22 December 2007

KingCast says U.S. and Franconia governments are doggone liars, hiding and destroying valuable FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know info. per Caton v. Norton.

Someone just posted a new comment to one of the infamous "My dog ate my homework" posts right here. I referenced Caton v. Norton, 2005 DNH 76; 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7769 May 2, 2005 as an example of Bad Faith FOIA response and the comment reads:
"Caton v Norton(department of the interior) is really about how government employees willingly, knowingly and purposely conspired to perpetrate fraud on bidders/contractors in 2000 and those same government employees then conspired to withhold that information (even though Caton himself had read in 2003 those very same documents that the DOI refused to release to him under FOIA).....and the case continues ...even to the point of being covered up/white washed by their own agency (Inspector General of the Department of Interior)and those very same government employees are still trying not to be deposed under oath for their actions in current litigation."

KingCast notes that the situation in Franconia is exactly the same. Exactly, with NH AG Kelly Ayotte scurrying for cover and avoiding her Deposition after she championed RSA 91-A to me in the letters you see here. Phony.


Anonymous said...

Now I know why Kelly Ayotte wrote that email saying go talk to your senator. She is dangerously over her head. Check out Lady Gray's latest comment on mauramurraymissing.com in the forum's latest page (446?) It speaks for itself. Merry Christmas to the Murray Family. God's Peace.

Christopher King said...

That is a complicated case, but I think I get the gist.

The LE wasn't supposed to be there at the time he was there? And the dispatch log itself is all cattewhompassed, in a way that implicates fabrication. Post to me if you have a copy of that document so I can see it.

It's really overwhelming and of course as I noted the same merry band of legal pranksters is in "charge" of the Franconia Shooting Right-to-Know that lost the Fred Murray Right-to-Know case in the Supreme Court as noted herein.

Then from what I understand on remand the State issued some documents (reports of some kind) but they are conflicting. Does that dovetail with this issue or not?

Please advise; our hearing of 10 Jan is fast approaching. I am going to check with the Court on 24 Dec. to make sure the date is still good. I hate to miss a Good Date.