to approach the ATF about Floyd's persistent violation of 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1).

Next up: The KingCast v. NH AG Ayotte/Franconia hearing (it's here now download/YouTube (coming) so everyone can hear exactly what transpired in that courtroom and gauge the issues of content and professionalism accordingly. The alleged threats that resulted on the Permanent Order happened right about here, outside the passenger window of the SAAB: