16 November 2007

Will KingCast, Nashua Mayor Streeter, U.L. Publisher McQuaid and Franconia residents enjoy a joint First Amendment Award roundtable?

Just as KingCast received a First Amendment Commendation this week as noted herein, today's Union Leader features a First Amendment award presentation to several New Hampshire individuals to whom they presented awards as well, for "Fighting for Freedoms."

As if on cue, one of them is Sharon Craigie, a "pushy broad" by her husband. Ms. Craigie is from Littleton and successfully challenged town selectmen on meeting secrecy, an issue in neighboring Franconia. And naturally another one is Dover City Councilor David Scott who sued the city for hiding public records on employment contracts, an issue in neighborying Franconia. Even yesterday.
"You can fight City Hall and win," said Scott.
So if Ms. Craigie is a "pushy broad" I'll be a "pushy dude" any and every day and wear that as a badge of honor because as Wendell Phillips said, "Eternal Vigilance is the price of liberty."

The lawsuit.
The short film.

In the comments please find a copy of the response I just sent them to this article. I look forward to them publishing it online just as much as I look forward to Publisher McQuaid calling Mayor Streeter and me to arrange a roundtable. After all, while they called in Pulitzer Prize-winning writer George Will, I had Pulitzer Prize-winning writer Mike Royko call me and write not one but two columns about my cases.

And with Civil Rights/First Amendment/Right-to-Know protester Jerry Doyle, we fought City Hall and won.
Local residents speak:
Recon. Committee member Harwood.
Lifetime resident Jesseman one and two.

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Christopher King said...

Dear Publisher McQuaid:

We thoroughly agree that you can fight City Hall and that you should fight City Hall when government employees withhold crucial information, as they are doing in Franconia, New Hampshire.

I am a First Amendment Scholar who has worked with government in Nashua to change First Amendment and Right-to-Know policy at the School Board.

I am a First Amendment Scholoar who is working with the citizens of Franconia, Sugar Hill, Easton and Littleton to sue Franconia Selectmen for their egregious omissions in the Franconia shooting tragedy. Routes 302. 116. 112. 117. I am beginning to know these roads more than I remember those of my childhood and I am largely welcome on those roads by those who question government.

Because of these and other efforts Nashua Mayor Bernard Streeter awared me a Commendation this week (13 Nov. 2007 as noted on my blawg) and I am certain that he would like to arrange a roundtable dicsussion on the First Amendment and it means to all of us, including area residents Jeff Jesseman and Gary Harwood either as Mayor or as private citizen as his second term concludes.

I have not even spoken with His Honor about this but I know I don't have to. He agrees. As such, please contact us in the next calendar week to schedule such a roundtable discussion.

I will be in contact with your Award winners in the coming days and weeks, and sign off now reminding you of the cover from 1999 Columbus Alive paper with my client Jerry Doyle on it. It ran on my blawg on 20 November 2006.

The caption:

"You can fight City Hall."

PS: You should read today's blawg entry on this matter, 16 Nov. 2007.

Christopher King said...

From the comments tip jar:

Lifer said...
You can judge a man's heart by looking into his eyes and observing his body language.

I have looked into the eyes of many of the major players in the Franconia 5/11 tragedy. This includes Bruce McKay, Liko Kenney, Greg Floyd Sr, Carl Belz, Mark Montminy, and Chris King. Of these, the only ones I would count as true to their heart and honest with their deeds are Liko and Chris.

Both have their flaws, but at the end of the day, you know where their true allegience lies; With the People.

Congratulations and keep up the fight."

6:44 AM

[KingCast says flaws? What flaws? Clerk, please have this man removed immediately. He is exercising his speech in a way that I did not appreciate....].

LOL Lifer, mad respect always =^.)

Christopher King said...

Franconia Recovery and Reconciliation Committee member Gary Harwood to UL State Writer Tom Fahey:


I just got a copy of an e-mail from Chris King that he sent to you. I am pretty sure he picked up my messages to the AG’s office that were less than complimentary re their investigation. However I have been following his blog since May and it seems he is the only one in the print and electronic media , with any brass to go after the real story.

lynne said...

it's all coming together nicely, with POSITIVE recognition of your name and goals.

Christopher King said...

Dig it.

Meanwhile, UL didn't print my comment just yet, but they did run this one:

Seems your newspaper is another victim of the Dave Scott misinformation campaign. If you did any research, Scott lost his 2004 lawsuit. Scott was given, upon request, all city employee salaries but sued to get the NAMES attached to the salaries. Big deal ! All paid by contract and all contracts available to the PUBLIC at anytime in the City Clerk's office. The information your hero sought was already available in the budget document he got every year but he just didn't know how to read it.....
- Wally, Dover

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