07 December 2007

Dear Senator Obama: Republican NH AG Kelly Ayotte lied to the public about police abuse and illegally withheld info. in a missing person's case.

Dear Senator Obama,
You stated in Iowa, with considerable integrity,
“So I’m benefiting from what the Moses generation did. The question is whether the Joshuas among us are willing to stand up, are willing to be counted, are willing to vote, are willing to organize, are willing to mobilize, are willing to get going.”

We at KingCast.net and the Franconia Collective support litigation to delve into the Truth in Franconia includes that complaint by the wife of a policeman, who holds a criminal justice degree after Bruce McKay "terrorized" her with a "penis-shaped knife." The State never responded to her complaint and NH AG Kelly Ayotte denied the existence of any complaint, so KingCast sued her and noticed her for a Deposition 14 Dec for Grafton 07-E-268.

The State has hid crucial/information on the backgrounds of 3 men including McKay involved in a double homicide on 11 May, 2007 in the White Mountains. Read comments section, these Concord Monitor/ABC News stories & watch this video. More on ABC.

Point of focus: Defendant Ayotte's Attorneys lost the RSA 91-A Right-to-Know case with Fred Murray, father of Maura Murray, missing in the North Country since 2004, 913 A.2d 737 (2006). Maura is a good girl whose disappearance, along with other girls from the area, is very troubling.


Christopher King said...

Dear Senator, as a recent recipient of a Mayoral Commendation from Nashua's Bernie Street for First Amendment and Right-to-Know advocacy, I wish to thank you in advance for monitoring these cases and providing us with any assistance you can at franconiacollective@yahoo.com.

We would relish the opportunity to further explain this situation to your staff at your earliest convenience.

This post addresses the Town

The ABC News Story about Corporal Bruce McKay, Liko Kenney and Gregory W. Floyd here is one of the only fair and unbiased news stories about this case in which McKay rammed Liko with his Tahoe after Liko had pulled over, then OC Sprayed him and his passenger
without a single word or directive, in violation of
police policy.

Liko then shot McKay in the side when McKay was off-camera, and Gregory Floyd began shooting
at Liko and his car immediately thereafter, and killed him.

He never said a word before shooting and lied about that in the investigation, and he lied about being a Vietnam Veteran. In point of fact he was a
twice-AWOL Marine who is a 3-time felon for drugs and theft of a Virgin Mary statue.

He's also been arrested for Assault with Dangerous Weapons and convicted of disorderly conduct, and lied about being in Vietnam
but Ayotte withheld that information as well as noted in the links, which contain the actual documents and admissions.

Anonymous said...

Um Senator Obama is an empty suit and is not going to do anything about this. LOL

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up Maura's case to Obama. We hope Oprah may do a story on this. Thank you for your efforts Chris.

Christopher King said...


The man said he was committed to Civil Rights so we will tell him about it.

And we will tell a whole lot of other people about it as well.

Then we will go to court and show the court how Defendants have lied about the presence of key evidentiary materials, including

1. The police reports.

2. Responsive documents that show that the AG's office had information on Gregory Floyd and the fact that he was never in Vietnam and never had "43 kills," but never provided them to KingCast despite his request.