09 December 2007

KingCast presents: Fun scenes from the Verizon Obama/Oprah evening.

The C-Span guys were great. The WMUR guys are, well......


Christopher King said...

That's a Maura Murray reward flier in my hand; we were hoping it would show a little bigger in the pic, but we were as close as we could get without losing that wonderful characterization of WMUR's news coverage.

Christopher King said...

Actually I believe the sytax is improper.

It should probably read

"No one covers New Hampshire as we do."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Chris for bringing Maura's posters. Were you able to get any attention to them by any media?

Christopher King said...

You're welcome, it's all the same struggle for effective and honest LE and transparent government as noted in the Dow Murders post.

We didn't move quickly enough to get tickets to get inside but people were pretty receptive outside and I will be following up with C-Span.

I did not apply for media credentials on time, but have not heard anything back from my application with the Obama camp.

We look forward to inclusion in the media pool at the coming events as long as we have our application in on time :)

Anonymous said...

Didn't move quick enough, it was broadcasted even though the ticket were free you had to reserve them. It was important to you to make grand statements alleging how you were single-handedly bringing the Murray and Kenney to the attention of Obama, but you failed to get tickets. Way to drop the ball.

Christopher King said...


That's hardly a Big Deal, I'm a bit more concerned about the pending motions than that, and you can rest assured everything is on point there, five (5) Motions and/or replies going out this week.

And ummmm, I never said that I was single-handedly exposing the Maura Murray situation to anybody, but in fact last night there were more hands, as someone very active in the Maura Murray forum was in attendence with KingCast last night.

Thanks for your concern!

Anonymous said...

Drop the ball? I bet your ass was parked in your Lazy Boy in front the Pats game, wishing you were handing out fliers in the freezing cold in the name of your cause...Right?

Happy Anniversary.

Christopher King said...

He-heh.... we did check some of the game last night from Jilian's.

It was cold as all get out on our hands from passing fliers so we went on and had a bevy and some insanely salted foods. Wasn't thinking should have ordered a salad instead of a fish and chips, duh.

On this day in history, 2006:

The Nashua Telegraph wrote a Sunday story about the restrictive and unlawful First Amendment policy at the Nashua School Board, which was reversed.

Anonymous said...

hey, 8:35! bet yours was parked there!
it was all good...indeed,the ball was rolling, the crowds were receptive, the information exchange was thought provoking and enlightening...and the deepening bonds on behalf of Maura and Liko is encouraging.