06 December 2007

Bruce McKay unfit? KingCast says here comes Stefan Edberb with that high kicker you know it's coming but you still can't beat.

A trifle obtuse but Defendants get it for certain and so too will any lawyer or citizen with a pulse. As with Edberg's serve, you know it's coming but you can't handle it.
"Plaintiff will also note that he has filed Affidavits in regard to McKay being unfit, one from a criminal justice degree holder and one from someone who stated that Defendant Montminty told her McKay was indeed suspended for feckless behavior at Hillwinds Motor Inn; she said Defendant Montminy specifically told her that. Meanwhile Defendant Montminy has not filed any Affidavit to the contrary."

Whoops. And there's more. A lot more, some of which I haven't even mentioned in the Court file yet. With a guy like Bruce McKay, you've always got more if you do your homework. Just remember your dog can't eat it, Chief Montminy.

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