18 December 2007

KingCast provides the Clarence Thomas jurisprudential backdrop to the current FCC cross-ownership matter, invoking Franconia and Ben Bagdikian.

Today's LA Times contains this story on the pending newspaper/broadcast cross-ownership regulation. Several Senators, including Obama and Clinton, have vowed to introduce legislation to nullify the proposed loosening of restrictions and with good reason:

When we move toward a media monolith not only do we lose diversity, we lose more of the truth behind any stories that are critical of large corporations or the government. If smaller papers in New Hampshire like the Calendonian Record and the Littleton Courier were owned by giants like WMUR the NH and American Public would never have even heard about the KingCast RSA 91-A Right-to-Know/FOIA lawsuit filed againt the town of Franconia and NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who now admits (only after numerous FOIA requests by KingCast) to withholding key facts that would have coloured World perception of what happened in a tragic double homicide on 5/11 involving Bruce McKay, Liko Kenney and Gregory W. Floyd, a 3-time felon with a noted history of violent, criminal activity who in my opinion murdered Liko Kenney.

The lawsuit.
The Motions.
The short film.
The community outcry.

I studied Ben Bagdikian "The Media Monopoly" in undergrad and his points are still salient today and they will remain so for the next foreseeable future.
"So that what we have is maybe anywhere from 20 to a half a dozen huge corporations who have the dominant media voice in the media absorbing world, especially in the developed world - and now, getting a foothold in the less developed world. And what we're seeing in the media now is a decrease in hard reporting as a proportion of the whole, and an increase of soft entertainment features - which are the least expensive to produce and the most revenue producing."

And Justice Clarence Thomas' role in this? Well he intentionally delayed a vote back in '91 that would have expanded protections for women in media. He delayed the vote because he thought it would have a negative impact on his Supreme Court Judicial appointment, and not only that, he really applied strict scrutiny instead of the mid-level scrutiny used in sex cases.
"He said in the decision that the Federal Communications Commission's policy of giving preference to women was unconstitutional because it denied equal protection of the laws to white men.
The decision flew in the face of recent case law established by the Brennan Decision in Metromedia v. FCC as noted in these NYTimes links one and two.


Anonymous said...

I just love this article online from the Union Leader http://www.unionleader.com/article.aspx?articleId=fb7f51e7-c2c9-4f6e-b31e-cca6db096d76&headline=Home+quarrel+ends+in+death

I just love the part about how long it takes the AG's office to investigate a case.

Home quarrel ends in death

Union Leader Correspondent and Union Leader staff
11 hours, 41 minutes ago

NEWBURY – A Londonderry firefighter shot and killed his wife in the driveway outside their home Sunday afternoon after she fired a shotgun at him and continued to confront him with the weapon in her hand, state prosecutors said yesterday.

Gary M. Dion, 37, called police shortly after shooting his wife, Karen, 38, in the driveway of the couple's 76 Mountain Road home about 2:30 p.m.

State and local police took Dion into custody for questioning and held him overnight at the New London Police Station. He was released early yesterday morning, Senior Assistant Attorney General Jeffery A. Strelzin said.

No charges have been filed.

Newbury Police Chief Robert Lee said the investigation "appears to be leaning toward" a determination that Gary Dion acted in self-defense.

>>>[b]Strelzin said there is no set time frame for the Attorney General's Office to conclude that aspect of the investigation.

"Sometimes we're able to make a determination in less than 24 hours and other times it can take as long as a year," Strelzin said. "We're looking at all possibilities."[/b]<<<

State prosecutors said yesterday the couple quarreled prior to the shooting. A short time later, Karen Dion took a shotgun and fired it at her husband as he cleared the driveway during Sunday's snowstorm.
dec18 shooting 250px

State Police investigators search for evidence yesterday at the Newbury home where a Londonderry man shot his armed wife to death.

After his wife confronted him again while still holding the shotgun, Gary Dion retrieved a handgun and killed her, police said.

The Dions were home alone when the shooting occurred.

Strelzin said Gary Dion was not injured when his wife shot at him, but would not say how many shots she fired or if the shots missed. He said investigators believe they know what the Dions were fighting about, but he would not elaborate.

A records check at New London District Court turned up no documented history of domestic disputes between the Dions. Lee said his department's only recent contact with the couple was when they registered their dogs and obtained gun permits.

"Oh, my gosh," whispered local mini-market clerk, Anu Saini, after a reporter told her it was Gary Dion who killed his wife.

Dion was a regular customer at the Exxon Mobil station in Newbury where he often dropped by to buy gasoline, coffee, cigarettes and beer, Saini said.

"We didn't have any problems with him," she said.

Karen Dion was the stepdaughter of Richard Wright, who has been a Newbury selectman for nearly nine years and previously owned a hunting and fishing supply store on Route 103. Jim Powell, chairman of the town's board of selectmen, declined to comment on the shooting.

►Location of shooting

Karen Dion at one point worked on an ambulance crew, but had been out of work since she was injured in an automobile accident several months ago. Chief Lee said she was still suffering from headaches related to the accident.

Gary Dion joined the Londonderry Fire Department on July 23, 1998, and was promoted to lieutenant in April, 2005, said Londonderry's human resources manager, Donna Pratt. No decision has been made to remove him from active-duty status until the results of the criminal inquiry are known, she said.

Londonderry Fire Chief Michael Carrier did not return calls for comment.

Gary Dion was also a member of the United States Mine Rescue Association, based in Uniontown, Pa., according to the group's Web site. Rob McGee, a representative of the association, did not return a call for comment.

An autopsy was performed yesterday, Strelzin said. Results are expected today.

Newbury police and state police assigned to the Major Crime Unit continued to gather evidence at the couple's home yesterday which remained a crime scene. The house will be released to Gary Dion once investigators have concluded their work, Strelzin said.

Police blocked off Mountain Road in front of the Dions' house for several hours Sunday.

"It's a tragedy," said Mountain Road neighbor Kevin Nemcovich, of the news.

Other neighbors said they realized something was wrong when they saw police cruisers speeding past their houses with lights and sirens on.

Robert Ross of 48 Mountain Road said his wife thought she heard gunshots Sunday afternoon. "Shortly after that, it was blue lights all over the place," he said.

The Dions were already living in the neighborhood when Ross moved in eight years ago, but he said he knew them only in passing.

"They tend to keep to themselves, and so do we. The majority of the times when we saw them, either she was walking the dogs or she and he were walking the dogs together," he said.

"You don't expect much to happen around here," he said of the small town on the shore of Lake Sunapee. "It's kind of a hard thing to swallow."

He said he does not believe the couple have children.

New Hampshire Union Leader staff reporter Pat Grossmith contributed to this report.

Christopher King said...

Holy maird. Mon dieux!

I'm quite sure that there is a story there that we will NEVER know.

Strelzin's little quote about "sometimes we can complete and investigation in 24 hours" is a nice touch, especially considering it took me weeks on end, and at least three (3) distinct requests to NH AG Ayotte and Strelzin for them to tell me when the Franconia investigation was completed (in 24 hours).

Read this post.


Anonymous said...

"The house will be released to Gary Dion once investigators have concluded their work, Strelzin said."

Also seems like Strelzin has made up his mind .... already concluding that the house will be released to the shooter. I don't feel very confident about investigation's being too thorough. Do you?

Anonymous said...

Also seems like Strelzin has made up his mind .... already concluding that the house will be released to the shooter. I don't feel very confident about investigation's being too thorough. Do you?

Who else would it be released to? He owns it doesn't he?

Christopher King said...

Richard Dow owned his house, too.

Word to the wise.

Anonymous said...

point is - they're planning his release. more emphasis on the investigation and less on the property, strelzin.

Christopher King said...


Exactly. It's the same scenario with Liko/McKay/Floyd.

Start with your beginning, which is that LE did not wrong and Liko was all wrong, then just bake up a bunch of "Facts" in the oven and sell it.

But it's really upside down cake.

Christopher King said...

BTW this is the official KingCast post on the "Home quarrel that ended in death," containing links to the mysterious Dow murders where an LE no doubt killed his wife and adoptive son, then stuck them in a SAAB and lit it on fire.

And got away with it.

Anonymous said...

I have known Gary for many years.. He is not the type to take a life unless he himself was in fear of his own life. He has dedicated his life to saving people and lives... He is a good person, and this is a tragedy that he will have to live with for the rest of his life... My blessings go out to him....

Christopher King said...

I appreciate your opinion.

It is the (in)actions of our LE "leaders" over the years, however, that leads to suspicion in every case they review now.

Anonymous said...


Gary was passive aggressive, suffered from depression and IS AN ALCOHOLIC! He also burned down his own garage. Firemen are often pyros. I wouldn't be suprised if he burns the house down for insurance money as well...OH and then there was the time he drove Karens scooter through the back wall of their shed...drunk.

Christopher King said...

Interesting. Notice how this case and that of slain Revere Officer Talbot and his crew (what were their BAC levels that night?) have fallen from public view.

But not entirely. I'll have a post about them soon.

Anonymous said...

Christopher, could you contact me please? My name is William Hall. I am Karen Dion's Brother. I would like to talk to you about her case and the performance of the State Attorney General, and if NH actually has a castle law or not. Thanks!

William Hall

Christopher King said...


Dear Mr. Hall,

Check your email this morning.

I read that the Governor vetoed the Castle Law in NH, need to do more research to see what term it was and which governor.



BTW it's odd that this post received most of the comments about this case, whereas this dedicated post did not.

That happens.

Anonymous said...

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