23 December 2007

Union Leader story highlights everything KingCast is all about with Bruce McKay: Lying cops and other LE break down the system; it's Police Abuse.

Here's the UL Story and Kelly's buddy Peter Heed summed up the Laurie issues as being relevant any time an officer:

* was the subject of a complaint alleging excessive use of force;

* displayed mental instability that caused the department to suspend the officer for evaluation or treatment, except following a traumatic incident.

In seriatim, then: We all know that "Ms. B" filed an unlawful use of force complaint on the Penis-shaped knife issue with McKay that Defendant Ayotte failed to disclose. And we all know I provided an Affidavit to the Court that states the Defendant Montminy told someone that McKay was suspended for acting like a wacko at Fox Hill Park/Hillwinds Motor Inn.

But yet the Franconia Defendants have not offered up McKay's file for review even on performance evaluations. Here's some background on bad cops like Bruce McKay who generate a lot of revenue and do some good things (McKay was properly commended for a couple of arrests), then think they own the World. They don't sometimes they get shot, as noted in the ABC News feature "Officer Down."

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Christopher King said...

McKay was subject to trials and court hearings on several occasions after these incidents.

Betcha' the State never provided the Laurie materials for Defense Counsel.