13 December 2007

Wilbon, KingCast agree on Bonds, Clemens et al: You do the crime you do the time.

I quoted Cousin Mike back in this post about drug-addled uberstars and firemen:

Now back to Bonds et al. for a minute: Wilbon says

"He may forever be the face of the steroid era, but it would be wrong to deal with Bonds without the greater context. Whatever is done to him should be done to everyone."

And so it has come to pass, as noted in this editorial.

Folks can badmouth all they want to about McEnroe, but at least he admitted he tried 'roids toward the end of his top-flight days on tour.

Here's Mac v. Jimmy, 1984 U.S. Open on YouTube one and two. So many folks are into watching him volley, but I dig watching him off the ground. Every time he hits the ball it's a damn work of art. He lost 3 times that year, no one else has ever owned a sport like that for a year. Of course one of those losses was to Lendl on my high school graduation day, so yeah that was a bummer.

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