16 December 2007

Rosemary Woods joins KingCast in a search for more missing Franconia Arrest & Use of Force reports for McKay OC Spray victim "Sarah."

Remember this post from 7 Dec 2007 when I noted that I asked for those materials pursuant to the Troy Watts, Esq. email and complaint?

Well they are late, again as I knew they would be so I included this issue in our Motion for Partial Summary Judgment.


lucidiocy said...



Christopher King said...

Oh it's nice all right.

Nice and ugly.

The town is most definitely in possession of those documents just as surely as they were in possession of the Liko 2003 Fox Hill video.

But they would rather take a hit for not having them than to show the World that Bruce McKay violated OC Spray policies in that instance as well.

Disgusting is a better word for it but Troy Watts has a copy so if the town maintains it does not, perhaps I can get a subpoena for Mr. Watts to provide it, and we will blue-dot his client's face and license plate before showing it.


Christopher King said...

You see, Attorney Watts, standing in his law office several months ago, directly told Oliver Ruff and me that the only reason he wouldn't give us the complaint letter he wrote or the video is because of attorney-client.

But the Court, in the interests of fairness and Right-to-Know, should compel Attorney Watts to produce it, so that they could make a copy for the PERMANENT records.

KingCast would reproduce it subject to the blue dot over her face which is not really necessary from a legal standpoint, but we would do that out of consideration for Sarah.

I know, I know, sounds totally unreasonable, citizens trying to get documents that the government was supposed to keep under lock and key for evidentiary purposes.