08 December 2007

Texans, unlike the CIA or NH AG Kelly Ayotte, are straight shooters who don't run from Depositions or destroy evidence like Franconia Defendants.

You bet that's a Texas plate next to the Michelin Man on SAAB #4. Texans are largely a no BS sorta' folk (Barbara Jordan, Ann Richards RIP), so when I met 3 Texas folk today here on business and looking at motorcycles we later threw down for a while over a cold bevy and they learned a lot about NH AG Kelly Ayotte. Predictably she has now run from her Deposition, the same way she never gave any interviews when she handed out the press packs on the Franconia shooting tragedy. As a journalist since 1988 and former AAG I found that VERY strange, yes indeed. I'll be taking Monday off from work to respond and to file my Memorandum Contra her Motion to Dismiss, and to prepare a Motion for Partial Summary Judgment for KingCast.

Meanwhile the CIA is facing scrutiny over tape destruction, and the same thing has happened in New Hampshire.... or the government is lying about the tapes'whereabouts. The quote of the day in the Nashua Telegraph concerns Rosemary Woods, whose picture I just used to point out that Franconia has destroyed and/or lied about OC Spray video of Bruce McKay going wild on a 110lb girl as noted in the short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice On Stilts" (scroll down). Senator Kennedy said:
"We haven't seen anything like this since the 8 1/2 minute gap in the tapes of Prresident Richard Nixon."

Welcome to New Hampshire, Ted. Liko Kenney you did not die in vain; your plight, and that of other abused Franconians will be told at a certain International Film Festival next year, that much is All Set.



Christopher King said...

Kelly is AG light.

She wants all of the power and such, and none of the responsibility, pushing it off to her underlings.

Interestingly, I asked many many times why and whether or not she ever signed her official report on this matter -- which she included in her Motion to Dismiss.

Never really got an answer.

She says in her Motion to Quash, that her thought processes are not subject to public scrutiny, and her position is not elected but appointed.

That means she never has to directly respond to public inquiry, which is antithetical to the letter she wrote me back in March IIRC, extolling the virtues of RSA 91-A.

I'm busy right now but just run a word search on this blawg for "Ayotte + NHSBA" or "NHSBA + Barack" and it should pop up.

She can try to hide in court, and hide from the (non) voters, but she can't hide from that film festival.

PS: There is a post somewhere in the past month or two about someone else calling for her to be removed from office; it was a Big Wig too and a Republican to boot. I'll look it up for you and link it soon.

Christopher King said...

Oh, yeah:

Nashua Mayor Street awarded me that First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation precisely because of activities like this.

Go ask him.

He'll tell you straight up.

Unlike Kelly, who will tell you nothing, or tell it twisted.

Anonymous said...

Kelly Ayotte is a threat to her own state as well as citizens of other states. She is a rogue because she prejudiced Liko's case by releasing 03 before 07. She better get it together real quick or she'll be NH's first female AG inmate. A NH prison is no place for any human considering the racketeering which dominates the legal process of NH. People have told me in other states about the beatings they got in NH by LE. Do we stutter? Kick Ass Chris. this shit has got to stop.

Christopher King said...

Yeah those beatings and gang rapes that Kelly's LE friend, the now-fired Jaffrey Chief Dunn thought would be funny to happen to me.

Run a word search for "gang rape + Dunn" and read the Depo. Transcript.

And as I say, funny how they had Liko's '03 video but not Sarah's '05 video.

You know what all of that is?

A lie.