02 December 2007

Superlawyer Andru Volinsky and NH AG Kelly Ayotte make a cottage industry out of defending questionable cops like Dunn, McKay, Basinas and Obrion.

It's uncanny. When I was Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair I heard about "Superlawyer" Andru Volinsky (l) and fancied him some sort of Civil Rights lawyer like my former boss, Terry Gilbert (r). I have an incredible Cleveland Plain Dealer Sunday Magazine feature on Terry to scan tomorrow but for now this is him, and this is what he said about me.

But Volinsky is not that animal. At all. Among others he represents failed North County cop James Basinas, more on that later. I feel stupid for writing him and asking for help as Southern NH NAACP Legal Chair in the Willie Toney matter in Jaffrey (3 police guns pulled and a visual body cavity search on a kid for "loitering" eventually dismissed) because it turns out he was Jaffrey Chief Martin Dunn's lawyer and negotiated what I hear is a $100K settlement after the town and city hall threw Dunn out on his arse. He avoided the entire issue of my contact with him, which has been contemporaneously noted with several other local attorneys. More on him at the bottom of this post, but what Volinsky does is take Big LE money to defend questionable cops, some of whom have track records of trouble, even in North Country, where Kelly Ayotte is right now lying to KingCast.net about what complaints Franconia citizens have filed against Bruce McKay. McKay was killed by Liko Kenney after McKay clearly spooked Kenney by violating Fraconia policy on vehicular assault and use of OC Spray.

According to Gregory P. Floyd, his father Gregory W. Floyd shot Liko Kenny's car at the windshield and then Liko drove over McKay after initially avoiding him before his father shot at the car. Floyd is a 3-time Felon who lied about his military career in that he's never been to Vietnam and never killed 43 people but was instead stationed down home here, stateside at Camp Lejune. But you won't see much of that in Defendant Ayotte's Official Report because she had that information and admitted withholding it from KingCast right here.

You will see it all in KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., Grafton 07-E-268.

With that in mind, here are the Volinsky links that support my contentions.

Volinsky represented Jaffrey's Marty Dunn; an email I sent him.
Volinsky represented Litchfield's Joseph O'Brion.
Volinsky represents James Basinas, who was fired in Lyndeborough this year and 5 years ago in North Country (Madison) after he was fired and sued and settled. The Union Leader covered it, too in February 2007 so they know.

There's more. Volinsky's lawyer buddy in the Chief Dunn matter was Charlie Bauer, Dan Mullen's senior attorney at Ransmeier & Spellman, who absolutely withheld information that proved I contacted Volinsky.

It's a tangled web, but all of it leads to three principal players: Defendant Ayotte, Volinsky and Ransmeier & Spellman, many of them hiding evidence, every time. I've got it all sorted, and I've also got access to a certain International Film Festival next year just as I said would happen 2 years ago.



Christopher King said...

Oh yeah:

Franconia and Madison are just over one hour apart, on mirror image sides of the White Mountain Forest range.

Look at it.

Downright scary things happen in the North Country, including cops from there who get caught with a boy chained to a jeep for sex.

Read it here.

Liko's friends don't let me go out alone in North Country except on the motorbike for a few minutes. They figure I can outrun scary folks of this ilk if I have to but otherwise its best for anyone who questions authority in the North Country to travel with friends.

Christopher King said...

And keep a video camera with sound, because they don't seem to turn the sound on at the right times for most of their videos.

In fact, I know where there's a video of a girl who was OC Sprayed by McKay and I've asked for it like 3 times because it's a public record -- because there was a conviction of some kind of plea arrangement -- but they sure haven't given that to me.

We'll see what the Court has to say about that, so we can show Corporal McKay at his finest.

Officer Pepper.

Absolut Pepper.

Christopher King said...


I know for fact that the public defender's office used to throw darts and stuff at my visage in Columbus, Ohio (because my client was outspoken as to how jacked-up and worthless their office was but I had a friend on staff who monitored the sitch and told me about it) so how appropriate is this quote from a Cleveland journalist:

"The second good story was the story of the cops protecting their own. Actually, any story with a Terry Gilbert quote is good. How much do you want to bet that you can choose a Terry Gilbert silhouette for target practice at the local Cop shooting range? They do a good job for the most part, I just wish that they would root out the bad cops on their own, and not defend those with anger or race issues."


Anonymous said...

Liko's friends don't let me go out alone in North Country except on the motorbike for a few minutes. They figure I can outrun scary folks of this ilk if I have to but otherwise its best for anyone who questions authority in the North Country to travel with friends.

We got your back Chris. The North Country will not live in fear. Justice shall be served. LE will oppress no longer.
Liko Kenney!
Liko Kenney!
Liko Kenney!

Christopher King said...

Serious business.

I wait now to see what machinations will emanate regarding the scheduled Deposition.

14 December, 2007

Looking for a Motion to Quash, anyone wanna place their bets either way?