31 December 2007

KingCast sees dirtbags at American Tower Corp. settle backdating securities case for $14M, KingCast does not see Boston Globe cover the story.

I knew that they weren't going to totally get away with it so this is the story. Read the comments for a quick story about American Tower Corporation (read about their scumbucket business practices ) from my firsthand experience after winning an employee of the week award and sharing the largest non-exempt raises in 2002 with Attorney Ana C. Phillips. So funny you could see my first office window there in the picture on the 11th floor on the round/corner.

Sure the story was in Reuters and the Motley Fool & AP and other business wires but somehow not picked up by the Boston Globe except for this itty bitty blurb I found after extensive word search. So much for that liberal media conspiracy. I still have emails from when they bailed on coverage of Attorney Phillips' & my lawsuit, which was covered in many local media. Read the Brittney Spears/Rachel Perry "fucking nigger" post.

Interestingly enough, these bastids -- whom I successfully sued for Defamation -- apparently now have a Defamation case against Jide Zeitlin for impersonating CEO Jim Taiclet. Why anybody would want to be that scumbag I have no clue.

ATC never tried to sue me because everything I say or do is fact or opinion, but they did try to remove posts about them from this blawg.... but I prevailed on that, because they're just a bunch of dirtbags with a lil' bit o' money. Doesn't make them legally, morally or ethically correct.


Christopher King said...

You are largely correct about me creating a stir as the KingCast short films and the Justiceforkids first short film indicates.

However, believe it or not, I have actually enjoyed periods in my life when I worked for various companies or people who treated staff with respect and honour. My years in Va. Beach and Dallas and Pittsburgh rocked.

But honestly I've never been consistently exposed to the kind of hateful and mean people that populate New England before in my life and I did it to myself by trying to get to American Tower corp and succeeding.

They in turn called me a Dangerous Black Man and called the police on me as seen in the KingCast short films -- then I had to open a can of whup for them, after the DOL popped them for about $300K in OT fines err... settlement for my trainees.

Christopher King said...

Just as I gave as much information to the securities law firm as I could, I telephoned the Keffi Group today to let them know about this post and American Tower's scumbag profile.