16 December 2007

KingCast says to idiot in Gloucester fire: Do not dry your shirts with a lamp, you almost killed a friend of mine, fool.

Plot thickens: In the interest of Fair Play, the gentleman who was accused of drying his chemise over a lamp vehemently denies starting the fire. Here is his story as told to the Gloucester Times.
"Carignan said there were no fire extinguishers that he knew of in the building and firefighters didn't have one on their truck. He helped them to pull the hose in and held it down with them as they sprayed down his apartment."

Update: Temple Ahavat Achim website. So S.S. walks into the living room today and told me what happened yesterday as her apartment building and Temple Ahavat Achim burned to the ground. She heard the alarm, thought it was her own alarm and almost went back to sleep but fortunately smelled just a wisp of smoke and decided to investigate. She ended up outside and at the fire station, barefoot -- where they told her "you can't be here," then they allowed her upstairs, then told her she couldn't be there either. What a trying experience. There was a fire in the apartment directly underneath mine back in '97 but fortunately I only got some smoke damage. Then in 2004 my old aparment in Nashua burned out too, with the flames in my old room as epicenter 2 weeks after I moved out. I was inline skating past there and saw it; it's kind of an out-of-body experience.

My heartfelt thanks to our nation's firefighters, as noted in this post celebrating Workingfirefighters.com and containing my short Daily Kos editorial on NYC firefighters, "9/11 and the negative space." And may they remain sober at work, as noted in this post. Oddly enough I just saw Mike, brother of the owner of Workingfirefighters a few days ago.

"We like what you did with his site on your blawg," he says. He also said he knew about the First Amendment violation at Lawrence High School with the MLK/Malcolm X mural being painted over because of Superintendent Laboy's personal prejudices against Malcolm.

"My pleasure on the website," I told him. "And yeah the Supe was wrong, wrong wrong in his beliefs."


Anonymous said...

Also see templetaa.blogspot.com for a full report

Anonymous said...

As usual, a great post Chris. Very sorry for your friend. Gloucester is a warm, family-oriented city with deep ethnic and religious roots, and some notably tragic losses.

I came to know a retired firefighter from my work at a Gloucester hospital...he informed me that it is our firefighters who REALLY save lives. He said the police will show up at the scene of an accident or fire, but may sometimes even delay until the rescue/fire ambulance arrives first. Their overlapping roles have been known to create some tension between the two professions. It was magnified on 9/11 in NYC. EMT's are also exceptional, underrecognized heroes.

Only recently, and proudly, did I learn that my great grandfather was a fire chief on Nova Scotia.

Many thanks to all the good policemen, also, who unselfishly perform their roles. Only a few spoil the reputation of some.