28 December 2007

Bloggers KingCast and Columbian Cokane track similarities and differences between the Franconia and Revere police shooting tragedies.

Okay, here you can find the KingCast history of analysis of this case and here is Columbian Cokane's recent reflection.

Prosecutor's Statement of the Case.

By today's Boston Globe Story, Prosecutors claim that Officer Talbot was trash-talking the bloods to Derek Lodie, who then went and told Robert Iacoviello Jr, and then the pair allegedly conspired to bring Talbot away from his unlawful beer drinking behind the Revere High School at 1:30 in the morning, whereupon Mr. Iacoviello shot and killed him. He allegedly fired two shots but Talbot was unable to return fire even though he drew his weapon. That would mean that Talbot was shot just as he cleared leather because I'll tell you what -- he knows how to shoot because he and his buddies had just passed their shooting exam that very day before they went drinking at Margarita's, possibly all evening.......

Mckay: A known hard-ass, a real dink.
Talbot: Not known to be a real hard-ass or dink.

Mckay: State and locals covered up his Use-of-Force violations for him bashing Liko Kenney's car with his Tahoe, then OC spraying without any command whatsoever. In fact, they won't produce ANY Use-of-Force reports for this clown, not even though a duly-licensed lawyer Troy Watts specifically wrote me and told me he knows the documents and video of another incident exist.
Talbot: State and locals are not actively pursuing any charges against the officers for unlawful drinking, even with their firearms on them in public. That's gotta' be a violation of protocol. Is that why Sergeant Ervin Franklin and other officers on scene never pumped any shots into the perps?

McKay: Caused someone to reasonably fear for his life.
Talbot: Trash talked someone, but to what it appears, did not directly cause anyone to fear for his life.

Details as they come.


Christopher King said...

Note the editorial screw up in the Boston Globe story:

Derek Lodie's name is referenced for the first time in para. 4 by his last name only.

"According to Zabin and court records, Talbot, his fiancée, and other Revere police officers had been out at a restaurant and then went to the high school carrying at least one six pack of beer. When Lodie walked past the group, he and the officers exchanged words, the prosecutor said. Talbot made "derogatory remarks'' about people who join the street gang known as the Bloods, he said."

That's a no-no. I've been doing this for 20 years when I got my first full-time media job so yeah, I speak from the voice of experience =^.)

Christopher King said...

Were they drinking at Margarita's all night?

They went there after firearm practice, which you know was prolly at like, 3 or 4 p.m......

Now by no means am I saying that whatever Officer Talbot allegedly said to Mr Lodie merited an affront, but at the same time the story says that the Defendants did not know that they were police officers... which might mean they thought they were dealing with another gang, and gangs do what gangs do which is shoot to kill.

Hindsight is 20-20 but damn, guys.


Christopher King said...

From the email discussion jar with LE whom I know:

"Hi [Blankety-Blank] I would agree.

Only distinction being that they were drinking all
evening, pretty sure about THAT.

Also, why would the others let Daniel walk away from them in that kind of sitch.... implies that they were all more than a bit impaired.

Where's the BAC tests.


Christopher King said...

The conversation continues into the late evening.

This LE is actually helping me edit the damn Brandeis Addendum in the Franconia case.


As I say they did their target training/cert then went to Margarita's. Prosecutor ain't said much about THAT.

That had to have been in the late afternoon so you've got some food consumed but you got some alcohol up in there, too over the course of 6-8 hours, eh?

What did their bartender say they drank that night?

What did they eat that night?"