21 December 2007

KingCast applauds EEOC suit against Freudenberg NH for age discrimination.

I've helped CP Law Offices successfully represent a client who worked there. Here is today's case (what a bone-head admission) and this is a link to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). That is all I can or will say on that case, but I will say that my father got shown the door by another hater company before his time, and we've been in litigation 3 years now, continuing on since I wrote a better brief than Peter Kirsanow and crew.


Anonymous said...

Chris, I know you were born in the civil rights era, but could you please tell us about MLK and what it would mean to march with him, historically speaking. Mitt Romney said his father marched with MLK, and while this was not true, what are your favorite MLK events and/or speeches? Do you ever feel a connection with him?

Christopher King said...

Hey thanks for asking.

You know I was going to post on Mitt Romney's comment (no on could verify that his father marched with Dr. King) but honestly I'm too busy still trying to figure out his penchant for hiring undocumented workers and hiring staff like driver Jay Garrity, under investigation for impersonating a police officer who abused NYTimes reporter Mark Leibovich.

That having been said King's 1963 letter from a Birmingham Jail was key, and I wrote an major undergrad paper on it. What he did was to use the rhetoric of his ecumenical brothers -- many of whom had been tacitly supporting oppression -- to bring a mirror to their own actions. It was brilliant but it always stands in the shadow of the I have a dream speech. I did a send-up of the Birmingham letter here, the real one is here.

They murdered him 80 miles from where my parents grew up, COINTELPRO somehow couldn't protect him or Malcolm or Medgar despite the fact that they knew everything these guys did almost every minute of the day. Fascinating.

The namesake thing is kind of extraordinary in and of itself. I mean what are the odds of that?

And what are the odds of one of my most important clients to have met Dr. King's right-hand man Ralph Abernathy, who told him:

"Blacks in Columbus suffer as much now from inequality and poverty as they did during the 1960's, and they aren't fighting hard enough. They need to get back in the fight.... Just because they've got a black man in the Ohio House and a black man on the City Council, they think we have won a victory.... they must be shown into reality."

And mind you it's not just blacks, but anyone who is a little person in the system who hasn't been bought and sold who has to watch out for the steamroller of oppression. Just ask my Caucasian brothers and sisters in Franconia.

So it means a lot for me to have made my contributions to Civil Rights and Justice.

My life was pre-ordained a long time ago, I'm just piloting the vehicle. It's quite the ride, not always pleasant I'll tell you THAT.

That having been said, the ongoing battle of High School student Thuan Tran's murals documents my respect for both MLK and Malcolm X.