31 December 2007

KingCast says Lyndeborough Chief Basinas and Attorney Volinsky got a lump of coal and a retroactive hiring freeze for Christmas.

Oh that picture is hootlarious, eh? Funny as all-get-out. And I told you this was coming back here on 2 Dec. 2007. Now the town has eliminated his position in a special vote, kind of how Jaffery NH had to pay to make a maggot named Marty Dunn (who was NH AG Kelly Ayotte's co-loser on a vindictive case again Aaron Deboisbriand) go away. Former NH AG John Arnold upheld the firing after that creep laughed in a deposition about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison (did not happen, thank you) but hey, you'll have that in NH LE, kind of like Bruce Mckay threatening a woman with a penis shaped knife as noted herein.

Anywhoozer -- a girlfriend of mine used to say that, I love it -- on Basinas, some say he misrepresented himself as a police chief, as noted herein.

Non sequitur: What was the BAC level of Daniel Talbot and the other officers and Lieutenant who were present behind the schoolyard at 1:30 a.m. when Officer Talbot was shot and killed?


Anonymous said...

Cops in NH apparently like the "gang rape" fantasy. I remember a certain police officer from Bethle... that made a nasty comment about wishing Liko had lived and gone to prison with his Patrick Swayze good looks. This cop was on the scene that night (5/11) and a friend of McKay's.

Christopher King said...

So I run into a fellow tonight (2 Jan) who I used to see all the time when he lived in Nashua. He is in Lyndeborough and when I saw him at the Chinese joint waiting on food we started rappin' and he was like,

"Yeah we got rid of him...."

Anonymous said...

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