30 December 2007

Coast to coast: Franconia lawyer Troy Watts & Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times agree with KingCast on police abuse; Brandeis Addendum on Case No. 07-E-268.

This email from Attorney Watts goes with this post about how Franconia is still derelict in producing evidentiary materials about Bruce McKay that they are compelled to protect according to law, as well as this post, which contains the Gazette-Times editorial, "Candor better police policy than silence" about another rogue cop named Dave Cox, in addition to the draft of the forthcoming Brandeis Addendum. This is the original Brandeis Brief and here is the KingCast Brandeis-style Addendum (coming soon, Scribd.com is slow), excerpted below.


"Officers Cox and McKay both made mistakes on 5/11, but more importantly, their managers, perhaps all the way up to the State Attorneys General, sat by idly as complaints came in. These cases are not mere coincidence but rather serve as a sign to this Honorable Court that now is the time to help return integrity to law enfocement and to make America a safer place for everyone.

People involved in the prior RSA 91-A case of Murray v. NH State Police, 154 N.H. 579, 913 A.2d 737 (2006) supra, will be present for this hearing because the same litigants and counsel are involved herein, and there is an ongoing need for transparency in our government. Based on information and belief the government continues to thwart attempts at full and reasonable disclosure in the Murray case even after remand from the Supreme Court of New Hampshire.

This Court has before it the unique opportunity to enforce the mandates and spirit of RSA 91-A, the Freedom of Information Act and the First Amendment, whereby Petitioner prays for vigorous application and enforcement of the principles enunciated in those sacred documents. As noted in KingCast short film American Lawyer One:"http://kingcast.net/VideoPodcast/AmLawI.html
“without the First Amendment, the framework of Justice itself….. is illusory.”

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net
Plaintiff pro se

Note: Civil Rights lawyer Terry Gilbert concurs in full.


Christopher King said...

And it's going to be recorded by KingCast cameras, thanks in part to Orr & Reno; In re Petition of WMUR Channel 9. Defendant Ayotte should remember that case well because she lost it.

"We conclude that media access to judicial proceedings includes the technological advances applicable to the media profession. In the twenty-five years since we adopted Superior Court Rule 78, the common law has advanced to treat technology such as cameras as important in the reporting of public courtroom proceedings. To the extent that Superior Court Rule 78 conflicts with this reality, it is no longer valid.

A trial judge should permit the media to photograph, record and broadcast all courtroom proceedings that are open to the public."

And of course KingCast has been bringing cameras into courtrooms since 1996; you can even see some back to '97 and '99 in the short film "Advocacy in Action: Then and Now," in which Superior Court Chief Justice Robert Lynn agrees on the open nature of the forum.


Christopher King said...


I don't check my myspace too often but I just did.


And there's an interesting comment there from someone else who attempted to file a complaint about Bruce McKay with Chief Montminy and Franconia Selectmen.

I think I'll just bring the individual to Court on 10 Jan for an offer of proof as to the pervasive nature of the problems.

While I have been an entirely Open Book on this case, you never give your whole game away before Court.

I gave most of it away because I always knew there would be more in the last minutes because I've worked in government long enough to know that where's there's smoke there's fire.

Unfortunately, in part because of years of benign neglect, it was gunfire in this case.

Again: The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the individual and collective souls of Kelly Ayotte, Mark Montminy and the Franconia Selectmen, and any other LE who helped cover up this abuse and lie about it.


Anonymous said...

"Again: The blood of Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay will wash over the individual and collective souls of Kelly Ayotte, Mark Montminy and the Franconia Selectmen, and any other LE who helped cover up this abuse and lie about it."