17 December 2007

NJ repeals Death Penalty but NH wants to hang 'em high, except when clearing a 3-time felon for murdering someone who killed a rogue cop, IMHO.

New Jersey Governor Jon Corzine repealed the Death Penalty today, replacing it with life without parole. In NH State Rep Paul McEachern and others fought to repeal it but lost 185-173. Here is exactly why NH AG Kelly Ayotte gave Gregory W. Floyd a pass for murdering, in my opinion, Liko Kenney after Liko shot a rogue cop named Bruce McKay.

Incidentally, another decorated rogue cop named Dave Cox was brought to Justice in Corvalis, Oregon after he issued a bogus DUI charge to a family member of my blogger friend Lucidiocy at "A Parliament of One."
The main disparity between Liko and Brian should be non sequitur. It doesn't matter that Brian never got in any trouble, or that Liko did. The fact remains that their constitutional rights were violated by men with a badge; men who were allowed to misuse their power while their superiors turned a blind eye.

Here's a post about the pending arguments against the Death Penalty in NH, some of which involve racism, and here is what State Rep. Renny Cushing said about the Death Penalty after a rogue cop murdered his father.

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