19 December 2007

Brian Noakes, Liko Kenney, Michael Isreal and Officers Dave Cox, Bruce McKay, Hensley and Rhodes: The trail of four rogue police officers.

My blogger buddy Tamar from "Parliament of One" reports that the harrassing cop David Cox resigned after being suspended because he instigated bogus DUI proceedings against her cousin's husband Brian Noakes. Blog Entry "Dave Cox, Bruce McKay and the Moral of the Story." Corvallis Gazette-Times Story "Rise and Fall of Officer Cox."
“While Officer Cox was collecting kudos for his record of DUII enforcement, he also was leaving a trail of citizen complaints — 14 formal complaints in his six-year tour of duty with CPD, including six in a single year. In at least two cases, civil suits were filed against the city stemming from DUI arrests by Cox.....Many citizens of this community have lost confidence in this department because of your actions,” Marr writes. “I believe becoming more proactive will help restore community confidence not only in this department but also in you as an officer.”

My client Michael Isreal does not drink (watch him sing Negro Spirituals in this KingCast short film "American Lawyer One") and he went through the same thing as Mr. Noakes before we prevailed on the state charges, got Officers Hensley and Rhodes adjudicated liable in V1996-61481 for making him a victim of violent crime and collected $58,500.00 in Federal Court.

And Bruce McKay: Here's the Concord Monitor editorial "McKay's File sheds light on why officer died," coupled with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's bald-faced lie that they had only one complaint on Bruce McKay, when in fact they had this one, written by the wife of a police officer, who also holds a degree in Criminal Justice and a teaching certificate. Not to mention what she didn't tell us about Gregory W. Floyd who in my opinion murdered Liko Kenney. How many complaints have to be filed before those in charge actually hold a rogue cop accountable, regardless of how much bling he brings in the door? It's like playing Russian Roulette with human life and when that happens everybody loses.

Short film: "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."
Omnibus Motion post for RSA 91-A/FOIA lawsuit; KingCast.net v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al.

Look: I was an AAG for three years and clerk for one so I'm not a cop hater. The Caucasian fellow in the picture next to me was a police officer and a client who followed the Isreal case because he knew there was an injustice going on. I am a BAD COP hater though, you bet, so don't get it twisted.


Christopher King said...

Beginning of the end

KingCast says: You GO! Brian Noakes.

On June 17, Cox made his arrest of Brian J. Noakes for driving under the influence (see related story), even though tests later revealed Noakes was stone cold sober at the time.

For Officer Cox, it all went downhill from there.

• On June 18, Noakes filed a complaint that led to an internal affairs investigation.

• On Aug. 30, Noakes’ attorney served notice of intent to sue the city.

• On Sept. 14, Cox was placed on paid administrative leave and ordered to surrender his badge and his gun.

• On Oct. 29, Police Chief Gary Boldizsar approved a one-day suspension for Cox for mishandling the Noakes arrest.

• On Nov. 1, Cox submitted his resignation.

The story doesn’t end there. Cox remains under investigation by the state Department of Justice, which is considering whether grounds exist for criminal charges against the former police officer. Neither Justice Department nor CPD officials will say whether that investigation extends beyond the Noakes arrest.

There’s also still the possibility of a lawsuit. Noakes has declined to comment, but his attorney, Dan Rayfield, told the Gazette-Times he would aggressively pursue a settlement for his client, who is stuck with a DUII arrest on his record.

Benton County prosecutors are still dealing with the ripple effects of Cox’s fall from grace. According to District Attorney John Haroldson, a substantial number of cases that relied on Cox’s testimony have been put on hold or dismissed pending the outcome of the state probe.

Christopher King said...

From Lucidiocy:

"The main disparity between Liko and Brian should be non sequitur. It doesn't matter that Brian never got in any trouble, or that Liko did. The fact remains that their constitutional rights were violated by men with a badge; men who were allowed to misuse their power while their superiors turned a blind eye."

Christopher King said...

Franconia still doing business as usual, stuck on stupid:

Ellie Oblinski owner of "Dutch Treat" she was telling me within 2 weeks she put in a complaint to Montminy about Chris Fowler, bragging while he was outside about arresting someone she said his behavior was very inappropiate, so she complained to Montminy he said yeah he spoke with Chris, and she said NO!

I want it in writing and has not heard anything back, she is so pissed and calls franconia the Stepford town where people keep secrets..

She.... told Monmtminy he was another Mckay .... so nothing's changed in addressing public complaints... just wanted to tell you that..[name withheld].

Looks like Montminy just earned himself another FOIA request.

BTW I know a bit about Stepford Country (Gilmanton, NH) and their resigned Police Chief.

16 March
8 August

Those two blawg entries address that situation as linked.

Anonymous said...


Christopher King said...


Not really, stupid.

Clerked while in law school for Terry Gilbert (Nova Interview with Barry Scheck on Sheppard Murder case) 1991-1992, and toward the end of that term also clerked for the Ohio AG Lee Fisher.

Then hired in 1993 and stayed through most of '95 as an AAG, as this case clearly notes.

You have some sort of reading comprehension problem or cognitive learning disability?

I know some good tutors.

Christopher King said...


So now that you've had your lil' dust-up with me and lost, what say you about those rogue cops who stink up the place for the Good Ones?

Lucidiocy said...


Crooked cops must be held to a higher account because they first swore to UPHOLD the law. Upholding the law is what good cops do.

What I suspect happened with Cox and McKay first seemed innocuous and even good-- they looked for the bad guy and they caught them, but then they became hyper-suspicious, finally blurring the line between suspicion and paranoia, in doing so, they found a demon under every rock, and behind every wheel. The problem was that they became warped and deluded. Even if their intention was originally good, it cracked under the weight of their own egos.

"There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws."

~Ayn Rand

Christopher King said...


My editorial sister from the West brings a good viewpoint on this, actually the best spin possible.

As to McKay and his knife-wielding antics (not to mention other issues that have been reported to me from the community) I must say I also believe him to be a misogynist all the way.

Christopher King said...

And power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

What a coincidence that Lord Acton's brithday is 10 Jan, the same scheduled day for oral argument in the Franconia FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know oral argument.

In high school we were the geek squad, folks like Clea Lewis (she was hootlarious and really cute) and in AP Philosophy some of us bought these "thinking caps" that unlike conventional Budweiser or Zeppelin hats were emblazoned with the names of folks like Acton, Nietzsche, etc. what a hoot.

Anonymous said...

Christopher King, for appellee Administrator, Ohio Bureau of Employment Services.

That doesn't say AAG.

Christopher King said...


Hey shit-for-brains:

The AAG is the sole legal representative of the Bureau of Employment Services.

Here's what you do:

Call the AG's Office and check.


Not only did I work for them, I beat them later as a solo and this DOES SAY "Victim Reparations to Attorney Christopher King."

Lifer said...

It never ceases to amaze me. Someone actually is using effort and talent to make a difference and people still try to bring that person down. Makes me wonder who these people are and what their agenda is.

Stay strong my friend, and Merry Christmas!

Christopher King said...

Indeed my friend.

Having absolutely no ability to go into the Motions and challenge what those say, this idiot tries to claim I wasn't an AAG.

Thanks brother and Happy Holidays to you as well.

Stay tuned I'll be calling the Court today to check on the scheduled date for hearing.

And I may file a special Motion before then as well. More on this later =^.)


Christopher King said...


What's next:

"You weren't a reporter or editor..."

Yah Shoor