12 December 2007

KingCast sees another student write Senior Thesis on Franconia shooting tragedy and FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know.

If you read the First Amendment/Right-to-Know Mayoral Commendation post you will see a link to this story. For the complete email correspondence read the comments. He won't be the last, I can guarantee you that, especially when we get in to that International Film Festival next year because that's when the gettin' gets good. Actually it's going to start getting good right about now with all of the pending Motions and the video from the courthouse hearing and such.

Dear Mr. King,
My name is [Blankety] and I am a senior journalism major at [Blankety]. I am from Franconia. NH and knew both Liko and Bruce. The events this summer troubled me deeply and as a result I have chosen to write a book about what happened for my senior thesis. This being the beginning of my research, I wanted to get in touch with you, because you coverage has been thorough and I enjoy your blogs.

If there is a time we could meet or discuss these issues over the phone I would greatly appreciate it. I am on Christmas Break right now for one month, so I am very flexible.

Thank you for your time.

8:45 AM


lucidiocy said...

Hey Chris,

read 2 more about officer Cox and my cousin's husband Brian Noakes.



McKay and Cox must have been separated at birth.

lucidiocy said...

It's so good to know you didn't let this story die.

Tell [Bankety] I'd read his/her book. Especially if it's written based on your research.

Come to think of it, Chris, why don't you write a book?



Christopher King said...

Hi Tamar,

I will write a book at some point, the main thing right now is that International film festival.

Gosh knows I've already written a book in Court and in the emails.

Subscript of the book:

"Letters to Kelly."