13 December 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte runs for cover; successfully avoids the Deposition hot seat in an RSA 91-A/FOIA Right-to-Know Action, Grafton Superior 07-E-268.

1:42: "Hey King it's Grafton Superior on line one -- it's either yeah or nay, right?"
"Thanks, Brian.... good afternoon this is Mr. King."
"I have a decision on the Motion to Quash."
"Terrific. What is the Decision?"
"The Decision says it was granted."
"Is there a rationale in the Decision?"
"No. It just says granted."
"All right. And that will be going out today?"

This is my Memorandum Contra, which I thought contained persuasive law. Could make for an interesting Interlocutory appeal, especially given that the Supreme Court would have a blank canvas. Of course discovery orders are often not appealable on an interlocutory basis so I'll have to look at that as well.

For what I told Kelly -- who also declined to comment at the release of the RSA 91-A materials so I couldn't ask her any questions on 25 June 2007 either -- read the comments.


Christopher King said...

Good day to all;

As you know we are all anxiously awaiting the Court's Decision on tomorrow's scheduled Deposition. If Defendant Ayotte gets away with running, she will still have to face the music at the Court Hearing and at the International Film Festival.

Viva technology,

Viva the First Amendment and RSA 91-A and FOIA.



13 December 2007

KingCast omnibus pleading post for Franconia shooting tragedy RSA 91-A Right-to-Know/FOIA case: KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al.

Anonymous said...

So, what does this mean in terms the average person can understand?

Christopher King said...

Well it means that our AG does not deem it worth her while to answer questions about facts that she has

a) misrepresented
b) failed to report

In a double homicide investigation, and that the Court sided with her, despite the fact (contrary to her implication) that AG's often provide Deposition testimony.

It affects the case to the extent that I cannot now ask her to elucidate on, or back up certain key issues that would have

a) helped our understanding of the investigation or

b) shown her to be a liar.

Whether I can appeal this decision remains for a Lexis review and consultation with learned counsel.

It does not affect the merits of the underlying case, which the court will have to address each item alleged in our respective Motions.

Unfortunately, it also means the World does not get to see our beloved AG on YouTube or in our movie.


Anonymous said...

What it means is, this is the first of many times he will beat Ayotte like she stole sumthin'

Christopher King said...

Well actually this case has not been decided yet.

The last case, that was when I beat her like she stole sumpin'

All clear?

If not, just ask again.

Then we will beat her again at the film festival, that's the Good Part.

Christopher King said...

Oh, wait GreenTint:

Were you all clear on the MLK/Malcolm X mural?

Because I'm talking with some parents from the school now who could probably address your concerns if you need some help with that.


Christopher King said...

This is what one parent just wrote me at the same exact time you did:

"I did pass on your words of wisdom to children in the school and ask that they spread the word and show their support. I could see the joy in their young faces and hear the sigh of relief in their voice. I think they now truly understand that they are not alone."



Christopher King said...

Hey Greentint:

I guess she stole sumpin'.

Anonymous said...

past history is not idictative of the future. I think you bet on the wrong pony this time and when the Town of Franconia countersues you and the collective for the legal fees and what ever else they can think of you will be running from the north country with your tail tucked firmly between your legs.

Christopher King said...


Keep on smoking that crack pipe.

Christopher King said...

And when you put that crack pipe down take time to see if you can help the town find me the missing Use of Force and Arrest Reports for McKay OC Spray victim Sarah.

You remember what I'm talking about right?


Anonymous said...

I'll amend my earlier post, both you and your butt buddy Ruff will leave the north country with your tails stuck firmly between your legs. Ruff lose his license for his disobeying? If not maybe Virginia will suspend his license.

Christopher King said...


You're just an ignorant hater.

And as far as butts go, you can kiss mine. You probably got that idea watching gay midget porn.

LOL jackass.

Christopher King said...

"If not maybe Virginia will suspend his license."

What, his license for Free Speech and the right to petition his government for redress.

Bet you would love that, huh?

Well 30-year Executive Council member (the longest-running) Bernie Street politely disagrees with you, that's why he gave me a First Amendment/Right-to-Know Commendation.

You got anything else, because you haven't impressed me as having one whit of Intelligence yet.

Anonymous said...

your reference to gay midget porn, very strange, me thinks perhaps you have watched a few of said films. Not ignorant by a long shot, maybe a little bit a hater of frivolous ambulance chasers, suspended I might add. License to drive in thestate of NH, I have not a problem with free speech or the right to question the government. You have more of an issue with free speech than I do. You banned free speech post on your blog.

Christopher King said...

Thanks for stopping by for my daily joke.

Your reference to gay midget porn, very strange, me thinks perhaps you have watched a few of said films.

.....No more strange than your sexual reference to Mr. Ruff and me, you freak.

Not ignorant by a long shot,

....Sure you are. What license are you even talking about with Oliver, and what on Earth does Virgina have to do with it. He doesn't live there nor has he ever lived there. So you're ignorant.

maybe a little bit a hater of frivolous ambulance chasers, suspended I might add.

....Ahh, but you yourself said the past is not an indicator of the future, my jackass friend.

License to drive in thestate of NH, I have not a problem with free speech or the right to question the government. You have more of an issue with free speech than I do. You banned free speech post on your blog.

.......It was not a ban at all. It was a temporary restriction while I dealt with dumb-assed people like you. Nowithstanding, I still published all of your dumb-assed comments. If there is any comment you made that you don't believe I published send it to to me with proof of dating and I'll post it now.

As to free speech I think Mayor Streeter has already address that matter with the Commendation you neglected to mention, which you really have nothing intelligent to say much about, precisely because you are so freaking ignorant.

Take some time to read up on the FCC initiatives and broaden your horizon, and have a nice day.

And as always, thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Your ignorance shines through on your posts. Virginia the woman, the person who holds the power to suspend Oliver Ruffs' license to driver in the state of NH, Me thinks your rhetoric might have a little to do with his disobedience. I'm glad I can lighten your day.

Christopher King said...

Oh you must mean R.F.'s GF.

Whatever Oliver Ruff's speeding ticket has to do with anything germane to Bruce McKay's unlawful use of force with the Tahoe and unlawful use of force with the OC Spray or NH AG Kelly Ayotte withholding key information about Gregory W. Floyd remains to be seen.

But I'm sure you have something bright to say about that, to tie it all together for us.


Christopher King said...

And oh, wait:

Are you going to submit to me those posts you tried to put up that I didn't actually post during the period of time I was finishing the short film and preparing the Motion for Declaratory Judgment that I closed the comments?

I'll be waiting for another delivery of your helium, or just regular hot air whatever you're spewing today.

Bauman said...

5:58 speaks of past history, but what exactly is that... for example where are all the Franconia tapes, and if they were destroyed in the past, how can we assume anything will be different in the future? Do you even know what tapes exist? I wonder why the insurance company ran for the exits... oh thats right, the tapes! some do exist, that is unfortunate. what happens if you watch 5/11 in context? My dog at my homework... which dog was that, Kelly? the burden for lawsuits rest with the ones who violate the right to know law, since franconia and the AG did, guess who gets to pay for any 'future' lawsuit. Who do you think is providing the content? Bruce McKay provides so many targets in which to send an ambulance, requesting the information about this makes its own gravy. Data Tree in Suffolk may prove an interesting legal precedent, but since the constitution is irrelevant in NH it hardly matters. What was it that someone said about constitutional rights in NH?

Christopher King said...

Yes Bauman this whole thing stinks to high hell. I'm just the guy who walked into the bathroom and lifted the toilet lid where all of that stink was sitting, so when I open the door it all wafts out into the hallway.

But they can't blame me, only themselves.

The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the souls of the Franconia Selectmen, Chief Montminy and those at the AG's Office who knew better and did nothing.

So whatever phyrric victories they get in this court, there is another court in which they will answer.

Pete [Sampras] will be covering the net up there, good luck getting anything past him =^.)