24 December 2007

What's going on? Columbian Cokane and KingCast still asking the right questions on the Revere Daniel Talbot Officer killing.

Here are all of my Talbot review posts and here is a 22 Dec. post from a bright young man who hosts the Columbian Cokane site "searching for the truth." Apparently there has now been a fourth arrest but the police still have not been disciplined for unlawful drinking.

Whatever is going on, information is being set forward in a most niggardly manner. How about those Marvin/KingCast pics huh? Hootlarious.


Anonymous said...

One question about that night which needs answering is who really pulled a gun first and who really fired first.

Christopher King said...

True that.

In point of fact, it is the essential question, similar to the windshield bullet issue in the Franconia Shooting tragedy.

An issue like that can change the State's whole rationalization of the event, and that's precisely why Defendant Ayotte moved to quash her Deposition: That way she wouldn't have to answer to that issue because she sure as hell didn't make any material mention or analysis of it in her official report because that would contradict everything she said about Floyd speaking to Liko before shooting him.


And they expect us to sit there like bumps on a log and blindly believe whatever they tell us happened. As a former AAG, I know better than that.

Anonymous said...

I've been following those two cases a bit, and find it hard to believe how even so long after the incidents occurred the questions keep piling up much faster than any answers. For instance:

- why wasn't the investigation of the Floyd shooting reopened in light of the windshield bullet and the statements that McKay wasn't run over until after Kenney was shot?

- is it really not a violation of law or policy for officers to be carrying firearms while drinking? If not, why not?

Keep on doing what you do. It's good to know someone is out there questioning the official version of things. What's scary is the lack of followup by authorities or mainstream press, especially to something like the windshield bullet.

Christopher King said...

"Keep on doing what you do. It's good to know someone is out there questioning the official version of things. What's scary is the lack of followup by authorities or mainstream press, especially to something like the windshield bullet."

.....Yes that is terrifying. I can't wait to see how the Court treats that issue because it is central to Defendant Ayotte's contention that everyone was in agreement as to Floyd's actions, i.e. he came to the window and started talking to Liko when in fact he did NO SUCH THING if we believe Defendant Ayotte when she says that McKay never got a shot off.

.....And on Talbot, would it be soooo hard to issue at least one charge or reprimand for on-the-job drinking? It would help to dispel the perception that police get special treatment.

And on this day Baby Jesus was born. What would Jesus do?

1. He would re-open the Franconia investigation to address the lies and coverups.

2. He would punish the police officers in Revere for their misconduct, roll his shirtsleeves up and get to the business of finding out what really happened.

Not being Baby Jesus I can't do any of that so instead I'll keep listening to Jazz on WGBH and filing my Right-to-Know lawsuits.

Anonymous said...

re: the drinking in the Talbot case, it wasn't "on the job", correct? While that may make drinking more acceptable, it doesn't (or shouldn't) be compatible with doing so behind a school, or for doing so while carrying a weapon.

Christopher King said...

Well in point of fact I'm glad you asked.

Initial reports on one of the police websites wrote that Daniel Talbot was on a gang surveillance.

There's always such an "on duty" rush that it was present in Franconia too so I asked to see McKay's time logs.

So even if the Revere officers were off duty it's still unlawful open container and there's gotta' be some kind of prohibition of drinking with their weapons out.

Is that why nobody managed to bust a cap in any of the alleged perps?

Until we have full and transparent disclosure the public is entitled to assume the worst.


Christopher King said...

Of course the othe disgusting thing is how nobody followed up on the 2003 Fox Hill Park arrests as being Unconstitutional (read the Judge Cyr pronouncements herein) and those arrests were the very rationale that McKay gave for hassling Liko.

Yet the major media played right into Kelly's hands by showing the 2003 videos again and again and never even mentioning the fact that Liko told McKay "you cannot keep me here without good cause."

Which of course IS THE LAW.

Liko wanted to fight that case but he was convinced not to.

Do a word search on this blawg for "Fourth Amendment" and see what I mean. Liko knew his stuff and he knew McKay was violating the law, just as surely as McKay was violating the use of force and OC Spray policies on 5/11.