11 December 2007

White House says "Mum's the Word" on destroyed CIA tapes, just like waterboarding in Franconia: Lipstick on a rotten pig.

Wow, uncanny timing, take a look. What a coincidence KingCast is today filing and addressing Dispositive Memoranda in the Franconia shooting tragedy Right-to-Know lawsuit, Grafton County 07-E-268.

We will see what the government can get away with in each instance.

Then we will tell it at an International film festival.

Just like the Dow Murders 25 years ago to the day that NH LE covered up; put lipstick on that pig and sold it.



Anonymous said...

So if Floyd is AWOL twice, and he wasn't in 'Nam, What is the source of his disability? Real soldiers coming back without limbs have a hard time getting compensation. How did he have the funds to afford that pickup? It looks like a significant piece of hardware. Does the German pay taxes? What can we tell about the source of the truck? Does disability pay car payments? Is Floyd selling any of those pain meds? which pharmacy honors that many drugs without acknowleging their potentiation and inherent risk? the huge truck does appear to be in a blocking manuever like Floyd knew where Liko was trying to go. Was Floyd just "a passer by" or was it a drive by? Why are these people free? Is Ayotte expecting vigilante justice? Let us pray this nightmare ends today. Who can sleep? Is LE faking a blind eye so he wont shoot them in it? What drugs is Floyd on now and where is he getting them from? How long has Franconia known about the Floyd factor and why is he in possesion of two guns on 5/11?

You Sons of Bitches!
LIKO will be vidicated!

Anonymous said...

Take your meds, son.

Christopher King said...


I dont't think all the medication in the world can Fix Franconia until our government gets honest.


Anonymous said...

Which pharmacy distributes as many drugs to one person as Floyd claims he's taking? If Floyd is going to tell Caleb that his drug use will excuse his behavior as he fires rounds all around him, can we ask if his pharmacist legally distributed these drugs to him? surely the pharmacist can account for, what was it, 20+ meds? Come On! Disability covers a drug buffet? I doubt it. What's the disabilty? where is the diagnosis? or is the paper work AWOL too?

Christopher King said...

Dig that. Meanwhile I added a coupla' paragraphs to the Motion for Partial Summary Judgment:

"And they never even filed any Affidavits regarding the purported Good Faith nature of their FOIA “searches”, which is fatal. Diamond v. IRS, 1998 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19534; 99-1 U.S. Tax Cas. (CCH) P50,233; 82 A.F.T.R.2d (RIA) 7401; 22 Employee Benefits Cas. (BNA) 2707An agency may demonstrate compliance with the obligations of FOIA by providing supporting affidavits. Perry v. Block, 221 U.S. App. D.C. 347, 352, 684 F.2d 121, 126 (1982).

The supporting affidavits must be sufficiently detailed, not overly conclusive, and submitted in good faith. Id. at 352, 684 F.2d at 126. An agency is not required to provide "meticulous documentation" and instead, "affidavits that explain in reasonable detail the scope and method of the search conducted by the agency will suffice to demonstrate compliance." Id. at 353, 684 F.2d at 127.

When the adequacy of an agency's search is challenged by a plaintiff, a reviewing court must decide if the materials submitted by the agency demonstrate a satisfactory search was undertaken. Id. If the agency's responses make it doubtful that a proper search was initiated and completed by the agency, summary judgment in favor of the government would usually be inappropriate. [*9] Id."

Anonymous said...

6:48 and &:53
you bet..you're hitting on all the right questions, and more...

* which souls represent the "43 kills"?

* why did he come to easton? and - why did he leave townsend, MA?

* where, exactly, has he lived and worked over his adult life?

* when did he last work, prior to collecting disability?

* why was he granted a firearms license in MA?

* are there missing persons or unsolved crimes in places where he previously worked and resided?

Christopher King said...

Richard Dow, Gregory W. Floyd, Bruce McKay.... All-American heroes!

Anonymous said...

When I think about who McKay was, I have no doubt the Floyd was indeed coming to the aid of an officer.

Anonymous said...

Is 5/11 McKay's snuff film of Liko, an instead of having the draw on Liko, Liko draws faster, smoking him? its the Quick and the Dead. this is a training video. pass to the left. how unfortunate

Anonymous said...

Floyd hadn't previously demonstrated respect for LE, and he obviously didn't hesitate to boast of his "43 kills" immediately after he dirtied himself up.
Wouldn't seem as though he'd suddenly transform into an Eagle Scout on Friday, 5/11/07 to "aid" an officer...unless the opportunity to kill, again, was irresistible.

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't McKay after macing Liko....step to the rear of Liko's car, knowing full well the rage he might have inflicted in Liko and the memorandum he sent stating Liko had a gun. He would have had Liko's actions in full view in Liko's side mirror. Did he have to move to the front of the car because that is where the windshield bullet was coming from? Maybe Floyd wasn't "quicker than you" afterall. Maybe McKay's gun cleared leather long before the chase.

Christopher King said...


You're off base. Liko's windshield was not shot when he rolled out of sight. I believe Floyd did that. And what the hell, Kelly said McKay never got a round off.


You're closer to The Real; but when McKay came out slowly and Liko was On Point, Shooter Floyd was there to shut it all down.

McKay had his hand on his gun and he couldn't even fake it well enough to give Liko a command when he OC Sprayed him (a command being mandated by policy) because all he was going to tell him was "I'm looking for an excuse to kill you, Liko."

Remember dispatch said there was something unusual in McKay' voice that night.

And his GPS locator was off, to boot.

Sounds like Liko would have been facing justifiable homicide or manslaughter at worst. And imagine the trial, with everyone coming out of the woodwork with the complaints and affidavits I've got filed in the Court, and testimony from live witnesses.

Liko would have walked.

Small wonder Kelly gave Floyd a pass in 24.