21 December 2007

KingCast asks on the penis-shaped knife issue: Does the North Country have any rapist cops like Roger Magana and Juan Lara from Eugene, Oregon?

This is the penis-shaped knife issue between Bruce McKay and "Ms. B," the wife of a police officer who issued a 13-page complaint that was ignored by Franconia PD and selectmen. Not only that, current NH AG Kelly Ayotte (a woman) lied to KingCast about whether her office had a copy of the complaint but I got the proof through my interview with "Ms. B" and through this document.

The impetus for this entry comes from the comments section of this post from my Corvallis, OR sister of the Fourth Estate Tamar from "A Parliament of One."

According to many accounts, Eugene Oregon had two serial rapists on its police force, Roger Magana 94 year sentence and Juan Lara 5 year sentence. Testimony says these two fine men in blue were in network. Reporter Scott McKee wrote:
Seven months earlier, Juan Francisco Lara had confessed to me that, for him, being a Eugene police officer "was all about getting a piece of ass." Having betrayed his oath to protect and serve his community, and having failed to hold himself to a higher standard of personal and professional conduct, he said simply, "I was thinking with my dick."

Eugene I always imagined to be a quiet little town, All Good. The only person I knew from Eugene is attorney Lara Johnson, we worked on a Diebold age discrimination case and she delighted in telling me how laid back it is, with shimmering fingerlakes and brilliant topography. Hmmmmm.... sounds alot like North Country, NH where I keep getting accuations of similar abuse by one of Bruce McKay's pallbearers.

Related post: Corvallis, OR bad cop Dave Cox and Bruce McKay two peas in a pod.

PS: Officers Magana and Lara separated at birth or what? Apparently fell off the same damn DNA tree -- can't hold onto it when you ain't got no branches. Dirtbags (3rd para from bottom).

PPS: Then ABC News publishes a BS feature "Officer Down" that ignores the fact that more officers are being shot because the government keeps letting more of them abuse the public, and that is the natural backlash and consequence. Duh, read this post on it.


Anonymous said...

Due to the frequent and specific reference to the "penis-shaped knife", are you suggesting and are being led to believe there were sexual overtones or acting out on the part of Bruce McKay?

Anonymous said...

yeah where are you going with this? The DA didn't care about Liko's complaint... You must have more than one example (not that its necessary) other than the woman who complained. I'd be willing to believe it, although it sounds much more like a terror tactic than a sexual tactic. The drunk driving accidents at McKay's residence, now that sounds like a sexual tactic, but I'm sure he was just cutting her a break. no pun intended.

Christopher King said...


Yes. Remember "Penis-shaped knife" was not my description that but of the victim. And even if not outright sexual on its face, after interviewing "Ms.B" she thought so too. And while the media reports "adbomen" she tells me the way he was cutting at the seatbelt webbing (when the buckle worked in the first place) was bringing the knife down toward her labia. Definitely a control issue with misogynist over/undertones.


I have spoken with other women who were abused or otherwise treated in an illtemperate manner by McKay, one of whom is a partner in a law firm who lives on my street. She stopped me when I was raking leaves a couple months ago to ask for a "Fix Franconia" bumpah' sticka'.

I've heard about the drunk driving stuff at McKay's house but don't have enough to start reporting that here.

Let me know of you've got more on that.

Anonymous said...

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