31 December 2007

KingCast applauds Emmi's "It's a Man's World" clothing and image consulting.

This young lady has been experienced in fine clothing for years and now offers this unique service to help spruce up your mundane lifestyles. If you either have no fashion sense or you have little or no time, she's your girl.

KingCast says Lyndeborough Chief Basinas and Attorney Volinsky got a lump of coal and a retroactive hiring freeze for Christmas.

Oh that picture is hootlarious, eh? Funny as all-get-out. And I told you this was coming back here on 2 Dec. 2007. Now the town has eliminated his position in a special vote, kind of how Jaffery NH had to pay to make a maggot named Marty Dunn (who was NH AG Kelly Ayotte's co-loser on a vindictive case again Aaron Deboisbriand) go away. Former NH AG John Arnold upheld the firing after that creep laughed in a deposition about the possibility of me being gang-raped in prison (did not happen, thank you) but hey, you'll have that in NH LE, kind of like Bruce Mckay threatening a woman with a penis shaped knife as noted herein.

Anywhoozer -- a girlfriend of mine used to say that, I love it -- on Basinas, some say he misrepresented himself as a police chief, as noted herein.

Non sequitur: What was the BAC level of Daniel Talbot and the other officers and Lieutenant who were present behind the schoolyard at 1:30 a.m. when Officer Talbot was shot and killed?

KingCast sees dirtbags at American Tower Corp. settle backdating securities case for $14M, KingCast does not see Boston Globe cover the story.

I knew that they weren't going to totally get away with it so this is the story. Read the comments for a quick story about American Tower Corporation (read about their scumbucket business practices ) from my firsthand experience after winning an employee of the week award and sharing the largest non-exempt raises in 2002 with Attorney Ana C. Phillips. So funny you could see my first office window there in the picture on the 11th floor on the round/corner.

Sure the story was in Reuters and the Motley Fool & AP and other business wires but somehow not picked up by the Boston Globe except for this itty bitty blurb I found after extensive word search. So much for that liberal media conspiracy. I still have emails from when they bailed on coverage of Attorney Phillips' & my lawsuit, which was covered in many local media. Read the Brittney Spears/Rachel Perry "fucking nigger" post.

Interestingly enough, these bastids -- whom I successfully sued for Defamation -- apparently now have a Defamation case against Jide Zeitlin for impersonating CEO Jim Taiclet. Why anybody would want to be that scumbag I have no clue.

ATC never tried to sue me because everything I say or do is fact or opinion, but they did try to remove posts about them from this blawg.... but I prevailed on that, because they're just a bunch of dirtbags with a lil' bit o' money. Doesn't make them legally, morally or ethically correct.

30 December 2007

KingCast says Happy New Year and God bless Jill Scott and WERS.org.

The First Order of business for the New Year that I will publicly discuss is unwrapping the dirty truth about the Franconia shooting tragedy as noted in these/two recent posts that tie together police abuse from the other side of the Continent on the same exact day with another rogue cop. Now then,

Look at this half-hour playlist tonight on the Secret Spot.

8:00 pm "Let's Get Married" by Al Green
8:05 pm "sweet love" by anita baker
8:09 pm "time" by musiq soulchild
8:15 pm "wanna be loved" by jill scott
8:19 pm "when you were mine" by prince
8:23 pm "love is like a (heatwave)" by Martha Reeves & the vandellas
8:25 pm "youre all i need to get by" by marvin gaye
8:28 pm "neither one of us" by gladys knight & the pips
8:35 pm "I get lonely" by janet jackson
8:40 pm "what a woman really means" by Donny Hathaway
8:45 pm "always and forever" by heatwave
8:51 pm "Dr. Feelgood(love is a serious business)" by Aretha franklin
9:57 pm "me and mrs jones" by billy paul

Anyone got any questions?

I don't.

Jill Scott came "back" a few months ago with this album (YouTube streaming) and not to too much pubic fanfare from the corporape bastids as my former Dallas brother notes in this blog post. She and her girlys aren't owned by anybody, and they make music if and when they feel like it, the way they want to do it. Everybody in my family got Jill Scott's first album that Christmas, and to hear her now is music to the soul. She will be in Boston on 9 March 2008 and I will be all up in that joint. Jill and Buju Banton are two of my favorites.

And PS to a certain young lady, one of Jill and Erykah Badu's NYC tea party buddies with whom I got to hang out with in Columbus 8 or 9 years ago: I loved shooting our moons to Nationwide Insurance on High Street that night. In hindsight, yours looked better than mine as I looked at the picture, honey =^.)

Coast to coast: Franconia lawyer Troy Watts & Corvallis, OR Gazette-Times agree with KingCast on police abuse; Brandeis Addendum on Case No. 07-E-268.

This email from Attorney Watts goes with this post about how Franconia is still derelict in producing evidentiary materials about Bruce McKay that they are compelled to protect according to law, as well as this post, which contains the Gazette-Times editorial, "Candor better police policy than silence" about another rogue cop named Dave Cox, in addition to the draft of the forthcoming Brandeis Addendum. This is the original Brandeis Brief and here is the KingCast Brandeis-style Addendum (coming soon, Scribd.com is slow), excerpted below.


"Officers Cox and McKay both made mistakes on 5/11, but more importantly, their managers, perhaps all the way up to the State Attorneys General, sat by idly as complaints came in. These cases are not mere coincidence but rather serve as a sign to this Honorable Court that now is the time to help return integrity to law enfocement and to make America a safer place for everyone.

People involved in the prior RSA 91-A case of Murray v. NH State Police, 154 N.H. 579, 913 A.2d 737 (2006) supra, will be present for this hearing because the same litigants and counsel are involved herein, and there is an ongoing need for transparency in our government. Based on information and belief the government continues to thwart attempts at full and reasonable disclosure in the Murray case even after remand from the Supreme Court of New Hampshire.

This Court has before it the unique opportunity to enforce the mandates and spirit of RSA 91-A, the Freedom of Information Act and the First Amendment, whereby Petitioner prays for vigorous application and enforcement of the principles enunciated in those sacred documents. As noted in KingCast short film American Lawyer One:"http://kingcast.net/VideoPodcast/AmLawI.html
“without the First Amendment, the framework of Justice itself….. is illusory.”

Respectfully submitted,

Christopher King, J.D.
On behalf of KingCast.net
Plaintiff pro se

Note: Civil Rights lawyer Terry Gilbert concurs in full.

29 December 2007

KingCast prays for Robert Taylor's soul and physical remains in the Gloucester fire tragedy.

1 Jan 2008 Update: They apparently found him. Any brother of little means who would do this deserves mad respect. From today's Boston Globe, which is truncated online and which includes in hard copy a picture of the rubble in which he physically perished.
Taylor, the apartment building's handyman, was known for an upbeat attitude and his generosity. Three weeks ago, he paid for and cooked meals for 90 people at a regular charity dinner organized by interfaith groups, said Miriam "Mim" Maguire, who worked with him that day.

"He didn't have a lot, but he wanted to do it," she said. "It was his gift."

That's a picture of my cockpit where a fire broke out 11 years ago but was extinguished before it reached my apartment. I just walked out onto the 2nd floor porch and shimmied on down to the ground.

Robert Taylor and my friend "S.S." did not have that chance. She made it out but he did not.These fires are markedly different because nobody died 11 years ago so I don't have to ponder the horror of "could that have been me?" My friend will have to consider that question for the rest of her natural life. Mr. Taylor's upstairs neighbors, who lived right next door to "S.S." moved out to (2) weeks before the fire, perhaps saving their lives, as noted in this post. They often spoke with Mr. Taylor about moving and they moved because of fear of fire. "S.S." for her part, gave me a hug the other day, sighed and just said "It was his time.... I guess it wasn't my time....."

Lawrence MA school boarder Jim Stokes & Easton's Gregory W. Floyd are both material liars but NH AG Ayotte celebrates Floyd while Stokes gets busted

In Lawrence Mass there's an ass named Jim Stokes who was elected to the Lawrence School Committee but according to the Boston Globe lied about his career as a Marine. He has a criminal record for larceny and forgery. So this Teflon Don going to be charged with election fraud and whatever else they can throw at him.

Next up, Gregory W. Floyd "43 Kills" Kelly knew were a lie;
He's a candidate for the new Stolen Valor program.

In Easton/Franconia NH there's an ass named Gregory W. Floyd who lied about his career as a Marine. He has a criminal record for larceny and PCP sales and he lied during an investigation into his role in a double homicide in which I believe he murdered Liko Kenney, then lied about whether he spoke to Liko before executing him. So this Teflon Don of the North Country is going to be charged with received a Hero's Welcome from NH AG Kelly Ayotte, who admitted she withheld material facts about him and who faces a 10 Jan 2008 FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know hearing in the KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al litigation, Grafton Superior 07-E-268 as noted herein.

Lying during an investigation is a crime, a violation of RSA 641:3. Former NH AG Peter Heed says so. But it's okay with Kelly; she's down with that.

cc: Tommy Duggan.

Related posts: I told you so a long time ago; He's also violated 18 U.S.C. 922(g)(1) with impunity.

Corvallis Gazette-Times editorial on Right-to-Know and failed cop Dave Cox goes to the core of KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte & Bruce McKay issues.

This time I won't even add my commentary; I'll allow other Fourth Estate Brothers to follow up on what I noted in this post about Officers Cox and McKay, in addition to this complaint against Bruce McKay about his "penis-shaped knife" abuse (first page reproduced above) that NH AG Kelly Ayotte told KingCast did not exist. Here is their editorial, "Candor better police policy than silence."
In the six weeks or so that we’ve been following the fall of decorated Corvallis police officer Dave Cox, we have consistently been met with an official blue wall of silence when we’ve sought comments, information and reaction.

We make an issue of this because it’s fair to get both sides to a story. Sometimes officials caught in an uncomfortable issue hope that their silence will encourage the media to move on and forget about it. But that won’t happen this time.......You’ve heard it before, but it’s never been more apt: This is a case when the public does indeed have a right to know.

The lawsuit.
The Motions.
The community outcry.

Related short film "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."
Related post: My 1996 client just like Brian Noakes.
Related post: Silence is no better than lying, which NH LE did with impunity. Checkmate.
Related post: Similarities between Franconia's Bully Bruce McKay and shot Revere Officer Daniel Talbot.

I've been investigating police abuse for 20 years now since I started with the Call Post, worked as an AAG and then successfully sued over police abuse so it's kind of tough to pull the wool over my eyes, but more importantly, like the Corvallis Gazette-Times, I actually have the chutzpah to tell the truth instead of providing negative reinforcement for LE who run amok, as most of the major press has done in the Franconia shooting tragedy.

28 December 2007

Bloggers KingCast and Columbian Cokane track similarities and differences between the Franconia and Revere police shooting tragedies.

Okay, here you can find the KingCast history of analysis of this case and here is Columbian Cokane's recent reflection.

Prosecutor's Statement of the Case.

By today's Boston Globe Story, Prosecutors claim that Officer Talbot was trash-talking the bloods to Derek Lodie, who then went and told Robert Iacoviello Jr, and then the pair allegedly conspired to bring Talbot away from his unlawful beer drinking behind the Revere High School at 1:30 in the morning, whereupon Mr. Iacoviello shot and killed him. He allegedly fired two shots but Talbot was unable to return fire even though he drew his weapon. That would mean that Talbot was shot just as he cleared leather because I'll tell you what -- he knows how to shoot because he and his buddies had just passed their shooting exam that very day before they went drinking at Margarita's, possibly all evening.......

Mckay: A known hard-ass, a real dink.
Talbot: Not known to be a real hard-ass or dink.

Mckay: State and locals covered up his Use-of-Force violations for him bashing Liko Kenney's car with his Tahoe, then OC spraying without any command whatsoever. In fact, they won't produce ANY Use-of-Force reports for this clown, not even though a duly-licensed lawyer Troy Watts specifically wrote me and told me he knows the documents and video of another incident exist.
Talbot: State and locals are not actively pursuing any charges against the officers for unlawful drinking, even with their firearms on them in public. That's gotta' be a violation of protocol. Is that why Sergeant Ervin Franklin and other officers on scene never pumped any shots into the perps?

McKay: Caused someone to reasonably fear for his life.
Talbot: Trash talked someone, but to what it appears, did not directly cause anyone to fear for his life.

Details as they come.

KingCast email reproduction regarding updates on attempts to obtain FOIA/RSA 91-A information and reports from Franconia/McKay OC Spray activities.

Note: On the left I will in an hour or two finally JPEG the Troy Watts, Esq. email to me of 24 June 2007 so there won't be any doubt as to the complaint and video he claims exist. I'm not going to subpoena Attorney Watts because the onus is on the State to refute those claims via Affidavit, which they have not produced. See Diamond v. IRS, 1998 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19534; An agency may demonstrate compliance with the obligations of FOIA by providing supporting affidavits. Perry v. Block, 221 U.S. App. D.C. 347, 352, 684 F.2d 121, 126 (1982) as noted in this post.

Note: This issue has been cooking since before 7 December as noted in the 16 Dec. 2007 Rosemary Woods post. For a detailed analysis read the comments section. I have not yet received a response to yesterday's email either:

27 December 2007

Dear Attorney Mullen:

Thank you for the additional materials [note: other Fox Hill docs]

I will add it up:

$2.20 for new materials.
$12.40 for old materials.
$14.60 total.

Also, I assume that I requested the 13 page complaint from ["Ms. B"]. Please confirm and I'll send out the $14.60.

Also I am sending out the notarized Affidavit this evening.

Lastly, can you send me an email regarding the outstanding requests in the attached letter I sent on 20 December 2007? Does your client have any responsive documents?

Thank you in advance,

Christopher King, J.D.

27 December 2007

KingCast notes a sad day in Asia as Benazir Bhutto is assassinated.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I first checked half an hour ago and read that she had escaped the suicide bomber's blast. Then I read in the Washington Post that there was a gunman who killed her. What a mixed-up World in which we live.

A nice post today from blogger Lawyerworldland that hit a good political point; and from one of my older posts click on NOFX to hear a great song bout Dubya'.... "he's the idiot son of an....."

26 December 2007

KingCast gives mad daps to (er, vigorously supports) Gloucester & Newburyport reporters & Firegeezer.com for coverage of deadly Gloucester NH fire.

Firegeezer is on point.
Gloucester Times is also on point.
Newburyport News is on point. Actually I had missed the Newbury story "Fear of Fire prompted family's move" but it sure is a good one. I'll just post a short long excerpt and encourage folks to actually put down the cathode ray or giant plasma nipple they're chewing on and actually read all of the first links as well as the links in my most recent post, "Rut-ro....."
The family always told Taylor, who was 70, that he should move.

"He kept saying, 'I'm living on borrowed time living in this firetrap,'" Kushin said. But her fears grew. Kushin said there were no fire escapes and that the building was well out of code. "Everybody in the building knew it was a firetrap," Kushin said.The building's heating system was sporadic, Kushin said, heating up to the 80s and then turning off for hours, allowing the temperatures to drop to the low 60s.

Kushin said many people used space heaters to help heat apartments when the heat wasn't working and said she "wouldn't be surprised at all" if that were the cause of the fire.

"The heating system was very much like you never knew when it would come on," she said. One day, her husband encouraged her to go to the fire station to see firefighters to possibly ease her fears. She asked what plans were in place for the building and the answer she received was "the last straw."

"They said, 'Our plan is to watch it go up like a tinderbox,'" she said. "I said 'Oh my God, there is no hope.'"

Folks taking short cuts with my friend's life, not cool. She was a recent tenant (summer '07) unaware of the history. For those of you who have never been in or near a fire (I have been) let me tell you something: Don't assume anything. Not one thing. When the alarm goes off, you go around until you are certain you have identified the source. You can save a life if you do the right thing; might even be your own.

Related site: Workingfirefighters.com
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Failed Corvallis, OR officer Dave Cox and Franconia bully Bruce McKay are inexorably linked by their illegal activity on 5/11.

Remember the 19 Dec 2007 posts about cops who violate the law?
KingCast post.
A Parliament of One post.

Well come to find out that while Cox was busy arresting Brian Noakes on 5/11 Bruce McKay was busy violating Use of Force and OC Spray policies on Liko Kenney.

The screwy part is that even if Liko Kenney had not shot McKay, McKay would never have had to answer for his unlawful use of force because they never made him answer to anything else, even the inappropriate use of his non-police spec, penis-shaped knife.

The Tahoe bash was only authorized in circumstances when deadly force was authorized. No jury in the World would say that McKay was authorized to use deadly force when he based Liko's car back 40 feet.

Use of Chemical Agents
II. Nondeadly
C (5) In all situations involving use of chemical agents, suspects should be given adequate warning of their imminent use and should be afforded time to respond to lawful commands.

Bruce violated ALL OF THAT just before he died, because he hated Liko Kenney and fancied himself John Wayne, pure and simple. His track record clearly shows as much.

Moral of the story: If you are a police officer you have the toughest job in the World. Don't make it any tougher than it has to be for you or for other officers by engaging in conduct not becoming of your status. You might lose your job or worse.

24 December 2007

Merry Christmas from KingCast.

This year I got a nice gift in the battle for Justice and the First Amendment, and so I returned the favor up in Franconia.

A Dickensian Short Film.


What's going on? Columbian Cokane and KingCast still asking the right questions on the Revere Daniel Talbot Officer killing.

Here are all of my Talbot review posts and here is a 22 Dec. post from a bright young man who hosts the Columbian Cokane site "searching for the truth." Apparently there has now been a fourth arrest but the police still have not been disciplined for unlawful drinking.

Whatever is going on, information is being set forward in a most niggardly manner. How about those Marvin/KingCast pics huh? Hootlarious.

23 December 2007

Union Leader story highlights everything KingCast is all about with Bruce McKay: Lying cops and other LE break down the system; it's Police Abuse.

Here's the UL Story and Kelly's buddy Peter Heed summed up the Laurie issues as being relevant any time an officer:

* was the subject of a complaint alleging excessive use of force;

* displayed mental instability that caused the department to suspend the officer for evaluation or treatment, except following a traumatic incident.

In seriatim, then: We all know that "Ms. B" filed an unlawful use of force complaint on the Penis-shaped knife issue with McKay that Defendant Ayotte failed to disclose. And we all know I provided an Affidavit to the Court that states the Defendant Montminy told someone that McKay was suspended for acting like a wacko at Fox Hill Park/Hillwinds Motor Inn.

But yet the Franconia Defendants have not offered up McKay's file for review even on performance evaluations. Here's some background on bad cops like Bruce McKay who generate a lot of revenue and do some good things (McKay was properly commended for a couple of arrests), then think they own the World. They don't sometimes they get shot, as noted in the ABC News feature "Officer Down."

The Paper Chase has a 35th birthday party at the scene of the Franconia shooting tragedy and coverup.

Well folks today is a Big Day. As noted in this post, I am scheduled for an in personam interview with another student, someone who knew Liko Kenney and Corporal Bruce McKay. The purpose of this interview is to augment this individual's knowledge base so that s/he can present a cogent, cohesive Senior Thesis that actually substantively addresses what the government knew and knows about this situation that it withheld from the American and World public.

Obviously as the Omnibus linked Motions in this FOIA/RSA 91-A case indicate, s/he has come to the right place.

We will be discussing issues noted in this post as to Franconia destroying evidence and government in general, this post as regards NH AG Kelly Ayotte covering up for Bruce McKay and his "penis-shaped knife", and this post as regards NH AG Kelly Ayotte covering up for 3-time felon Gregory W. Floyd, whom I believe murdered Liko Kenney.

I'm sure we will also discuss how badly Defendant Ayotte needed to get out from under that video Deposition I had noticed for Friday, 14 Dec. 2007 as documented in this post, and why I trust 30-year Governor's/Executive Council member and Mayor of Nashua Bernie Streeter more than Defendant Ayotte as noted in this this post, where he presented me a FOIA/RSA-91/First Amendment Mayoral Commendation.

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22 December 2007

KingCast says U.S. and Franconia governments are doggone liars, hiding and destroying valuable FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know info. per Caton v. Norton.

Someone just posted a new comment to one of the infamous "My dog ate my homework" posts right here. I referenced Caton v. Norton, 2005 DNH 76; 2005 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 7769 May 2, 2005 as an example of Bad Faith FOIA response and the comment reads:
"Caton v Norton(department of the interior) is really about how government employees willingly, knowingly and purposely conspired to perpetrate fraud on bidders/contractors in 2000 and those same government employees then conspired to withhold that information (even though Caton himself had read in 2003 those very same documents that the DOI refused to release to him under FOIA).....and the case continues ...even to the point of being covered up/white washed by their own agency (Inspector General of the Department of Interior)and those very same government employees are still trying not to be deposed under oath for their actions in current litigation."

KingCast notes that the situation in Franconia is exactly the same. Exactly, with NH AG Kelly Ayotte scurrying for cover and avoiding her Deposition after she championed RSA 91-A to me in the letters you see here. Phony.

21 December 2007

KingCast says "Rut-ro:" No building inspection or occupancy permit for the Lorraine building fire in Gloucester MA.

This is the first post on the Gloucester fire, in which a friend of mine, S.S. lost everything she owned. The content of this post has been removed and left to an archive as it appears that litigation is imminent and the Defendants are private entities.

Plot thickens: In the interest of Fair Play, the gentleman who was accused of drying his chemise over a lamp vehemently denies starting the fire. Here is his story as told to the Gloucester Times.
"Carignan said there were no fire extinguishers that he knew of in the building and firefighters didn't have one on their truck. He helped them to pull the hose in and held it down with them as they sprayed down his apartment.

Carignan's two-room, $700-a-month basement apartment was near the boiler room. He said that he'd followed landlord Gary Raso there days before the fire to ask him a question because Raso had not responded to phone calls. Carignan said that Raso told him he couldn't be in the boiler room and asked to meet him outside.

Carignan said that before he left the boiler room, he saw a fluorescent green liquid, like anti-freeze, all over the floor. He added that a heating company had been working on something in the boiler room for a week and a half, and he could smell gasoline from his basement apartment throughout that time.

Carignan said that on the day of the fire, new workers had come into the boiler room. He said they were not from the original company and arrived in an unmarked truck.

Raso could not be reached for comment yesterday."

KingCast applauds EEOC suit against Freudenberg NH for age discrimination.

I've helped CP Law Offices successfully represent a client who worked there. Here is today's case (what a bone-head admission) and this is a link to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA). That is all I can or will say on that case, but I will say that my father got shown the door by another hater company before his time, and we've been in litigation 3 years now, continuing on since I wrote a better brief than Peter Kirsanow and crew.

KingCast asks on the penis-shaped knife issue: Does the North Country have any rapist cops like Roger Magana and Juan Lara from Eugene, Oregon?

This is the penis-shaped knife issue between Bruce McKay and "Ms. B," the wife of a police officer who issued a 13-page complaint that was ignored by Franconia PD and selectmen. Not only that, current NH AG Kelly Ayotte (a woman) lied to KingCast about whether her office had a copy of the complaint but I got the proof through my interview with "Ms. B" and through this document.

The impetus for this entry comes from the comments section of this post from my Corvallis, OR sister of the Fourth Estate Tamar from "A Parliament of One."

According to many accounts, Eugene Oregon had two serial rapists on its police force, Roger Magana 94 year sentence and Juan Lara 5 year sentence. Testimony says these two fine men in blue were in network. Reporter Scott McKee wrote:
Seven months earlier, Juan Francisco Lara had confessed to me that, for him, being a Eugene police officer "was all about getting a piece of ass." Having betrayed his oath to protect and serve his community, and having failed to hold himself to a higher standard of personal and professional conduct, he said simply, "I was thinking with my dick."

Eugene I always imagined to be a quiet little town, All Good. The only person I knew from Eugene is attorney Lara Johnson, we worked on a Diebold age discrimination case and she delighted in telling me how laid back it is, with shimmering fingerlakes and brilliant topography. Hmmmmm.... sounds alot like North Country, NH where I keep getting accuations of similar abuse by one of Bruce McKay's pallbearers.

Related post: Corvallis, OR bad cop Dave Cox and Bruce McKay two peas in a pod.

PS: Officers Magana and Lara separated at birth or what? Apparently fell off the same damn DNA tree -- can't hold onto it when you ain't got no branches. Dirtbags (3rd para from bottom).

PPS: Then ABC News publishes a BS feature "Officer Down" that ignores the fact that more officers are being shot because the government keeps letting more of them abuse the public, and that is the natural backlash and consequence. Duh, read this post on it.

20 December 2007

KingCast says "Merry Christmas!" to Defendants Mark Montminy/Town of Franconia from the Spirit of Liko Kenney.

Read the comments to open the gift.

Update: Defendant Montminy has coughed up some new docs 6 mos. after my request. Read the comments on that as well.

19 December 2007

NH AG Kelly Ayotte hates the First Amendment; cannot even bear to speak the words or to write about it.

Two months before Liko Kenney and Bruce McKay died, I wrote the letter at left that clearly raised First Amendment concerns on a FOIA/RSA 91-A Right-to-Know issue involving public schools and the right to petition the government for redress. The New Hampshire School Boards Association (NHSBA) is behind this unlawful restriction. But read her response (one/two) that fails to even mention the First Amendment. Slick, huh? Not really. She's a tool, totally.

Here's the original post and here she is lying about complaints against Corporal Bruce McKay, relative to the Franconia shooting tragedy, which spawned this litigation, KingCast v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al., Grafton 07-E-268.

FWIW Alderman Teeboom and I were correct, and Nashua City Attorney Stephen Bennett authored a 5-page opinion in support before the policy was officially changed.

And of course she lost Ayotte v. Planned Parenthood, 546 U.S. 320 (2006) -- and of course that involves a woman's Right to Privacy..... which is penumbral to the First Amendment.

KingCast: Supporting the First Amendment, the Right-to-Know and the Fourth Estate since 1988:

Brian Noakes, Liko Kenney, Michael Isreal and Officers Dave Cox, Bruce McKay, Hensley and Rhodes: The trail of four rogue police officers.

My blogger buddy Tamar from "Parliament of One" reports that the harrassing cop David Cox resigned after being suspended because he instigated bogus DUI proceedings against her cousin's husband Brian Noakes. Blog Entry "Dave Cox, Bruce McKay and the Moral of the Story." Corvallis Gazette-Times Story "Rise and Fall of Officer Cox."
“While Officer Cox was collecting kudos for his record of DUII enforcement, he also was leaving a trail of citizen complaints — 14 formal complaints in his six-year tour of duty with CPD, including six in a single year. In at least two cases, civil suits were filed against the city stemming from DUI arrests by Cox.....Many citizens of this community have lost confidence in this department because of your actions,” Marr writes. “I believe becoming more proactive will help restore community confidence not only in this department but also in you as an officer.”

My client Michael Isreal does not drink (watch him sing Negro Spirituals in this KingCast short film "American Lawyer One") and he went through the same thing as Mr. Noakes before we prevailed on the state charges, got Officers Hensley and Rhodes adjudicated liable in V1996-61481 for making him a victim of violent crime and collected $58,500.00 in Federal Court.

And Bruce McKay: Here's the Concord Monitor editorial "McKay's File sheds light on why officer died," coupled with NH AG Kelly Ayotte's bald-faced lie that they had only one complaint on Bruce McKay, when in fact they had this one, written by the wife of a police officer, who also holds a degree in Criminal Justice and a teaching certificate. Not to mention what she didn't tell us about Gregory W. Floyd who in my opinion murdered Liko Kenney. How many complaints have to be filed before those in charge actually hold a rogue cop accountable, regardless of how much bling he brings in the door? It's like playing Russian Roulette with human life and when that happens everybody loses.

Short film: "Franconia 5/11: Injustice on Stilts."
Omnibus Motion post for RSA 91-A/FOIA lawsuit; KingCast.net v. NH AG Kelly Ayotte et al.

Look: I was an AAG for three years and clerk for one so I'm not a cop hater. The Caucasian fellow in the picture next to me was a police officer and a client who followed the Isreal case because he knew there was an injustice going on. I am a BAD COP hater though, you bet, so don't get it twisted.