30 December 2007

KingCast says Happy New Year and God bless Jill Scott and WERS.org.

The First Order of business for the New Year that I will publicly discuss is unwrapping the dirty truth about the Franconia shooting tragedy as noted in these/two recent posts that tie together police abuse from the other side of the Continent on the same exact day with another rogue cop. Now then,

Look at this half-hour playlist tonight on the Secret Spot.

8:00 pm "Let's Get Married" by Al Green
8:05 pm "sweet love" by anita baker
8:09 pm "time" by musiq soulchild
8:15 pm "wanna be loved" by jill scott
8:19 pm "when you were mine" by prince
8:23 pm "love is like a (heatwave)" by Martha Reeves & the vandellas
8:25 pm "youre all i need to get by" by marvin gaye
8:28 pm "neither one of us" by gladys knight & the pips
8:35 pm "I get lonely" by janet jackson
8:40 pm "what a woman really means" by Donny Hathaway
8:45 pm "always and forever" by heatwave
8:51 pm "Dr. Feelgood(love is a serious business)" by Aretha franklin
9:57 pm "me and mrs jones" by billy paul

Anyone got any questions?

I don't.

Jill Scott came "back" a few months ago with this album (YouTube streaming) and not to too much pubic fanfare from the corporape bastids as my former Dallas brother notes in this blog post. She and her girlys aren't owned by anybody, and they make music if and when they feel like it, the way they want to do it. Everybody in my family got Jill Scott's first album that Christmas, and to hear her now is music to the soul. She will be in Boston on 9 March 2008 and I will be all up in that joint. Jill and Buju Banton are two of my favorites.

And PS to a certain young lady, one of Jill and Erykah Badu's NYC tea party buddies with whom I got to hang out with in Columbus 8 or 9 years ago: I loved shooting our moons to Nationwide Insurance on High Street that night. In hindsight, yours looked better than mine as I looked at the picture, honey =^.)


Christopher King said...

Speaking of Soul, how is it that Ike Turner and James Brown leave us almost one year apart to the day?

Take 10 minutes to actually sit down and watch this Ike and Tina Turner video.

At the end, they just kick it so hard. So hard.


Christopher King said...

And let's not forget Amel Larrieux.

It's easy to say there's no good music out here anymore, but that's only because you have to have the time, resources and/or networks to hear it.

Because you won't hear about most of it on VH1, MTV or anything Prime Time. Not to disrespect artists who do enjoy spotlight there, just to give respect to those who don't.

comprendo said...

Are you the same Chris King, the Motown Afficiando? I remember reading about your "personal" EMPRESS OF SOUL, Gladys Knight. It's now official. The Society of Singers declared Gladys Knight The "EMPRESS OF SOUL" when presenting her with the 16th Annual Ella Award, this past September 10, 2007, at the Beverley Hilton Hotel. Google EMPRESS OF SOUL and see the returns.

Christopher King said...

Wow, actually I'm not, but my family has been deeply involved in music but I can't exactly say how publicly.

Suffice it to say I was there for this event, standing right next to the individual who took this picture, and no I didn't pay to get in.

Good for Gladys. She and Candy Staton have the two most similar voices I've ever heard.

Happy New Year!

comprendo said...

the following is a link to the article i was referring to. check it out and see if it refreshes your memory. http://web.ukonline.co.uk/theincrowd/CDReviews/CDRecommend7.HTM

comprendo said...
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comprendo said...

the following is a link to the article i was referring to. check it out and see if it refreshes your memory. http://web.ukonline.co.uk/theincrowd/CDReviews

Christopher King said...

That's an awesome link. I'll be reading it over the weekend but right now I'm getting read to holler at Senator Obama.

BTW this is how you make a link:

[words you want highlighted

BTW Chris King also is the name of one of the baddest Mountain bike component manufacturers, ever, and yes of course I got the hat and the jersey and various bits. My neighbor in NH by coincidence worked for Chris King in California years ago.

comprendo said...
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comprendo said...

Didn't quite follow your link instruction. Explain again, with illustration.

Thank you.

Christopher King said...

Damn I accidentally put up a link in trying to illustrate.

I'll get back with you soon.