23 December 2007

The Paper Chase has a 35th birthday party at the scene of the Franconia shooting tragedy and coverup.

Well folks today is a Big Day. As noted in this post, I am scheduled for an in personam interview with another student, someone who knew Liko Kenney and Corporal Bruce McKay. The purpose of this interview is to augment this individual's knowledge base so that s/he can present a cogent, cohesive Senior Thesis that actually substantively addresses what the government knew and knows about this situation that it withheld from the American and World public.

Obviously as the Omnibus linked Motions in this FOIA/RSA 91-A case indicate, s/he has come to the right place.

We will be discussing issues noted in this post as to Franconia destroying evidence and government in general, this post as regards NH AG Kelly Ayotte covering up for Bruce McKay and his "penis-shaped knife", and this post as regards NH AG Kelly Ayotte covering up for 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd, whom I believe murdered Liko Kenney.

I'm sure we will also discuss how badly Defendant Ayotte needed to get out from under that video Deposition I had noticed for Friday, 14 Dec. 2007 as documented in this post, and why I trust 30-year Governor's/Executive Council member and Mayor of Nashua Bernie Streeter more than Defendant Ayotte as noted in this this post, where he presented me a FOIA/RSA-91/First Amendment Mayoral Commendation.

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Christopher King said...

The Littleton Courier Coverage of the lawsuit

McKay was a loose cannon.

Anonymous said...

Here's an interesting one for you out of today's Union Leader -

Trooper's credibility may be in question

New Hampshire Sunday News

CONCORD – The director of the Division of Motor Vehicles says the president of the state troopers union lied in a case years ago, raising the possibility his testimony in subsequent criminal cases could be challenged.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Darn - the link doesn't work for article.

Christopher King said...

Here's the link.

lucidiocy said...

Hey Chris,

Happy Holidays! Thanks for stickingg with this. Let me know what else I can do. I'll be seeing Brian tomorrow (Christmas Eve) and I'll have him read your posts regarding him. I know he'll appreciate them.

Shalom (Peace)

Christopher King said...

Oh, there's plenty we're going to do but it won't be disussed online.

Give Brian my kudos for standing strong like Mr. Isreal. I mean honestly, what are the chances that we would run into each other on the Internet Highway and then both know/represent people who DO NOT EVEN DRINK who are unlawfully popped for DUI.

Here's the related post for newbies.


Christopher King said...

BTW our first interview was extremely useful and revealing. This is shaping up nicely because these issues will be brought to light and kept in the light for anyone who makes even a cursory review into the cases.

In the Franconia shooting tragedy it cannot be emphasized enough that while Liko Kenney was no angel, niether was Bruce McKay or Gregory Floyd, and the government intentionally and willfully and unlawfully withheld relevant information about the latter two, ummmm gentlemen.

Frankly, I'm not paying their salaries for them to lie to me.