10 December 2007

NH AGs Kelly Ayotte and Jeffery Strelzin enjoy a moment of quiet repose.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Koré here. Please email me or find me via facebook (cambridgekore@gmail.com). I heard from Jamake that you were filing some' on his behalf. I need you to aid me in this one.

Bradley vs. Commonwealth of Mass. You betta call alright bud!

I'm one of the plaintiffs the state's representing law firm never bothered to notified before settlement was through.

I'll be waiting for you or a suggestion/recommendation of sort...Legal of course.

Koré V.B.

Christopher King said...

Wow Kore I will email you. This is a tough week, got 5 Memoranda due for the Franconia case.

The record has to be well-established for the appeals that are likely to follow.

If I can point you in the right direction or if the firm can help you we'll get right on it.

See you soon.


Christopher King said...


Yeah that is pretty funny, eh?

I can see them fussin' now:

"Well you answered the responses, Aaaahhhrcie...."

"Well it's your name on the Official Report, Dingbat...."

This one's for you, Liko =^.)